Finn found Beemo still sitting on the living room table where they left him there. He/she was patiently waiting for him. His/her face expression was passive. Finn took a deep breath, and began:

"Beemo, I know what is your concern, Flame Princess, right?"

The computer console just nodded "Yes, NEPTR manage to ask that last night. Finn you can't just hook up with another girl, while being committed to another. That's wrong, that's cheating."

Finn was about to reply but Beemo cut him off.

"I will ask you a serious question, answer me honestly please"

Finn motioned him to continue.

"Do you still love Princess Bubblegum? Do you mean what you've said to her yesterday, last night?"

Finn answered in a serious and straight tone:

"Yes, Beemo. I don't know why but yes I still love her. I don't know, love is a complex math" he said, for the first time since Jake taught her about the tiers of love those months ago, he felt confused, not because of Flame Princess or Bonnibel, but on how he really feels. But most of his heart tells him that she loves Bonnibel, maybe Jake told him once was true, 'first love never dies'. End of story.

"Yes Beemo I love her! That's why I going to make this right." He went to the utility closet to get some tin foil. "I going to end things with Flame Princess now. There no time better than today." At that Beemo smiled at him, "It's okay with me, who is your girl, but as long as you do it right, I have no objections." Finn nodded in agreement.

Call him crazy but Finn sometimes act like an older brother/sister to him. Guiding his way, advising him what to do, giving him advices though most of his advices came from games, but somewhat effective somehow.

"I going to her right now" and he went out to tell the truth.

As he left, the computer console smiled and said: "guess NEPTR is going to get his baby sibling after all" then resume to his/her game.

Finn reached Flame Princess' house within 20 minutes of walking. He found the fire elemental sitting in the edge of the cliff besides her house, looking at beautiful view in front of her. Her feet were swaying back and fort.

"Hey FP!" he said.

She looked at his direction and smiled "Oh hey Finn, what's up?"

"The usual hero stuff" he sat down beside her.

"Oh I see, me, I'm just bored, been spending most of the time looking here at this beauty" she pointed to the landscape in front of them.

"Why did you not call me, we could have done something...?"

"I don't want to disturb you, besides I got a fair share of my adventure a month ago."

"Oh yeah..." Finn replied recalling the events at the circus kingdom where Flame Princess save him.

For an hour they hang out, talking idly, everything that crossed their minds, Finn taught her some things, and values. As early afternoon sets in, Finn knew that it is time to tell her his real purpose of visit.

"Flame Princess, I-I got something to tell you." He said before he clear his throat.

"Yeah" she raised an eyebrow.

Finn stammered, "I, I, I, I've thinking... about, about... about u-u-us..."

The fire elemental was silent; she looks at the lake below her feet.

Finn continued "I, I; I mean, we must-..." he was cut off by a raised hand.

"It's about her right?" she looks at him with a blank expression "Princess Bubblegum."

Finn was sweating hard and shaking a little, despite what he have said to Bonnibel last night about Flame Princess, he was still scared. He still fears the fire elemental's bad side, because of his affair she might destroy and kill princess Bubblegum out of rage and betrayal. A sudden déjà vu hits him at this thought, placing himself in Jake's shoes and Flame Princess at Lady's. 'Oh dang, if she gets hot, Pebbles will not be beaten but melted and caramelized for good' he thought.

But despite all the bad possible ways to go wrong, that he will regret. She replied surprisingly calmly, "I Understand"

"Wait w-what?" had he heard her right.

"I Understand Finn, if you want to be with her, go ahead. I won't stop you or burn anyone else. I understand that you still love her." She sighed before continuing "you told me about how much you love her, how you risk your life in a daily basis for her, she deserves it to be a person she can count on, and right now that's you." She finished smiling.

"How do you-..."

"Finn that's what she would do if we switch places right now. After all you taught me how to accept things that aren't yours. Right now I'm applying it." She puts her warm hands to Finn's, surprising him that she didn't burn him. Guess he doesn't need the foils after all.

"I've learning a lot, controlling myself, my powers. You taught me how to be patient, how to be a cool headed." She closed her fingers over his.

"Remember the first time, we met at the tree fort? For the first time in my life, I felt lost, unwanted, hated. But then you came to me, showed me the world, showed me that I'm not evil as they thought, you taught me that I chart my own course, that you will be my map, my guide and you did. Now, I'm not lost, I found myself through you and I thank you." She hugged him ever so tightly, she was confident that she will burn him, and she didn't. "Thank you" whispered, at that he hugged back, proud of himself that, he completely changed her life forever.

She broke the hug and without warning kissed him in a lip lock, and he kissed back. This time however the world didn't burn. When they broke up she bit her lip for more but she stopped herself. Finn noticed this.

