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What a Sight

Tables are for Glasses, Not…

It was not necessarily a long walk back to Capsule Corporation, but for one Son Gohan, it was absolutely exhilarating. The glasses, which seemed as though they would be such a little thing, had opened to him a world he thought long lost. A world where even things with in close proximity were clear to him. To anyone else, maybe it wouldn't have seemed so grand, but Gohan had come down a long way from the Saiyan vision his childhood had been blessed with. Even this taste was something to enjoy to the fullest.

Looking down to the young woman at his side, Gohan smiled. Speaking of blessed. The demi-Saiyan tightened his grip on her waist and was rewarded with a beautiful smile. A smile that was crystal clear and made those guiles sapphire eyes sparkle. Oh yeah, he could learn very quickly how to live with glasses.

As for Videl, she had been giving him the funniest grins since he had placed those glasses on his nose. For whatever reason, she was just as happy as a little girl with a new toy, Gohan only wished he knew why! Perhaps she was just happy that he had his sight problem fixed. Of course, that really didn't explain the grin. With a mental shrug, Gohan gave up on that little puzzle. All that mattered was that she, for all important purposes, was happy.

And for the moment, so was one Son Gohan.

"So," Videl broke into the silence, " How do you think your mother will take to this idea?"

Small smile still gracing his lips, Gohan questioned, "Which idea?"

"The glasses. How do you think she'll take to the glasses?"

The demi-Saiyan blinked. "Oh, right. I… don't think she'll mind them." Thinking on that topic for a moment, Gohan frowned. "Maybe we don't want to tell her the exact details of why I need glasses though. I don't think to much studying would be something that would go over well."

Videl snorted. "No, probably not. I bet the rest of our friends will enjoy those new glasses though."

Gohan cast his eyes skyward. "I know it. I don't know what Erasa will say, but after this I'll probably never live down the name 'Brains' with Sharpner."

Videl grinned. "Erasa will probably squeal about how cute they look. Actually, I was referring to the friends waiting for you back at Capsule Corporation."

Feeling a rising bubble of panic in the pit of his stomach, Gohan groaned. "Oh… damn. Urg, Krillin, Vegita… Oh gods… Goten and Trunks! Eh, Vidy? How about we skip town for a while, just you and me and the milling masses of say… Satan City?"

The young woman laughed. "Now, if you would have just left that at the 'just you and me' part, I might have gone along with the idea!"

Gohan pouted, he really didn't see what was so funny about this. "We couldn't be just alone… we'd have to buried in a mall sized crowd, or they'd be able to track us much to easily."

"Well," Videl smirked, "Good thing for them that we're just going to prance right to that big CC backyard and show you off. No hiding, no chasing, and certainly no tracking."

Gohan gave his girlfriend a suspicious look. There was something about the way she seemed to like taunting him. Something very wrong indeed. "Do you enjoy tormenting me?"

A painfully innocent expression danced on those lovely features. "Why Gohan! I have no idea of what your talking about. Your friends have bothered to show all of this concern for your welfare by visiting today. It's only fair that they should see the fruits of this appointment!"

The demi-Saiyan hung his head, glasses sliding slightly down his nose until being caught on his ears. "You are enjoying this."

A petite hand gently hauled his chin back up, while a second pushed the glasses back into position. "Of course I am, but you make it so easy. You'll be fine, Gohan. They'll probably give you a bit of a hard time to be sure, but if that's the worst thing that happens to you today, count yourself lucky!"

A sly smile returning to his face, Gohan caught and kissed Videl's right hand. "Even if it were not, I would still be lucky."

She giggled. One of those rare little girl moments that he liked to bring from her. "I don't care how sweet you try to be, Son Gohan, we're still not skipping town."

The demi-Saiyan snapped his fingers. "Dang, you've figured out my master plan!"

"You will never out wit Satan Videl. Now quite stalling, we're almost there."

They walked through the Capsule Corps. front gate still laughing and wandered to the back yard where Bulma was holding the picnic. The chatter from gathered friends stopped when the two walked in amongst the crowd. The abrupt silence brought Gohan back to the here and now of the situation. Something about having the family and friends openly staring at you could do that to a guy.

A low, mocking whistle sliced through the shock, unsurprisingly enough from Krillen's direction. Trunks, who had been off to the side plotting some devilish deed with Goten, snorted loudly. "Hey, Four eyes! Should I buy you some windshield wipers for Christmas?"

