A Family of Miracles

Chapter One: New Sibling

"Ryouta, do you want to come with us?" Akimi looked down at her oldest son, a soft smile on her face, as she searched through her purse, making sure she had everything.

"Where are we going?" The blond blinked, suddenly feeling like he wanted to get away from his brothers for the time being.

Akimi paused, and shared a look with her husband, before looking back at Kise. "Well, we're going... to adopt."

"Again?" Kise asked, shocked. "But, you already have like- like... uh, six of us!"

Ren chuckled, slinging an arm around his oldest. "True, but, you're all boys."

"Oh!... Oh." Kise laughed, scratching the back of his head. "So, you want me to come along and give my opinion on the best dressed?" He joked.

His mother shook her head, giggling. "Well, I just thought that you would have wanted to help welcome her, since you were the first one here."

"Okay! But, can we bring Tetsucchi with us? He's the youngest and newest, so maybe he could help to!" Kise insisted, giving his best puppy dog eyes.

Akimi, unable to resist the watery eyes and lip quivering, agreed. "Alright, go get Tetsuya, but hurry. The appointment is in thirty minutes."

"Okay!" Kise beamed. He raced up the stairs, and towards his youngest brother's room. "Tetsucchi!" He called, banging his hand on the door.

The pale blue haired boy answered, blinking tiredly. "Kise-kun... What is it?" Kuroko asked quietly, making Kise frown.

"Tetsucchi! We're family, you don't have to keep calling me "Kise-kun", you know!" Kise grumbled loudly, latching onto the younger male. "Anyways, mom and dad said I could drag you with us!"

"Where are we going?" Kuroko asked, now curious and more awake than before.

"We're going to, uh- adopt a sibling!" Kise phrased it partly how his mother and father had, grinning at the spark of interest that flashed on his brother's face.

"Really?" Kuroko asked.

"Yup! But, they're choosing a girl this time!"

"Too much testosterone." Kuroko nodded slowly, grabbing his sweater from the hanger in his closet.

"Yeah! Wait, what?" Kise huffed in confusion. "It's nothing." Kuroko replied, walking down the stairs. He and Kise went inside the mini-van, putting their seatbelts on before their father pulled out of the drive way.

Inside the house, Aomine whipped his door open. He narrowed his eyes, also curious upon hearing the conversation between his brothers. He walked to the next room, which happened to be the second youngest, Akashi's.

"Oi! Seijuurou!" He banged on the door. Midorima, instead of Akashi, opened the door, letting the dark blue haired boy inside the room.

"What is it, Daiki?" Akashi asked, sounding ominous.

"Did you hear what Ryouta was talking about with Tetsu?" He asked, sitting down on his brother's dark red couch with an over exaggerated sigh.

Midorima, the second oldest, adjusted his glasses, taking his seat across from Akashi, studying the shogi board in front of him. "Who wouldn't? That idiot talks so loudly." Midorima muttered, finally moving a piece. Akashi didn't even take a moment to think before he moved one of his pieces. "Checkmate." He said, smirking in triumph.

"Damn it." Midorima huffed, crossing his legs as he turned his attention to Aomine.

"So, aren't you guys curious? I mean, now we're getting a little sister? I wonder if she'll have big boobs..."

"She'll be our sister." Midorima stressed the last word, glaring at Aomine.

"Uh, last time I checked, we're all adopted here. So, technically, we're not even all related."

"Well, we're related by paper work. Deal with it." Midorima scoffed, standing up. "Anyways, let's just go see what Atsushi is doing."
"He's been quiet. Too quiet." Aomine murmured darkly, curling his fingers into fists.

"We're not fighting." Akashi said plainly, making Aomine sigh irritably. Akashi made his way to the door, and the three walked further down the hall, until they came to Atsushi's room. Aomine barged in, without bothering to knock, making Midorima click his tongue in frustration, but nonetheless follow him inside.

Atsushi was sitting on his bed, reading something on his purple laptop. He had various bags of junk food around him, littering his bed.

Akashi shook his head, and Murasakibara put his laptop where it was safe, on his desk. "Seichin, Shinchin, and Daichin..." Murasakibara murmured in greeting, biting down on a piece of pocky. "What do you think I should make?" He asked, taking all the trash from his bed and shoving it inside his half-full garbage can.

"Hah?" Aomine blinked stupidly.

