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What a Sight

The Reading Folly

Pulling the last book from his pastel bag, the student rearranged his texts by topic at the bottom of the locker. He had, after all, made to school early again. It was a nice change of pace from the rush he usually went through. As for his locker, well, Gohan enjoyed order by his very nature.

The populace of Orange Star High murmured and swarmed about him. The teen species that was his peer group all enjoying and going on about morning activities. Most were snacking on some food or another bought from the morning ala cart line the cafeteria offered. All was well at Orange Star. This was a good thing for Gohan, as life had been just a bit tedious lately.

True enough, it had been a month since that fateful accusation of murder, but it was still the talk of the town. And the four teenagers who were caught in the last trap set by the evildoer were finally getting a chance to be out of the high school social lime light. Gohan's proof of that was that he had not yet been bothered this morning with any stupid questions. Erasa had reveled in all of the attention and Sharpner to be sure had not been far behind her. Videl had dealt with it in the typically cold and detached manner she had perfected in her years of fame. The whole thing just made Gohan terribly uncomfortable. It was so much safer to play the 'nerd' in the corner.

The half Saiyan sat down before his locker, paging through an old calculus spiral note book and deciding which pages needed to be kept and which needed to be recycled. One of his fellow students, acquaintance more than friend, kicked Gohan's shoe as he walked by, grinning something about the lover boy being their on time for once. Gohan sighed. It looked like he was never going to be able to hide in his corner again.

Dating the most famous, most respected, and by the guys, most wanted girl in the school did have that effect on ones social life. It had also been a month since they had their first date. Gohan and Videl had celebrated that anniversary two days before. Somehow or another, in that same time period, they had become the most acclaimed and closely followed couple in the school. Seconded only by Sharpner and Erasa. That relationship had sprung up within the past two weeks. He knew all to much about it since Erasa had declared they were going to have to go on a double date.

And of course, they would all have to go to their Senior Prom together. Thank Dende that wasn't until the following school year.

Checking his watch, Gohan noted that he still had a few minutes before class and turned to pull out a history notebook for cleaning out. It was nearly the end of his Junior year, and Gohan had been told it was a good idea to start cleaning out the locker before the last day. His actions were halted as the word 'FIGHT' abruptly took up his entire line of view. Gohan swallowed hard and forced his eyes from her chest to the grinning face of his girlfriend. She knew her affect on him all to well.

"Morning, Gohan." She took a moment to go from bending to sitting at his side, peering into the note book. "What are you doing? Homework?"

The demi-Saiyan smiled, wrapping an arm possessively about her waist. He was ever so glad for the quick healing work of his Saiyan genes as the recently broken left hand was now as good as new. "Good morning, Vidy. Actually, I'm just doing some spring cleaning."

"Cleaning? Gohan, Gohan, Gohan…. Unless I've miss read my calendar, which I haven't, then today is May 14th."

"Yes, it is. And…?"

Videl reached over and smacked her boyfriend's chest. "Don't play innocent with me, Birthday boy! Your mother told me last week when your birthday was and it's a good thing because you wouldn't have said a thing!"

Gohan blushed and looked back down to his notes. Actually, it hadn't occurred to him to say anything about it, it wasn't that important a thing in his mind. "I'm sorry, Videl. I hadn't thought…"

"As usual. Don't panic on me, Son Gohan, it's a typical male teenager thing. It gives you at least one normal quality. But, just because it's your Birthday, that doesn't excuse us from class and if you don't gather your books together, we're going to be late!"

Looking at his watch, the young man's eyes widened. She was right! He released her and stood to grab the rest of his books for first period and close the locker. Gohan then turned back to Videl, ready to escort her to class. Videl however had other plans. She smirked, stood on her tiptoes, and pulled Gohan's head down the slight distance that still remained between them. She then whispered in his ear, "I'll race you there, old man!" And with a quick kiss, be lined down the hall.

The half Saiyan took a moment, but followed shortly after. He took his seat beside Videl in the nick of time as the bell rang. Erasa and she had decided to switch seats earlier to sit closer to their boyfriends. Neither Sharpner or Gohan had argued that thought. Erasa smiled at his entrance and reached past Videl to tap his book with her pencil. "Happy Birthday Gohan! Videl told us. Your going to absolutely love what we all got for you." The blonde girl winked then, "but you have to wait until lunch."

Gohan blinked. "Thank you Erasa, I think… Uh, we?"

Sharpner leaned forward then, a casual look gracing his features. "Yeah 'we'. As in Erasa, Videl, and I. Don't look so shocked, someone might think you thought that none of us like you, Brains!"

The demi-Saiyan was caught between gratitude and embarrassment. "I, no. I know we're all friends, I just didn't realize…"

The blonde man snorted and rolled his eyes. "I was just kidding with you. Seriously though, Happy Birthday, Gohan."

The birthday boy relaxed and offered a genuine smile back to his friend. "Thanks, Sharpner."

Erasa eagerly took the chance to jump back into the conversation, "I have a great idea! After school today we should do that double date, to celebrate Gohan turning seventeen!"

Videl smiled then, picking up on Erasa's idea. "I think that would be a very good thing to do. But nothing too fancy, I don't feel like going home and changing first."

The blonde nodded enthusiastically, "All right. Then lets go matinee movies. 'A Youth to Save Us' is supposed to be out! It's supposed to be this weird twist on the Cell games where a little boy saves the world instead of Mr. Satan. Weird, huh?"

