Title: SasuSaku Month 2013 [3] ; To See.

Summary: He tried, but he can't, oh he so can't, couldn't, wouldn't.

Disclaimer: I do not in a million years will ever own Naruto.

Prompt: Watching

Rating: T

Comments: Lol I've been trying to rummage through my mind to get finish this so that I can finally be on track, and yet I'm still behind. Sobs. And I had some trouble with determining this as T or M rated. But then I thought, hey, no smut!




To See





Sasuke thought as he balled his fists so hard he was sure it'll leave half-moon shaped marks on his palms.

is impossible.

He felt hot, all over, but the hairs at the back of his neck were standing as if he was cold. But he was feeling hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable.

How can anyone be so calm when a certain pink-haired woman twisted and turned in her tight-fitting red shirt, sweat-slicked skin gleaming under the sun, skirt riding up dangerously high (even with the equally tight shorts that clung like a second skin) to her mid-thigh, and that mouth, that soft, soft (and tempting) lips parted as short breaths came out of that godforsaken mouth as she panted from all the punching and kicking she was doing with Naruto.

He tried to tear his gaze away from the way her breasts bounced every now and then, or how smooth and silky her thighs looked whenever she jumped, or how delicious she looked when she's all stretched out with all her curves displayed in front of him, tantalizing, and inviting him to draw her into his arms and just ran his fingers (and mouth and tongue) all over her body until she's writhing and trashing and squirming underneath hi-


He gulped down but his mouth was dry, and the thirst he was having will not cease with water, but with that particular, girl-no, minx- who was so oblivious on what she had done to him.

What the hell are you thinking Sasuke? Look away. Look away damnit!

He tried, oh he so did, but his eyes were trained towards her, from her silky pink tresses to her plump lips down to her perfectly shaped mound, to her flat and toned stomach and that swaying hips that lulled him with every movement she made, to her long, long legs.

He didn't even realized that his Sharingan was switched on, and the view in front of him will forever be embedded to his mind, not that it already wasn't with all the staring he had done from the moment she stepped onto the training ground with that damned smile she always give him whenever their eyes met.

He was so lost in his train of thoughts on what he could, or would, do to his female teammate, when his former teacher decided that he had enough.


That made him stiffened, as he was not aware of this certain silver-haired man's presence beside him, all this time.

"Maybe a tad bit less intense no? Or she'll realized that you've been eyeing her and see what kind of thoughts you're having,"

Kakashi made a pointed look to the space in between Sasuke's legs before burying his nose into his orang book again.


And later both Naruto and Sakura wondered why and when did Sasuke flee from the training ground.