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Lunch at school was quiet. Ever since Himawari heard that Doumeki was sick and wasn't attending school, she noticed a drastic change in Watanuki's facial expressions. When she found him waiting for her at their usual lunch spot, he was staring at the wrapped up bento box with a distant and sad look on his face. It was as if something was missing, something so important to him.

'They really are good friends, no matter what Watanuki says.' Himawari thought.

They munched on the beautifully arranged bento but not many words were exchanged. Himawari grew worried as the sad look Watanuki wore was cemented on his face. Unchanging and heart breaking.

"You miss him, don't you?" she asked, expecting Watanuki to flail and freak out like he would usually do. But she was not expecting him to blush and stiffen up. Well, he didn't seem angry, but more embarrassed.

"U-Uh...w-well…" his mouth was unable to move properly. Why did the mention of the archer make him stutter? He seriously was not that pathetic right?

"It's okay. We usually all eat together or it's just you and Doumeki. I can understand that you miss him." Himawari nibbled on a piece of beef before continuing.

"I hope he gets better soon. We wouldn't want you feeling sad every time we have lunch."

Watanuki sighed deeply and slowly. "I'm sorry, Himawari. It wasn't my intention to make our lunch time so depressing. But…"

Himawari only smiled understandingly. "There's no need to for apologies, really Watanuki. I think it's rather cute you worry so much over Doumeki." That smile she usually flashed when she spoke about the two was clear to Watanuki and the flailing limbs and strange movements were back.

"H-HIMAWARI..! it's n-not c-c-cute!" His arms flapping around was supposedly his way of protesting but Himawari didn't buy it. It was cute to see her two friends care for each other so much. It was so good to see Watanuki act like himself again.

"You're so full of energy, Watanuki!" She giggled.

Another day passed by for Doumeki as he continued to lie in his bed. Even with his blank face, anyone could tell that he was really getting sick and tired of wasting his time recovering. School work had to be done, archery practice was missed every single afternoon, his chores had to be done and keeping Watanuki out of trouble was impossible to accomplish in his state. Mentally growling, he could hear Maru and Moro running towards his bedroom door. The twins and Mokona bursted through the doors with gleeful faces.

"Doumeki, Doumeki!" Maru and Moro chanted as Mokona hopped onto the bed and next to Doumeki's head.

"We thought you'd be bored sitting here all alone so we decided to entertain you a bit!" Mokona said as he hopped up and down, almost giving poor Doumeki a headache.

"Entertainment! Entertainment!" The twins chanted.

"Now, watch and observe...the MOKONA BALL!" Mokona yelled excitedly and curled into a little black ball. The twins started playing catch with Mokona, watching the furry meatbun bounce off the walls. They knew that Doumeki couldn't really participate in any activities or games so some mild entertainment equivalent to watching TV was their best way to go.

Although watching Mokona bouncing around the walls like a rubber ball and the twins laughing at him was quite entertaining, watching the black ball of fur bouncing from one place to another was making his eyes hurt. So he decided to close his eyes and listen to the sounds of the easily amused giggling twins.

It was all peaceful until he felt something hit him hard in the face, and it hurt. He heard the twins gasp. Apparently Maru threw Mokona hard against the far wall that Mokona bounced towards Doumeki, resulting in almost bruising the archer.

Wincing, Doumeki lifted the cause of his now painful nose off his face with his only moving arm. Maru and Moro rushed to either side of the archer, checking for any injuries.

"We're sorry, Doumeki!" They apologized in unison.

"Maru and Moro just wanted to play!"

'It's not like I'm bleeding or anything, still, they're just trying to help me...'

Still not able to speak, he patted Maru's head as his way to say "It's okay"...but when he went to pat Moro's head, he was using his left hand. BOTH of his arms can now move! Surprised and a little relieved, he lifted both his arms, staring at his now moving arms.

But that wasn't all, he felt a warm sensation run up and down his back, at first thinking it was the pipe fox coming to play as well. But as if by instinct, he started to slowly move up and forward from the bed he had been lying in for what seems like forever...until he was finally sitting up.

The entire upper half of his body could move.

'That was quick...I assumed that I wasn't going to be able to even sit up for another month or something…'

Ignoring the jolly cheers of Mokona, Maru and Moro when they could see Doumeki moving again, he started to softly pinch and touch parts of his arm and his back. He could feel everything now. Still baffled that a 'Mokona-to-the-face' had somehow resulted in his accomplishment to move again. He smiled, relieved that he was finally getting better.

That moment, Watanuki arrived at the shop.

"I'm back!" He yelled from the front door.

The twins excitedly ran to the front door to greet the teenager like they always do.

"Watanuki's here! Watanuki's here!"

While Watanuki made his way into the main room where Yuko had seated herself comfortably on the extravagant couch, he saw a rather amused look on the witch's face.

"Ah Watanuki, you're back. I'd like a refill of sake!" She happily and demandingly shook her now empty sake bottle in front of Watanuki's face.

"Geez, I should've known! Really, you should learn how to pace yourself Yuko!" Watanuki ranted as he grabbed the empty sake bottle, but before he could go refill,

"The last bottle in the kitchen is already gone. You can fetch a new bottle in the warehouse!" She said, clasping her hands together and smiling brightly.

Watanuki only growled, clearly annoyed as the sake bottle in his hand was now shaking.

"Arrrgh, fine!"

"Sake! Sake!" Mokona suddenly hopped out of nowhere again and landing on top of the blue-eyed boy's head.

"Yeah you keep saying that furball, because you're not getting any!"

"Watanuki is mean! Mean I say!" Mokona hopped up and down his head, irritating him further.

On his way to the warehouse, he walked pass Doumeki's room, expecting him to be asleep. Oh how he was wrong, as he now saw Doumeki, the once immobile archer finally sitting up by himself, both arms on his lap and one of his arms rubbing his neck, testing their movement.

Too happy to yell, flail or jump for joy, he simply smiled.


At the sound of his voice, the archer looked up from the doorway, only to see Watanuki wearing a stupid happy smile.

Placing the sake bottle at the doorway, he ran towards Doumeki and sat by him. Examining his arms and anywhere else that previously couldn't move. Looking into Doumeki's face, that dumb smile was back on his face.

"I'm glad that you're making progress. Really...I am."

It seemed that Watanuki was also beginning to seem like himself. Well, besides the increase of smiles he'd been giving Doumeki which was still pretty foreign to him. But in the beginning, he was much more overprotective, overly emotional and worried more than he should've. It began to almost suffocate Doumeki but at the same time, it was nice to have someone watch over him. And now, Watanuki's need to smother him with TLC had calmed down.

Doumeki took hold of Watanuki's hand, squeezing gently before he was pulled into a gentle embrace. He could feel it in him, life slowly oozing its way back into his veins. An unnatural yet content smile was straining on his mouth but he felt he needed to so he can assure Watanuki that everything will be alright from here on out.

Well, that's what they thought.

Just at the fence of the shop, there lurked a dark shadow, surrounding itself with black smoke, waiting for the right moment to strike. Waiting until its once damaged victim was ready. Unknowing and vulnerable.

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