A small bout of laughter from the rest of the gathered people brought the group from their shell. Gohan found himself suddenly at the center of a swarm of attention. Along with Videl, who had been re-caught by the demi-Saiyan's arm. That was probably unfair of him, but he didn't want to be caught against this attack alone. And besides, it was her choice to not just skip all of this with him, let her suffer as well!

There was a mass of talking, everyone trying to say something at once. A small form worked his way through the crowd, flying up to attach his legs about his brother's waist and get a better view of the situation. Gohan smiled down at the small leech who clung to him, blocking out the other milling friends. And Goten smiled back, before reaching up and taking those glasses from the elder brother's nose. The small familiar crowd backed off by then, allowing the little boy to get acquainted with this new situation.

Goten grinned then, understanding that he was now the center of attention, and slid the glasses onto his own face. Gohan snorted, blurry or not, the effect of those big glasses on the eight year-old's face was way to amusing! Videl, who had yet to be released, reached up and gently pressed Goten's nose. "That's you, Goten! Maybe we should consider getting you a pair of glasses too!"

The youngest demi-Saiyan squinched his nose. "Nu uh. They make everything look all tilty funny… I don't want any! 'Sides… If I wanna play with 'em, I have my big brother's right here!"

Chi Chi, having been held back for to long, stepped up to the trio. Snatching the glasses from her youngest's face, she made a careful inspection of them before sliding them back onto Gohan's nose. "I don't know Goten. If the eye doctor prescribed a lens this strong, your brother needs them more than you do! Now, Gohan, baby, what did Dr. Kiwaka say?"

"Uh… well. I'm farsighted. Apparently eyestrain caused it. As of right now I need to wear the glasses all of the time, and Dr. Kiwaka suspects that my eyes will likely get worse as I get older. I need to go in for bi-yearly checkups from now on."

Chi Chi cocked her head to the side, studying her son closely. Goten squirmed slightly and Gohan placed his free arm around the child, who made no attempt to get down. Finally, the son matriarch shook her head. "Eyestrain? I don't know what would cause that. I say it's just from spending to much time with those men sparring."

Bulma stepped up beside Chi Chi then, touching the other woman's shoulder. "What does it matter Chi Chi? Look at what we got out of this!" Bulma circled slowly about the baffled teen, and he noted a small grin blossoming on his girlfriend's face. "Look at what those frames do for his face, he went from being attractive teen to handsome, studly, sophisticated adult in one move!"

Gohan felt that damned flush raising to his cheeks again, and he fairly choked. "Ah! Bulma!"

But the blue haired woman ignored his outburst, instead turning her eyes to meet Videl's. "You must have picked out the frames, our little Gohan would never come up with something like this on his own!"

The younger woman smirked, a look to do Vegita proud. "You better believe I did, even the old lady behind the desk had to do a double take!"

Gohan suddenly knew what a dear in the headlights felt like. It didn't help when his mother studied first him, and then Videl appraisingly. "So… Videl. You think this makes him look more handsome?"

Gohan looked down then, finding Videl's eyes tracing the contours of his face. She grinned again. And then she pinched his buttock, right there in front of all his family and friends. Gohan yelped, nearly dropping his little brother, and pulled back fast from the scary blue eyed girl who was laughing at his expense. She got control of herself enough to respond to Chi Chi between giggles. "Yes, yes I do.!"

Bulma and Krillin almost fell on themselves laughing so hard, but Chi Chi got little hearts in her eyes and wandered away muttering about marriage and grandbabies. Gohan continued backing away until he bumped into a solid frame behind him. The demi-Saiyan jumped and swiveled to the smiling face of his father. Goku laid a warm hand on his son's shoulder. "Don't worry about them, son. They do look good on you. But, won't they break when your training?"

Gohan sighed, and relaxed, regaining a better grip on the little boy in his arms. Goten also watched his brother, wanting to know that answer as well. " Thanks Dad. I don't need to wear them for sparring. Just for… almost everything else."

Goten grimaced. "I don't see why you would need to wear them for anything. They make you see all blurry and jumpy, how does that help?"

"Well, Squirt, they do that when you look through them. With out them, my vision is blurry like that, the glasses work against that, so I can see clearly."

Goku squeezed his shoulder then, regaining the attention. The eldest Son wore a look that was a bit concerned. "Your vision is blurry on it's own, son? Are you sure your all right for sparring with out them then?"

Gohan laughed. "Dad, this isn't a new thing. Besides, it gives me practice in using my other senses more in a fight. Sensing Ki, hearing, even smelling are more dependable anyway. I'm not to worried about that."

A voice then intruded on them, hard and mocking. "Do you plan on using this as your new excuse for not training like you should then, brat?"