"I you want more, go ahead, take what you need"

Flame Princess locked her lips again to his, wrapped her arms around him, as she deepen the kiss. Finally thanking him for all of what he had done to her. After a while, they broke catching their breaths. She smiled and cupped his cheek with her both hands.

"I only wanted is your happiness, If you're happy with her, then so be it, go with her, as long that you're happy, I'm happy." She pulled him into bear hug.

"Thanks FP, this means a lot to me" he gave her a kiss in the cheek.

"But, bear in mind that you're still my prince, a teacher and a friend." She said before seductively adding, "If you need someone to smooch with, you know to find me." She winked at him causing him to blush.

Finn just awkwardly scratched his head, "yeah right, ok FP..." the fire elemental laugh.

"But..." she immediately said her tone serious. "If I ever know that in anyway she hurts you, believe me I will burn her until she is a puddle of toasted gum! No one hurts my prince!" she said, with a serious face.

"She won't" he casually said.

She was completely alone; silence dreaded around her, she found herself in her laboratory. But a little wider, more space, and a variety of computers littered the walls as if her lab suddenly became high tech. She was thinking she was in the future, no she can't be, last time she was awake she was in her room watching a pre-mushroom war movie, that Jake given her during their secret affair. It was about a pre-mushroom war billionaire, who became a superhero by building high tech armoured suits.

"Wait, this looks familiar" she said as she notice on of the computers on her lab. It was high tech, linked to several more computers. These smaller computers were holographic in nature, doesn't have any buttons or anything. "Whoa, this is beyond my comprehension, I think."

As she inspects the lab, she notice several robotic arms and a large circular pedestal on the floor, it is in the center of these robotic arm. "I know this," she said as she inspects one the arms. These were the arms she was working every late night to help work in the future, but she wondered why these arms, circling this pedestal. She looked up she noticed two large robotic arms that has a large cylindrical shape; it was large enough for her arm to fit into it. she look closer at the insides of the arm, they are smaller claws that are retracted into it. she figured judging by looks of the whole thing, the person will stand in the middle of the pedestal, then the robotic arm will put something onto his skin, like an armor.

"Wait! This is the machine from the movie, the man is stands here, and one by one pieces of his armor was donned to every part of his body." She said to herself but kept on thinking "how is this get in my lab?"

Just as then she something crashed behind her, she immediately spunned around to check what cause the noise. But no beakers or container were broken. "Hello? Anyone in here" she said, her defences were up and alert.

Then she notices a mirror beside her, "how did that get in here?" it was her bedroom mirror.

At first she saw her reflection, she wears her usual lab coat, and her princess dress. She blinked her eyes, but when she looks at the mirror again she was shocked!

Her facial looks were still the same, but what she wears was total different. From her neck to toe, she wore an armor, but not just any armor she usually saw, this was a high tech one. There is a circular chest piece in the middle of her chest, right were her cleavage should be. It was glowing brightly; she thought it was the power source. The color was primarily black, with pink acting as the secondary color scheme. Her hair was shorter; it has the same looks where she went to wizard city with Finn and Jake.

Suddenly a piece of the armor forms up behind her reflection's head, and she could have sworn that her reflection smirk and wink at her before her face was covered by its metal mask. It was color pink. The head piece also wears a crown with the same design as her's, the optics and 'gem' of the crown was glowing brightly like the one in the chest piece.

Bonnibel stood at her reflection in shock. She became the man in the movie she watched, she became someone else. "Whoa that's math..." she said as she look down, thinking over what she saw. Suddenly a voice replied "Indeed, in fact it was algebraic"

She immediately look up at the mirror to see the familiar large shining golden owl looking at her with a smile on its face.

"Princess," he bowed to her in respect. "Congratulations." He casually said before laughing, and then the mirror shatters, sending its broken pieces towards her. But before everything went black, she loudly heard a baby crying, and voice calling Finn, her voice.

"GAH!" she gasped as she immediately sat up from bed, wide eyed, and looking around. She was at her room, it was 2:30 am; the movie she watched was on top of her drawer where she left it. The events replayed on her head like a tape recorder: The armor, her lab, the Cosmic Owl and the cries of the baby. The last two latter things surprise and scare her at the same time. She will become someone else in the future, a hero. The second thought, she doesn't want to think about. Not now.

"Cosmic Owl, not now please... please..." she prayed to Glob and the Owl, by heart. Hoping that the second idea will not became a reality sooner. In fact she doesn't want any of it, let alone think of it. She immediatly thought of Finn.

"Oh Finn..." The only thing she managed to say, "I'm going to need you more than ever."