Their relationship was always a secret to everyone in their family's….because he is her teacher. When she ends up pregnant after one un-protected night of sex, everything comes crashing down. He knows he will lose everything if he confesses the baby is his but will he risk it?

Full Summary-

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan have been dating since her first year in his English class. Everything about their relationship has been hidden because of their age difference. 2 years later and they are still together while she is only 17. When Bella ends up pregnant Edward knows he has to confess about the baby being his but he knows he will lose everything when doing so. Can he really risk his job, his life and his girl?

Chapter 1

Bella's POV

~-freshman year-~

I barely knew this teacher but for 22 years old, he is rather….cute. About every girl in my class stares at him as he tries to teach them something but they sit there and sigh staring at him. He never looked like he was supposed to be a teacher for English….defiantly at this high school. He looked like he could be a doctor, a very sexy doctor. I doubt there would be nurses not have the hots for him.

I could not believe he was single!

~-sophomore year-~

First year quickly past by and who knew I would be leaving the year with a boyfriend? Who also knew that boyfriend would be my sexy ass teacher! We had this….odd connection. I cannot explain our little connection that we have. It all started about December of my first year when he handed me the papers to pass back and there was an electric shock between our fingertips and that is when it all started.

Staying after class with a bunch of girls who said they needed help in this and this when they did not even need it with their straight A's in the class. My grades in the class were not too bad but my father still forced me to go to tutoring after school. Our first kiss was accidental when I tripped but it was something. It was….odd to kiss a teacher and we were lucky I was the only one there.

It has all been moved on from there.

"Tell Me," he said as I sat in his lap after school

"Hmm?" I asked

"What do you think….of us?" he asked

"I think I love you," I said

He grinned at me

"I love you too," he said leaning down to kiss me

The knock on the door interrupted us and I was immediately grabbing my things and sitting in a desk as he wiped the lipstick off his face just in case it was his boss.

"Come in!" he said

Pulling out my notebook, I opened my book to a random page and was pretending to work when the person came in. it was his boss indeed

"Mr. Cullen a word" his boss said

He looked at me for a second wondering what was going on before going out the door with his boss. I pretended to put my things away and grabbed my keys from my bag. After grabbing my keys from my page, I put my books in my bag and got up from the desk looking at my phone for the time. Four: 15, I would have to be home soon. Edward walked back in the room seconds later and the door was closed again

"I have to go," I said

"I didn't get in trouble Bella," he said

I sighed'

"I know but I do have to go through," I said

He pulled me towards him giving me one last kiss

"I'll call you later," he said

"Hmm" I said kissing him once more and getting out from his grip

After leaving the school, I received a text

Love you

I smiled at the text sending him just about the same thing.


"Tell me it's wrong," my boyfriend said sitting on the floor

I sat next to him curling up to him holding it in my hand

"I can't say it is Edward," I said

"God Bella this is something we didn't need now!" he said

"Edward you helped! It's takes TWO to create a child Edward!" I said

That is right, I am pregnant….or well we suspect I am.

"I'm your teacher Bella; I'm still your teacher! You think I can hide this from my family and just about everyone else?" he asked

"Do you want to go to jail?" I asked

"That's where I'm going if someone finds out before September," he said

"It's only 3 months away Edward" I said

"It's 4 months Bella, you'll be 6 months by then you won't be able to hide your bump from your parents then" he said

"We can try," I said

"I know we can TRY, but god Bella….unless you want people to know I'm the father I can't go with you," he said

"I….I know that but it would hurt, I would feel like you would abandon us" I said

"Bella you know I wouldn't" he said

"I know you wouldn't but it's possible," I said

He held me close to him and I knew we had a bunch of growing up to do no matter how old he already was.

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