Gohan shared a look with Videl. The both laughed a bit nervously before agreeing with Erasa. The half Saiyan had not heard of that movie, but was defiantly interested now that it was mentioned. Erasa laughed too, but for other reasons. "Yeah, they say that the reporter who was there with Mr. Satan that day is the one who wrote it. What an imagination that guy must have!"

The history teacher, who had been ignoring the conversation to that point, had apparently had enough. "Miss Erasa! Is there something you would like to share with the class, or are you just talking to your friends about things that are not important again? If this is not a good answer, I will move you this time!"

The blonde girl's eyes widened and she gaped for a moment like a fish out of water. And then she latched on to an idea. "I so do have something to share with the class, teacher! We were just discussing that today is Gohan's Birthday, and I think the class should sing Happy Birthday to him!"

All eyes in the room turned to Gohan, effectively stopping him from his slow slide under the desk. It was to much to hope he could simply disappear into the chair below him, or stuff those words back into Erasa's mouth. Gohan offered a nervous giggle and a tiny wave to his classmates. The teacher was in the process of getting over his shock the Erasa had actually come up with that good answer he believed she couldn't have. "Is that so? Well, I don't see why we couldn't take a couple of minutes sing to a birthday student. How old are you today, Mr. Son?"

Gohan was halted again in his slide below the desk. He had made it half way there this time. The girls in the room were giggling amongst themselves at the prospect, including Videl and Erasa. The guys were in to parties. One was with Sharpner, who smirked and decided this ungodly torment would be hysterical, therefore they'd go along with it. The other half felt sympathy, but would go along with the crowd. Gohan kept his eyes stoically on his books as he responded, "I'm seventeen, sir."

"Very good, son. Class, lets begin. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!"

Videl sang the tune loudly beside him, obviously enjoying his torment. She also placed a hand on his knee below the desk, stopping his escape all together. "Happy Birthday dear Gohan, Happy Birthday to you!"

The half Saiyan felt as if his face were on fire as the class broke out laughing at the end of the song. The teacher along with them. Videl gave him a quick hug. "See, your loved, Birthday boy!"

Gohan offered Videl a small smile, but made no effort to sit back up in his seat. It took a few moments for the teacher to get the room back under his control. The rest of the period passed quietly, aside from a few snickers that popped out from time to time.

The following four classes before lunch each then had someone who knew that it was 'Nerd Boy's' birthday. And someone in each of those classes insisted to each teacher that he needed to be sung to. By the end of fifth period, Erasa, Sharpner and Videl were very nearly in tears from laughing so hard and Gohan felt that his face would never be the correct color ever again. Videl escorted him to the cafeteria smiling with his every effort to blend into the cement wall and metal lockers around him. Gohan couldn't believe it, no matter what he did, he couldn't avoid the well wishers or the smart asses of the school.

And Gohan had the horrible feeling that the worst was yet to come. He began heading cautiously to the lunch line, trying his best to be unobserved. Videl, however, pulled him away from the food and off to sit him at one of the tables. The demi-Saiyan threw her a questioning look. "We got you something better than this school trash for your B-day, Gohan. We just have to wait a moment while Erasa and Sharpner go get it."

Gohan paled. "'Go get it?' What do you mean, what are they going for? You guys didn't have to do anything. I just…"

His babbling was effectively silenced as Videl covered his mouth with her own, pulling a long kiss from his lips. When she pulled back it left Gohan gasping for air. Once recovered, he looked down into her smiling eyes with a pout to do Goten justice. "That wasn't very fair, Videl."

"Maybe not, but it was effective."

A series of 'ohhhh's and 'ahhh's heralded the appearance of Erasa and Sharpner to the lunch room. Between them on a cart was a very large cake. Behind them came a following of students. They pulled to a stop before Gohan and Videl where Erasa leaned down excitedly. "Look, Gohan, we baked you a birthday cake! Me, Sharpner and Videl made it last night! I'd have candles on it, but the school doesn't allow any sort of fire."

Gohan looked between the smiling faces of his three closest teen friends and couldn't help but shake his head and laugh. "Thanks guys. I…. This is wonderful, Thank you!"

Sharpner nodded to him, "You'd better appreciate it, I did the writing."

The demi-Saiyan looked back to the cake and noted for the first time what was written. 'Happy Birthday Brains' was written in a neat hand across the chocolate surface. Gohan looked back to Sharpner before letting his head fall to the table in a fit of laughter. Friends like his…

Videl grinned and pulled away from Gohan to jump up on to the lunch room table. "All right guys!" she yelled to the crowd of students that had gathered about in curiosity. "I know we've been singing about it all day, but who's up for one more chorus for the birthday boy?"

The bulk of the students laughingly agreed and Happy Birthday was sung once more. This time, Gohan had gotten away. Sliding beneath the table while the rest were singing, Gohan began crawling away going from under one table to the next. The escape was halted when a hand reached down and pulled Gohan forcefully from beneath his third table. Sharpner Hauled him out and with a grin and a wink turned back to the table where the rest of the students were trying to figure out what happened to Gohan. "Look who I caught trying to escape! Looks like Birthday Boy Brains doesn't want his cake, huh?"

Gohan couldn't manage to live that down for the rest of lunch or the rest of his day. By last period English, the half Saiyan was more than a little frustrated. It was in that mood that he snapped and yelled at a teasing guy in the row below. "Leave it alone all ready! I know it's my birthday, and so does everyone else in this school!!!"

The English teacher glared at his outburst. "Mr. Son, I take that to mean your volunteering to read! Page three forty, second paragraph and until I tell you to stop, young man!"

Gohan blushed and stood with his book. He deserved this. Holding the text out at arms length, Gohan began stumbling through it. He blamed his troubles on embarrassment.

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