"For our sister." Murasakibara elaborated, picking his laptop back up, his purple orbs scanning the words on the page he was on.
"That's assuming they really do bring a girl back." Midorima pointed out, crossing his arms.

"You heard her; she's been saying she's always wanted a girl." Murasakibara replied, shrugging. He walked out of his room, ducking just so he didn't hit his head on the door frame, and then down the stairs.

"Is she really wanted a girl, then why'd she get all of us?" Aomine frowned, leaning against the wall in the kitchen. Midorima and Akashi sat at the table, Midorima pulling a text book from his backpack, which he grabbed along the way, and Akashi taking just a hard-cover novel off the counter. "Besides, since when do you want to cook anything, for anyone?"

"Bake," Murasakibara corrected. "And since I really wanted to become a pastry chef." He muttered, not sounding too enthused about it.

She sighed, almost coming out inaudibly, as she dug into the earth, digging deeply. She didn't care about the dirt that stained her hands, or how it got stuck under her fingernails. She paused, and looked to the side, staring at the item she had found.

The other children's voices sounded distant to her, even though she was only twenty feet away from all of them.

She wiped her eyes, accidentally rubbing dirt above her brow, but otherwise continued to dig a hole. Once she deemed it deep enough, she grabbed the dirtied hair ornament, and stuck it inside the hole. Biting her lip, she pushed the dug up dirt back inside, packing it down firmly, before standing and dusting her hands off.

"Hey," She turned, blinking at the younger boy who ran up to her. He was only eight, and he had just arrived only a few days ago. "Mujōna!"

She sighed, again, at the nickname. "That isn't my name." The sixteen year old whispered.

"Huh?" The boy stared at her dumbly, before shaking his head. "The boss-lady wants you!" He said, pointing his thumb in the direction of the entrance of the orphanage.

The sixteen year old girl nodded, and took one last glance at her newly buried dirt pile, before heading towards the entrance. 'I don't see why they all insist on calling me Mujōna...' She thought, counting the steps it took to go up the stairs, even though she already knew. 'But, I suppose 'soulless' is better than 'dog'.'

Once inside, she went straight towards the 'boss-ladies' office, her fingers tracing along the wall before she stopped in front of the door. She knocked before entering.

"Ah, hello!" She jolted back, startled. "Oh, geez, sorry! I scared you." She curiously stared at the lady in front of her. "My name is Akimi, and this is my husband - your new father - Ren!" Akimi giggled, pulling the very confused girl into her arms.

"Ryouta, Tetsuya, meet your new sister!" Akimi cried out, turning her in her arms and showing her to the two younger boys.

"But, I-"

"Can't believe it? Me to, I mean, when I saw your picture, I knew you were the one!" Akimi sighed happily, pulling the girl in another embrace. "What's your name?" She asked.

"... I don't have one."

"What?" Akimi looked taken-aback, staring in shock. "You don't have a name?"

"... Not really. The others just call me Mujōna... or Dog, sometimes."

"EH! Soulless!?" The blond gaped, looking the silver haired girl up and down. The blue haired boy shook his head, elbowing him.

"That's name calling." Ren said, turning to give the headmaster a look. "Didn't you give her a name, at least?"

"No. She was just a baby when she was brought here."

"And you've never given her a name!?" Akimi burst out, making everyone jump at the tone in her voice.

"Well," The lady spat, suddenly taking offence. "She's yours now, so good riddance!" She said. "Now, out of my office, I have more important matters to deal with!"

"Hmph!" Akimi marched out, lightly pulling the no name girl along with her. All was silent, until they arrived at the car. Ren was putting the many papers away in his briefcase, and the girl's two new 'brothers' hopped inside the car wordlessly, and Akimi helped her get inside, and helped buckle her up.

"So, what should we call you?" Akimi asked, once she was inside the car. She peaked over her shoulder, eyeing the silverette. "I think... Hitomi. Because of your eyes." Akimi smiled softly, her brown eyes staring into the pale brownish-orange orbs that stared equally back at her.

"Hitomi..." The girl repeated in a whisper, tilting her head as if considering it. "It's better than Mujōna."

Yeah, weird. I know. But the idea suddenly came to me when I saw that new anime, something about a girl with 13 different brothers or something... I forgot what it was called. Anyways, wanted to make a story similar to it, but... I had skittles on the mind. Lol

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