Title: SasuSaku Month 2013 [1]

Summary: It was nothing, not much, but it's there, and it's a start.

Disclaimer: I do not in a million years will ever own Naruto.

Prompt: Holding Hands

Rating: K

Comments: So I posted this 3 days after the supposed date, and I'm freaking late. Yes I know, but I still want to do it. Believe it.




To Begin




They had won.

The war was over, and they had won.

Ear-splitting cheer was heard and raised hands can be seen as far as the eyes can see.

There were tears of joy, laughters, and chocked prayers all across the war field.

And there they stood, in the middle of the field, savouring the moment of victory, with Naruto shouting his trademark "Dattebayo!" to every passing shinobi who looked at their way, and the rest of Rookie 9 smiling fondly towards each other.

Sasuke stood there, the sight before him gave him so much feelings he can't possibly comprehend, too much for someone who used to live with hatred and revenge in his heart.

He swallowed the lump in his throat, almost suffocating from the intense pressure he was feeling, and he wished, no prayed- which is absurd, for he never prayed- for something, anything, to take this heavy lump away.

Please. Take it away.

He was on the verge of falling to his knees when warmth engulfed his left hand, the one unoccupied by the katana, the one which was shaking so hard.

Instantly, the unbearable burden was lifted, the lump in his throat gone, and his chest didn't feel so tight any more.

He knew whose hand was it, but he never expected it to be so, so warm.

Warm enough to melt the block of ice he had for a heart, and warm enough to replace the familiar coldness and emptiness that had long resided in his entire being.

Warm enough for him to tighten the hold on the warm hand of a warm girl, no, woman, with heart so big that his Tsukuyomi could never find the end of it.

And in that instant, he knew. He knew what this is.


It's a beginning.

.. thank you.