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Year 1993.

It was a Halloween night with little trick-or-treaters out, running around, laughing and having fun. Teenagers, speeding off in cars and hollering out their windows, announcing they were going to huge parties. The stars and crescent moon decorated the pitch-black, night sky above the people who were celebrating their lives.

But no one ever saw the man in the white mask and wearing his famous blue jumpsuit standing out; along with the big butcher knife. He watched as everybody ran by not noticing him at all.

Why though? How come nobody was seeing him?

They ran by his old Myers' home. He was standing out in the open! Now a little irritated, his fist, which held his weapon, slightly trembled. However...that painful, terrible rage never came. Michael actually felt he could control himself for the first time in years.

The rage was gone. He was glad-happy. Finally. Michael Myers wanted it to disappear the second he went under the curse of thorn against his will. So now, he felt he didn't need the sharp object that has forcefully been by his side since 1963. And yes, he felt remorse for everything he has done. Regret and sorrow. The curse took his voice away for good, so he couldn't say what was REALLY going on. 'Like anyone would give me a chance though.' Michael thought. 'But what the hell's going on?...'

He tilted his head to the side as a little girl ran up to his porch steps and placed a pumpkin down. It had a huge smile on its face with squinted eyes. The candle inside lit it up, casting an eerie glow against the house's dark form. Michael watched her run off past him. Laughing and back with her friends as they took off down the road. It was actually quite loud on the once deserted street. This is the first time Michael has seen Haddonfield extremely busy and full of life on Halloween.

He gazed at his scarred hand 'I look OK.' Michael thought to himself, as he looked like a solid form to him.

Next, he heard a small group of young voices from behind his home. Michael whipped around to see five teenagers sneaking towards the back door looking for mischief. Blinking, Michael came to the instinct that he felt he needed to defend his house.

So he stormed after them.

And when he was up at them, Michael swung his knife out in front of everyone as a warning...but got no reaction.

They just...kept going.

Again, now even more confused as ever, Michael tilted his head. His breathing became more heavy. This was actually kind of...scaring him.

Michael stared at his knife until finally, he got what he wanted.

"Uh...guys? Do you hear that?" one girl asked, which made her little posse stop and had Michael looking back at her. "What?" a guy stated. "I don't know that...that breathing..." the teen girl replied, trailing her eyes around the spooky-looking backyard.

Her and Michael were standing right in front of each other; only mere feet away, and yet for some very strange reason, she didn't see him. It was as if this kid was seeing right through Michael.

"Kristin, there's nobody here." another girl said. 'What the fuck?' Michael quietly questioned in his mind.

"I hope not." Kristin muttered, before a different boy walked past her and through Michael. His eyes went wide as he watched the action and spun around at the teenager. The younger man scanned the area before turning back to his friends and shrugged with a friendly smile. "There's nothing" he chuckled "we'll be fine I promise."

With that he strolled back to his buddies "though I did feel a cold spot." he added as they all vanished into the house, and leaving a still wide-eyed Mike in their place.

Quickly, Michael walked back out to the front and out onto the sidewalk. Where a few more people went right through him. Terrified, his pupils dilated, his breath quickened and so he raised his knife to slash at something even though he knew it would only past through until he heard one very familiar voice which made him stop short.

"That's not worth doing."

Michael slowly looked up to see Freddy Krueger leaned back on a large tree branch; staring back down at him. Michael straightened himself with his eyes still locked on the nightmare king and it got Freddy laughing."You seriously don't remember what happened?"

After a few moments, Michael shook his head no.

Freddy frowned "are you fucking with me?"

Another shake of his head.

Krueger sighed as Michael walked over to him. "We're dead Myers! Actually gone for good this Goddamn time. All we are now are fucking ghosts."

He felt his body go numb. 'So this what being dead is like?'

Freddy could see in Micheal's now narrowed eyes he demanded an explanation. So he snickered.

"The three of us never got along when those fucks had us in prison. You, me and Jason. Although, the two of us never ran into you or you coming across us when we were alive before then. Anyway, they kept us in separate cells chained up and shit until our fucking time came. In order to have us do what the damn police wanted, they injected us with tranquilizer. Now that was strong shit. Once we were all drowsy and stuff, they let us out only to lead us to our demise. We saw the sky one last time after going through a clear glass hallway, and then to the chair. It was like the room was private ya know? They sat each of us in it and electrocuted us to death. After that shit, they transported our bodies to the ocean, took 'em out quite a ways and threw them over board into chum infested, bloody waters. Where they were torn apart and eaten by sharks. Mmm...why can't you remember? Probably from the shock. But damn hell, here we are now." Freddy ended with a chuckle.

Michael couldn't believe what he had just heard. It wasn't fair they never gave him a chance! Angry at the way Freddy had told him like he didn't give a rat's ass, he marched over to the tree, knocked Freddy out of it and shoved him to the ground. "Ah! What the fuck it wasn't my fault fool! get to them if it pisses you off!" the razor handed, much older man protested, as Michael once again raised his knife.

But then, a larger form manifested behind and grabbed him. Michael turned around to end up staring Jason Voorhees right in the eyes. The other older man lowered the butcher for him as Freddy again spoke. "I know we were enemies before, the two of us. But we made a truce so now we're friends. The incident I just told ya about? Well that happened about one or two years ago. Why the fuck haven't you noticed before? No one can see us now. Well, they probably could but our best bet is from those special peeps called 'psychic mediums.' ones who can see, feel and talk to ghosts."

Michael walked away a short distance holding and shaking his head. He stopped with his back to them. Shaken, worried and even more afraid. He's never going to be seen again?...

"We're sticking together now. Just saying that if you wanna tag along. But it's not in that any fucking way oh dear God!" Freddy shouted, holding his hands up and squeezing his eyes shut against an unknown threat. Jason half-closed his eyes and slapped him in the back of his head which caused Freddy to let out a small girlish squeal escape his throat. "Well, at least we're the good sides of ourselves. I don't know where our bad sides went. But I really don't give a fuck." he stated, slouching his shoulders carelessly.

Michael slowly looked over his shoulder at the two much older guys. He then looked up at the sky.

"Hm. Maybe we will find those special ghost people one day who the fuck knows." Freddy suggested as Jason nodded his head in agreement.

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