All though the tone should have aroused anger in Gohan, it did not. The demi-Saiyan sighed. "No, Vegita. I have learned my lesson on that. I'll train even if it comes down to fighting blind."

Vegita, never slowing, continued walking past the three Son's, a smirk on his features, and the word 'Good' gruffly spoken from his tongue. And Gohan smiled in response. Out of the Saiyan monarch, that was to be considered a pat on the back and being offered a cigar for a job well done.

A tug on his canary yellow shirt turned Gohan's eyes back down to his younger brother. "Do those glasses mean that Momma won't be yelling at you 'bout your grades anymore?"

Gohan placed one hand behind his head, while keeping the other tight about his brother, and grinned. "I certainly hope so, Squirt!"

The little boy smiled happily, "Me too, then you'll get to play with me more again!"

Goku just sat back and laughed at the antics of his two sons.

The group was eventually settled, and the promised and much appreciated lunch served. Jibes flowed freely in Gohan's direction, but the half Saiyan was much to busy stuffing his face to really care. Besides, a few of those barbs may have been nasty, but they were stated with only friendly intent. Sometimes you just have to learn to live with the sharp tongues of people like Krillin and Trunks.

After lunch, the group found various places to sit outside, enjoying the nice weather and the pleasant (Generally speaking) company. Gohan found himself a nice tree to lean back against while letting his stomach do its work. Videl had found her way beneath one arm to lean more on him than the tree. Goten was curled in his big brother's lap, taking a brief afternoon siesta. Trunks had somehow propped himself on the side of Gohan opposite Videl, he too peacefully sleeping. And to top it off, Krillin's little girl Marron lay softly snoring in Videl's lap.

Over all, Gohan was feeling very popular, if only for the purpose of soft pillow.

The young woman at his side shifted a bit, gently stroking the head of the small blonde girl that slept on her. "You know, Gohan. I think I should give Erasa a call and see if her and Sharpner are doing anything tonight. The sooner we get this 'double date' thing over with, the happier I'll be."

The eldest demi-Saiyan nodded. Keeping the conversation quiet, he replied, "That sounds good. Actually, I kind want to see that movie, 'A Child to Save Us'."

Videl grinned. "Well, my Dad hates it, and has protested it since he found out about it. With that in mind, I say it might be a good movie. I bet it's still butchered pretty bad though. No one ever gets Cell right, even though he's still on all of the old TV archives."

Gohan shrugged. "Who knows, Vidy. Maybe they make him unrealistic on purpose. To save small children," He looked pointedly at the group about them, " from any nightmare-ish scenes."

The young Miss Satan sighed. "Maybe your right. To bad it didn't save us older generations from seeing the real thing."

Gohan was inclined to agree with that assessment, whole heartedly. A few hours later, all children up and about and hyper active, Gohan and Videl convinced Chi Chi to let him go, that's he'd meet them at home that night. Videl made a brief cell phone call, and found that Erasa was more than willing (Surprise, surprise…) and that her an 'Sharpy' would meet them at the theater. Videl insisted that they take her jet copter back to Satan City and after a fond farewell to the friends, they were off.

Videl landed the thing in a large parking lot near the theater, much to the amazement of the locals who had to come greet her as soon as they recognized the vehicle. Gohan smiled as he leaned back against the cool metal exterior. Videl may not have been best fond of all the attention she got, but Gohan knew she deserved every praise those citizens offered. That, and he was amused by her attempts to get them to leave as she kept throwing him pleading looks.

Eventually, Gohan cracked. Capsulizing the jet copter, the demi-Saiyan calmly walked through the throng of well meaning citizens and up to Videl. With out a by-your-leave, he pulled her close and bent to catch her lips in a long, passionate kiss. The sort that really shouldn't be preformed in public. And so, the public made up a bunch of hurried excuses and quickly left the two teens to their peace.

That didn't mean that they pulled apart right away. As hands began exploring and tongues went spelunking. Eventually though, they had to come up for air. Abruptly Gohan realized that one of his hands had strayed into the waist band at her back, his fingers brushing, the soft warm skin of her butt. The other was caught in her short cropped hair. For all that good boy Gohan told him he needed to fix the situation, the bad boy had leverage in the situation.

Videl didn't seem upset about it. In fact, she had a hand up his shirt, beneath even the under shirt, caressing his pecks. The other was above clothing, but still tightly gripping his lower buttocks. They stared at each other for a moment, and both removed their hands from their partner's rear in the same instant, blushing slightly pink. Videl moved the one hand yet beneath his shirt across his chest and smiled almost shyly up at him. "Thank you, Gohan. That was ingenious."

