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Sonja Potter

Chapter 1

Arriving at Camp Half-Blood

Summer 1986

A six year old Sonja Potter was pulling the weeds in her Aunt Petunias garden. She was a tiny thin girl, underfed but she was also more than meets the eye. She is an orphan living with her mother's sister Petunia and her husband and son Vernon and Dudley. This wouldn't be too bad except her tormentors as she calls them hate her. They call her a freak, she doesn't know why. They force her to work all the chores and sleep in a cupboard under their staircase, after cooking and being allowed to eat very little. She had placed here six years ago and for as long as she could remember she has hated it. Little did she now she was about to have some divine intervention.

Mount Olympus1986

"Lord Zeus, father I have received a vision about the girl."

"Apollo what is it? Is the girl in danger"

The other Olympians were listening in at this.

"Father she is very powerful, monsters are converging on her location as we speak. To top that the mortals she's staying with are abusive and pose just as much a danger to her as the monsters. That girl must not die, she is the only hope we have against the snake-men." Apollo said with urgency.

Zeus thought it over for a few minutes before he addressed the pantheon, "Hera I would like you to represent Sonja if you would," Hera agreed, for she always wanted a mortal champion to claim without committing adultery and this was her opportunity. Zeus continued, "Hecate I want you to contact your son Albus, since Sonja's mother was your daughter he can make a port key to send her here to New York," Zeus turned to Chiron the Centaur for his instructions, "Chiron I want you to send Argus and the Satyr Gleeson Hedge to escort her to camp Half-Blood dismissed." Zeus was pensive; he knew this girl had a difficult future ahead of her. He hopes she can withstand all the trials that lay ahead of her.

Hogwarts Headmasters Office

Albus was having a boring day today. He was stuck with piles of paper work without an end in sight. However he did have one thing to look forward too, he was going to check on his niece Sonja Potter at his half sisters house, The reason he couldn't raise her was because they were both powerful enough that monsters would be constantly drawn to them if they were even in the same building. Before he could finish his paperwork a flash appeared in his office.

"Mother, what brings you here?"

Hecate looked at him with a grave face.

"Albus you must go to Sonja's house now she is in grave danger."

"What kind of danger, has she been found?"

"Yes, Apollo has told us monsters are closing in on her location as we speak, not to mention the Dursley's are treating her like a slave. Albus you must get to her and port key her to Central Park. We'll have Argus and a Satyr waiting." Without wasting time Albus rushed to his floo and headed to the Leaky Cauldron.

Number Four Privet Drive

As Sonja was working She saw her Uncle Vernon return early from work and he look pissed.

"Freak get in the house NOW!"

Sonja knew not to argue so she quickly ran in the house with her uncle following her. Once inside He started Yelling.

"I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DID IT, BUT I KNOW YOUR FREAKISHNESS JUST GOT ME FIRED!" As he was yelling he removed his belt and began to whip her with it. Sonja was used to this so she didn't scream. After the fat whale tired out he left her on the back porch to suffer.

"I didn't do anything wrong." She said in a small voice.

'Get out of there, child." Sonja thought she was hearing things now.

'Hurry, run while you can someone will meet you. Go now.' Not wanting to disappoint, the injured girl managed to stand up and limp out to the front yard. In the front yard she stood looking for her savior. She was beginning to believe she was going crazy when out of thin air an old man appeared. He rushed over to her and inspected her condition.

"Are you Sonja Potter little lady?" Not having enough strength to speak she nodded her head.

"My dear I am so sorry I didn't check on you sooner. I'll explain more soon, but for now we must be going." Without any pause Albus scooped up Sonja in his arms and port keyed away. A few minutes after they escaped a cloaked figure entered the house.

"What is the meaning of this?" Vernon bellowed at the mysterious intruder. The intruder removed his cloak and hood. The Dursleys were speechless at what they saw. For standing before them was a cross between an snake and a man. He was broads shouldered and stood at his full height of 6'5".

"I am General Rattlor. I am here for the Cimmerian girl. Where is she?" The Dursleys had no clue as to what he was talking about.

"I know you are hiding her you have 5 minutes to tell me or I will force you to revile her location." Five minutes later all anyone could hear was screaming then silence. Surveying the blood covered room the general put his cloak and hood on and left the house. Rattlor got to the end of the road where he met up with another cloaked figure.

"They knew nothing we must have just missed her. Let's get back to base. The two got in a van and left as the police arrived.

Central Park, New York City

Dumbledore and Sonja landed in Central Park where a satyr and a tall man were waiting.

"Argus Gleeson do one of you have any ambrosia or nectar we have a medical emergency?"

"Baaaa, what happened?" Gleeson bleated asking Albus.

"I don't know the full details but I fear her relatives did this. She staggered into the front yard when I found her. Good the ambrosia is working. I have to head back to England you two need to get her to camp ASAP. She is very powerful and monsters will be drawn to her like moths to a light." They noticed Sonja waking up. "Sonja my name is Albus Dumbledore. I brought you here to New York City in the United States. These two are Argus and the satyr is named Gleeson Hedge, they're going to take you to a safe place where you can live and learn without being in danger. I have to go back to England but I will be seeing you in a few weeks." Sonja smiled and was shocked as the Albus vanished.

"Well kid, let's get going." The three walked out of the park and they entered a van. The drive was peaceful so Sonja decided to take a nap.


Sonja was rudely awakened when the van was capsized. She awoke with a start.

"What's happening?"

Argus was trying to dislodge the sliding door while Gleeson was freeing Sonja from the seatbelt.

"We're almost to camp, but now we're under attack. We have to move now."

The three managed to exit the van as a huge boulder landed on it and crushed it. The three looked behind them and found a laistrygonian giant standing there. He was eight feet tall but to Sonja he seemed even taller. He wore leather armor, had sharp pointed teeth, tattooed arms and looked like he was hungry. Argus had a spear and Gleeson had a sword and they went on the offensive and attacked the giant. Sonja was petrified. She watched in horror as her two escorts were losing. Without warning she herd the voice from earlier.

~Run to camp. Leave them here.~ Satyr Hedge was thrown at her feet.

"RRRun kid." She couldn't run the little six year old saw Argus on the ground about to be crushed. She herd the voice again.

~Make a choice little one. Be a victim or a hero.~ She chose. She picked up the satyrs sword and with a war scream she ran at the giant and stabbed it in the knee. He cried out in pain and fell to his knees he swung his club sending Sonja into a tree. Wincing in pain she got up and ran at the kneeling giant and started to stab and slash at him. Argus and Gleeson watched on in morbid fascination as this little injured six year old was brutally slaying an eight foot giant. Finally the giant succumbed to his injuries and passed out on the ground, seeing this all Sonja saw was an image of her uncle she raised her sword and proceeded hack at the giants nick until his head was completely severed. Its body turned to gold dust while Sonja passed out.

"Argus I think we should get her to camp before anything else shows up." Dumfounded all Argus could do was pick her up and carry her to camp.

"Gleeson, what happened?"

"Chiron I'll tell the tale after we get Sonja to the infirmary." Gleeson looked at Sonja, "From the looks of it we should call you Red Sonja."