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Fighting this spirit was like aiming a target with your eyes closed. Then again, every encounter with a spirit that was after Watanuki seemed that way. But this particular spirit seemed even more stubborn than the others they've tried to fight off.

He could see Watanuki flailing his arms around as well as trying to shield himself from whatever dark creature was trying to attack him. Usually Doumeki would get a sense of where the spirit was and would shoot without missing. Or, Watanuki would guide him to where it was and Doumeki would shoot his arrow without fail. This time however, it seemed harder than the past encounters.

The spirit flipped and spun around the helpless teenager as Doumeki tried his best to aim his bow to where he predicted this pest of a spirit was.

"D-Doumeki! What the hell, why are you just standing there!?"

"Shut up."

He let go of the bow's string and felt the energy of his arrow bolt right through the air. But it seemed to have missed. Watanuki was still trying to get away from this invisible annoyance.

Getting frustrated, Doumeki ran towards him and shoved him out of the spot of where he had been flailing about and held his bow at the ready for another shot at this spirit. Why was this particular one harder to take down? Besides it being so strong, there has to be more than just strength to this spirit. It must be after something, other than Watanuki's supposedly irresistible presence.

Watanuki fell to the floor when Doumeki pushed him away, but instead of yelling out and calling him an idiot, he screamed out in terror.

This spirit was no ordinary spirit, and Watanuki was very sure that this one was as malicious as a demon.

"Doumeki!" Watanuki screamed.

Doumeki didn't look back and fired his arrow towards where he thought the spirit was, but he missed again. The spirit was circling him, cackling and growling that only Watanuki can hear. Doumeki fired again. Missed. How can he keep missing when the spirit was circling around him?

Perhaps…his pure aura that wards off spirits was useless against this one spirit. Completely useless, that is.

Doumeki could feel himself grow weary and shivering slightly at this realization but he wasn't going to let this spirit hurt Watanuki. He never failed in protecting him, and he wasn't going to fail this time.

Before he could let go of his arrow to aim another attack on this spirit, he suddenly went numb and his body froze for a mere second. His ears had gone deaf and his sight was blurry. And then, the pain had finally registered. He was attacked.

His right side burning and stinging in pain. He could feel a slight wetness. Blood? Most likely…

He could hear someone's voice, calling him, no, screaming for him…



Doumeki looked over to his side and saw his friend standing there with the face of horror written all over him. He no longer felt the pain in his side but he felt the pain of seeing his friend so sad. He could've sworn he saw tears in his eyes behind those glasses.


He let go of his last attack and this time it had finally struck the spirit, but only weakening it. The spirit had given up but it was not gone forever. It started to fade and disperse from Watanuki's vision but that wasn't his main concern now.

The sound of a lifeless body collapsing to the cement ground made Watanuki's insides twist as he watched the archer fall to the ground, too shocked to move for a second. When his mind had finally snapped back into life, he ran towards the archer screaming,

"Doumeki! Doumeki! Doumeki!"

Hands shaking, he lifted the dying archer's body up and against his chest, observing his wounds as tears started to sting his eyes.

"No…no-no-no! Hang on, Doumeki! You are NOT gonna die on me right now! You're gonna live, just hang on!"

His voice cracking and his hands shaking tremendously. What could he do? Here he was standing in the middle of a cold cement walkway, his friend dying in his arms…

"Wait, Yuko! She can help, she has to! C'mon, we'll go to her and she can somehow get you healed up! C'mon Doumeki, don't do this to me! Don't you fucking dare do this to me!"

The fear and struggle to stay sane when someone who had protected him no matter what was now losing his life by each passing breath.


"Shut up! Don't talk, you gotta save your energy…I gotta somehow get you to Yuko! Just please…hang on Doumeki. You're not leaving me!"

"Watanuki…you moron…"

"Huh?! You-"

"There's no use…to take me to that place, but a-at least you're safe. And that's all that matters…"

"No, you're the moron here!" Watanuki screamed. "You…you got hurt, protecting me. Why? Why would do such a stupid thing?!"

Doumeki sighed softly. "Why? You idiot…"


"Because I love you."

Watanuki inhaled sharply. His eyes widening and his shaking halted.


"D-Doumeki…you-" Tears flowing down, a faint blush dusted on his cheeks.

Doumeki's body suddenly went limp and heavy in Watanuki's arms. His breath non-existent and his eyes closed until his last breath escaped his pale lips.

"Doumeki…wait no-no-no-no! Doumeki, wake up! Doumeki, please wake up!"

Watanuki held the archer's cold body close to him, as if holding onto him as tight as possible would bring him back.

"DOUMEKI!" He screamed out into the night air.

Watanuki's eyes flew open. He struggled to lift his body but forced all his strength to lift the archer on his back.

"Yuko…I have to go to Yuko. I have to save him, I have to! Hang on Doumeki, I'm gonna get help, don't even think about leaving me yet!"

'Because I haven't told you…that I…'

Dragging Doumeki's body and powerwalking as fast as he possibly can towards the shop, he could feel his faith in saving the archer's life draining slowly, but his confidence boosted as he saw the entrance of the shop only a few steps away. He ran as fast as he could while holding a heavy body onto his back.

Bursting through the gates and through the sliding doors of where Yuko most likely was -the lounge room on the sofa.

"Yuko! Yuko, please help! Doumeki-"

"Saved you."

"Yes, I know, but please, you have to save him! Please, do anything, I'll pay the price!"

"You already know that saying those words could-"

"I KNOW, I KNOW! Please Yuko…do something! SAVE HIM!"

Yuko looked into Watanuki's eyes carefully, studying his face and watching. She could see the desperation in him the second Watanuki came crashing into the shop. He needed, he wanted Doumeki alive…and not only for the reason that he wards off spirits.

"There maybe…a way to save him."

To be continued…