The demi-Saiyan laughed slightly, removing his hand from her hair and lightly caressing her back instead. "Bulma must be wearing off on me."

Videl laughed as well. "We're going to be late meeting up with Erasa and Sharpner."

The young woman made no effort to move away, her hand had drifted down to his abdomen though, exploring the well defined muscles of his stomach. Gohan shuddered, she was doing things to him… "Yeah… we are."

The hand drifted lower, one finger exploring his belly button briefly before moving down yet further. A she began easing his waist band, Gohan jumped backward, blushing and stuttering all the way. He was more than aroused, but this could not happen! "Eh, Vidy! Maybe we should go to the movie now, we really don't want to keep those two waiting. Really, that would be just awful of us, especially when we're the ones who set up this date and all. I think we should get going, yeah!"

Yes, he was babbling. Anything to get his mind back out of the gutter, anything at all! He expected that Videl would be angry with him for rejecting her like that, instead she blushed as well, hurriedly agreeing with all of his babbling before taking off at a half run toward the theater. Gohan took off after her, effectively halting her escape with a hand on the shoulder. "Videl…"

The young woman shook her head. "I… I'm sorry Gohan. I shouldn't have… Oh Kami…"

Gohan leaned in and risked a second kiss, more a peck on her lips than anything else. "It's all right Videl, we both got a little carried away. Let's just go enjoy the movie. All right?"

The young woman smiled in return and caught his hand heading once more to the theater. "Okay, Gohan." He noted her then glance down, back towards his waist, lower. "I think if we plan on doing that again in public anytime soon, you should get some tighter boxers…"

The demi-Saiyan was still quite red by the time they reached the theater and the friends who waited for them outside of it. Sharpner, being quite tall, spotted the two first over the heads of the milling movie goers. He waved to Gohan, who was also tall enough to see over the bulk of the crowd. Plowing forward, the two groups eventually reached each other. Sharpner was the first to comment on the glasses. "You know, Brains, that look actually works for you."

Erasa, as predicted, squealed, "Oh wow! They're so cute on you!"

The teens got in, and while Sharpner and Erasa made out in the seats beside them, Gohan and Videl took actual interest in the movie. Gohan was impressed by the actual realism in the movie. Videl commented dryly that the little blonde boy with spiked hair actually looked a bit like Gohan did at that age as well. And that little boy beat Cell. Only… Cell killed him in the process, making for a nice and dramatic ending.

Impressively enough, Satan Hercule was not even mentioned in the movie.

Bidding their blonde companions fairwell at the end of the film, Gohan escorted Videl home. Granted, she could fly just fine, but he picked her up in his arms and did the flying for both of them. Landing lightly on the small landing outside Videl's room, Gohan placed her on her feet. "Would you like to come in, Gohan?"

"No, thank you." Gohan looked out across the artificially lit horizon and the dark expanse of sky beyond. "I should be heading home. Mom will worry."

Videl slid in beside him, to look out across the city as well. Gohan held her tight like that. He knew with out a doubt that he would not mind spending the rest of his days with this woman. Pulling back, after a time, Videl leaned in to initiate this kiss. A warm, loving, kiss, if not so passionate as before. With a promise of seeing her the next day, Gohan took off into the night.

He refused to bother with the Saiyaman outfit, trusting the black veil of the night to shroud him. The young man did not head directly home though, instead he detoured out into a land untouched by civilization, an oasis in the surrounding dessert. He needed to see some one. A friend he had not sat down and had an honest talk with in far to many years.

Landing in a convenient space of land, Gohan cupped his hands to his mouth and called out. "Piccolo!"

After three such calls a Gohan sensed the familiar presence approaching and turned to greet the Namek. Piccolo landed lightly, his cape fluttering behind him. "You could have just come to the look out, kid."

"I know, but, I don't want to be there right now, I just… want to talk."

The tall Namek raised a heavy eyebrow. "Indeed. In that case," Piccolo found a fallen log near by and headed towards it. "Would you care to explain to me about the glasses?"

Gohan laughed and followed his long time friend and mentor, taking a seat beside him on the log. "Well, you see, it's like this…"

The two sat, talking late into the night. And it was the best conversation Gohan had had in a long time, for it was Piccolo that knew him inside and out, and always knew how to make the right suggestions. And how to keep a wayward demi-Saiyan on track. Perhaps a track toward an engagement ring, and the chance to be a 'normal' man with a family of his own.


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