A Family of Miracles

Chapter Three: Movie Time

"Ryouta, could you show Hitomi to her room?"

"Sure." Kise grinned; he stood, and ended up tripping over Aomine's outstretched foot. The blond stumbled, but easily collected his composure, and sent a glare over his shoulder as he grabbed Hitomi's hand to pull her along.

"Hitomicchi, you'll be sharing a room with me," Kise said, grinning from ear to ear. "I used to share a room with Daikicchi, but we always got into arguments, so they separated us. Now Daikicchi is sharing a room with Atsucchi."

"..." Hitomi nodded slowly, and let herself get dragged up the stairs. They turned down a fairly large hall, with different doors. "Seicchi and Shintaroucchi share a room, as well. And then Tetsucchi has his own room."

"Wh- Why do you put "cchi" on the end of everyone's names?"

"Hmn? Because, it means that I acknowledge you! You're all my family, and that's all that matters." He smiled brightly, making Hitomi flush slightly.

"Thank you..." She whispered, finally arriving at her new room. "No problem!" Kise said, opening the door for her. The two walked inside and Kise began to show Hitomi some things about the room, the closet, the bathroom, and such. He said that she could have the corner bed.

Hitomi stared at the bed; it was probably queen size, which surprised her. She studied the room; the walls were white, with a large band of pale yellow circling the room. It reminded her of lemon meringue pie, oddly.

She turned to Kise, telling him her thoughts on the room. Kise laughed, ruffling her unruly silver hair. "Yeah, that's what I think, too." He replied, grinning from ear to ear. He stopped, and slowly lowered his hand. "I have a question," He admitted, blinking in innocence.

Hitomi gave him a questioning stare, waiting for his question. "Okay, well, when I first saw you, you had dirt all over. I just wanted to know why..." Kise shrugged.



"I was digging. I buried something."

"Wh- what?"

"A thing I found." Hitomi said, looking out the window. "I like digging. And burying things." She mused quietly, a distant look crossing her face.

Kise blinked, "That's strange, but cute!" He chuckled, swinging his arm around the silver haired girl. "Anything you wanna do today? Or do you just want to explore the house? It is quite big..." He smiled, looking around. "I remember when I first came here; mom and dad had showed me around. It was pretty confusing at first, but I eventually got the hang of things around here."

Hitomi nodded, eyeing the hallway which the two were currently in now. "Okay." She murmured.

"Alright, I'll be your tour guide!" Kise beamed, punching the air with his fist.

"How mean... Ryouchin can't hog Hitochin all to himself..." Murasakibara huffed, walking up to the two, the others following behind him.

"Yeah, Ryouta! You can't hog every pretty girl to yourself!" Aomine scoffed, leaning on Hitomi's shoulder. The girl blinked, and kept her gaze on the ground.

"Ehh! I'm not! Kise huffed, glaring at Aomine. Aomine glared back, coming up to stand in front of Kise.

"You wanna go, punk?" Aomine growled out.

"It's on!" Kise replied, frowning.

"Come on, Hitomi-chan." Kuroko spoke quietly, lightly pulling the girl with him, Akashi walked behind the two. Murasakibara noticed the three leave, and walked past his three brothers to follow after them. Aomine, Kise, and Midorima were left to argue amongst themselves.

"Ah, uhm, will they be alright?" Hitomi asked quietly, turning her head as she half-heard the loud arguing. She always hated it when people fought around her and she also couldn't help but worry.

"Yes, they'll be fine. You learn to get used to it once your here for a few days." Kuroko smiled, speaking from experience.

Hitomi nodded. Kuroko, Akashi, and Murasakibara all helped show her around, explaining things about the halls, the rooms.

They all stopped at the end of a different hallway. Hitomi looked up, staring at the string that hung from a small door in the ceiling. "Is that an attic?" She questioned, the sudden urge to go inside filled her mind.

"Yeah, but we hear scary things from up there at night time." Murasakibara answered her this time, also staring at the string. Just then, the other three came up, all frowning. "You could have at least waited for us!" Kise puffed his cheeks out, crossing his arms. "I wanted to play tour guide!"

"Yeah, thanks for waiting." Aomine harrumphed.

"Today's horoscope said Cancer would dawdle behind." Midorima muttered to himself.

"I've never went up there." Murasakibara said, casually pushing the others thoughts away, drawing everyone's stares back to the attic door.

"Wouldn't you want to?" Hitomi asked, smiling ever so slightly. "I remember one time when I was about six, I had accidentally wondered to far from the orphanage, and ended up in this really dark forest that all the other kids said was haunted. It really was an accident, but now that I think about it, I think it was fate. The forest itself was beautiful on the inside. It had lots of flowers and streams and animals." She stopped, blinking at the six who were staring at her.

"That's deep, Hitomicchi." Kise whined, putting a hand to his eye as if wiping away a tear.

"That is beautiful." The corner of Kuroko's mouth raised an inch, forming a smile. "I think we should all go in there." He announced suddenly, catching everyone's attention. The all stared at him.

"We could finally find out what makes those strange spooky noises at night time." He elaborated, and soon, the boys were talking amongst themselves.

"Alright, we'll meet here at 12:00! Exactly at midnight!" Aomine decided, smirk widening on his face.

Kise nodded vigorously, wide smile on his face. "Don't worry, Hitomicchi, I'll wake you!" He chuckled.

"Better not do anything perverted, Ryouta." Aomine smirked, leaning against the wall. Kise sputtered, face turning red.

"I'm not like you!" He replied hastily.

"Hm? I don't know what you're talking about." Aomine whistled, making Kuroko shake his head.

"Anyway, what should we do before then? I mean, we still have five hours till we're told to get to bed." He asked, looking up in thought as he tried to think of things to do.

"Hitomi, what do you want to do?" Midorima asked quietly. Hitomi looked at her glasses-wearing brother, before offering him a shrug.

"We could watch movies and eat snacks." Murasakibara suggested, pulling a box of pocky from his pocket. He opened the box, taking a green tea flavored pocky out and began munching on it.

"Speaking of movies!"

A collective sound of shouts echoed in the hall, as the seven turned to their mother. "M- Mom, where'd you come from?" Aomine questioned, his eye twitching at the random appearance.

"Psh, you know how babies are made, silly." Akimi giggled, waving her hand at Aomine, who only rolled his eyes in a knowing manner. "Anyway, I just wanted to say that I dug up some of my old VHS tapes!"

"VHS?" Kise frowned. "That's old, mom." He whined.

"Well, as I was saying, I thought that Hitomi-chan would like to watch some!" All eyes turned to Hitomi, and Hitomi couldn't find it in her heart to reject her new mother, even if the others didn't want to watch VHS.

"Okay..." She said.

"Okie dokie, by the way, most of them are Disney princess movies." Akimi said, grinning from the groans of her boy's.

Soon enough, the seven teenagers were all seated in the large living room. Murasakibara sat on the left side of the three-seated couch, Akashi in the middle, with Midorima at the other end.

Aomine swung his leg lazily from the one-person sofa, eyes focused on the screen. Kuroko, Kise, and Hitomi occupied the other three-seater, which sat at a diagonal way, but they could still see the TV clearly.

Akimi set up the old VHS player, and put the first tape in. "Alright, my babies, you are all watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!" She giggled, before stepping out of the way. "Have fun~" She called, grabbing her purse.

"Where are you going?"

"Shopping with Ren." Their mother paused, before giving each of them a kiss on the forehead. Akimi stopped at Hitomi, who blinked curiously at her, before giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Have fun, Hitomi-chan." She smiled softly, before leaving the house.

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