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Chapter 1

Alice stared off into space a vision playing in her head. She saw him...finally her mate. He was more handsome than she had ever imagined. He was in this town, she would meet him tomorrow. She thanked god for the decision to stay here an extra day. That decision sparked the vision.

She saw them meeting, marrying, loving forever. Alice clapped her hands and bounced on her toes in excitement. She searched farther in her visions. Visions this far in the future were not certain but still she was able to see him. She smiled in pure joy, the happiness between them was glorious.

Alice couldn't wait she began to make different decisions. Now that she knew he lived in this town perhaps she could find where he lived and meet him early. They could start their forever now! She made decisions to go to a variety of places in the town. Finally she found him...In a dance hall. He was wearing a uniform and he danced so well. Alice sighed in pure happiness as she ran to her suitcase. She had just the dress!

She made her way to the dance hall and entered with confidence. She looked around till she found him. He was dancing with a pretty blonde. Alice smiled, she would change that. She walked by them purposely bumping into him and pretending to fall. He, of course, caught her. Their eyes met in a moment of perfection.

He held her hand and Alice let him. "Hello." She said with a slight giggle.

The man blushed and released her hand. The blonde he had been dancing with left in a huff and Alice giggled again. Alice folded her hands in front of her and looked down breaking their eye contact. She hated to do it but she was hoping he would speak once she was no longer dazzling him.

"My name's Johnathon, I'm pleased to meet you." He said holding out his hand.

Alice put her hand in his and the visions assaulted her. Visions of love and happiness. "Alice." She breathed.

He didn't let go of her hand when she told him her name. "Would you like to ummm dance?" He asked shyly.

Alice giggled again and nodded. They spent the night dancing and talking. Everything about him fascinated her. He was brave and strong, compassionate and kind. She saw him becoming a vampire and protecting her.

He walked her home and kissed her at the door. Alice revelled in the kiss, innocent yet passionate, everything she could wish for. She told him goodnight with regret, but they made plans to meet tomorrow for lunch. She contented herself to watch her visions as she waited out the long night.

Morning came and soon it was time for her date. The day was gloomy and raining, but it didn't dampen her spirits. She dressed herself up and grabbed an umbrella. She hummed to herself as she made her way to the diner. Johnathon said it was the best place to eat in town. She would have to fake eating but just being with him was worth it.

She ran through the rain, not minding her shoes getting soaked. She entered the diner and glanced around looking for him. He wasn't there yet. She was a little disappointed till she looked at the clock and realised she was early. She giggled to herself and went to sit at the counter.

She ordered a coffee and began to search her visions. She picked out all the proper things to say and do to win him. Not that she would have to work hard he was her mate after all.

Alice clapped her hands as she saw Johnathon make a last minute decision. He had seen a bracelet in a window and on the spur of the moment went in to buy it. The bracelet was perfect! Alice looked at her wrist and imagined it there.

When Johnathon came out of the store he passed an alley and something caught his attention. He walked up to a blonde haired man who sat on the ground clutching his stomach in seeming pain. He laid a hand on the man's shoulder and asked if he was alright. Alice's mouth formed a silent no, her hands clenched. She stifled a scream as the blonde grabbed her mate and slammed him against the alley wall. The blonde snapped her Johnathon's neck and began to drink his blood.

Alice searched her visions but knew it was too late to save her Johnathon. Anger overwhelmed her. He was gone her mate gone before they had a chance. She clenched her fists. She would get revenge, the blonde vampire would pay!

She began to search her visions of the blonde. He was an empath and a very powerful vampire. She wouldn't be able to kill him outright. She growled in frustration as she saw a vision of him entering the diner and them meeting. She needed time to find a way to make him pay! She searched and found what he wanted most and a way to give it to him. She found no clear way to kill him. Every scenario only led to her death and him going on without paying for his crime.

Alice made her decision, just as he entered the diner. His eyes landed on her and she filled her emotions with happiness and hope. "You kept me waiting." She said in a bright voice.

"I'm sorry ma'am." He said and walked to her.

Alice played with the bracelet on her wrist as she watched Edward pace.

"Are you sure this will work Alice?" He asked.

"Yes Edward, we have planned for fifty years. I found Damien and he is willing to help us. Just play your part and we will be together." Alice told him as she walked to him. She put her arms around his waist and kept her thoughts on Edward and the plan.

"I don't know Alice. What if he figures it out? Why can't we just kill him? He trusts us we could easily trick him." Edward asked.

"I have been over every scenario. You helped me. This is the only way. Anytime I see a chance to kill him I see either Peter coming and stopping us or Jasper killing us. We aren't strong enough to kill him. The best we can hope for is wiping his memories." Alice said.

"Why does Bella need to think he is dead?" Edward said. For a moment Alice became exasperated. He saw her visions he knew the answers.

Edward peeled himself out of her arms. "Yes I have seen them. It's just hard to believe she will care if he is missing."

"She will feel guilty and want to find him. Every scenario shows her finding Peter and Charlotte and eventually finding him. Then together they kill us. If she thinks he is dead she disappears from my visions. That can only mean she dies." Alice told him.

"Why can't I just drain her?" Edward asked petulantly.

"Oh I don't know...Maybe because Emmett, the dogs, Carlisle and Esme would kill you!" Alice said sarcastically. He was wearing on her nerves, she took a deep breath and walked up to him. She took his face in her hands and turned him to look at her.

"We've waited fifty years. We have only a few more weeks to wait, then we will be together for eternity my mate." She said and kissed him.

Edward leaned into the kiss and began to move his hands under her shirt. Alice backed away as a vision of Jasper coming back from his trip with Emmett filled her mind. Edward sighed but nodded. He pulled away from her.

"Just remember he has great control you need to throw all your blood lust at him, just like we practiced." Alice told him. She grinned as she thought of all the times Edward had pushed his blood lust on him causing him to slip. She loved his guilt and pain.

"I will." He said giving her one last longing look and walking out the door.

Alice ran out of the house, she needed some time to get away from the lies. For fifty years now she had lived a life of deception. Deceiving an empath and a mind reader was not easy. Soon it would be over though. Jasper would live his eternity in pain and Alice would watch from a safe distance. Damien was going to take all his memories except one. Jasper would believe he had killed Bella at this little party. He would live forever with that guilt and Alice would watch it all with glee.

She would ditch Edward as soon as this was over. Living another moment with that idiot than she had to would be torture. He would go on with mommy and daddy Cullen. They would comfort him. Alice snorted at the thought.

Jasper was arriving home with the glass dishes and Emmett was carrying the cake. Alice clapped her hands with glee and took off towards the house.

Alice watched as Edward drove a wounded Bella home. Carlisle held Esme as she sobbed in his shoulder. She hid a smile and began to pretend a vision. As expected Carlisle's head popped up and he watched her intently.

Alice "came out of it" and looked at him in fear. "It's Jasper he's going to attack her again...He's gotten a taste of her blood..." Alice began to sob and Carlisle took her in his arms.

She pretended to search her visions. She turned to Carlisle. "I know a way...There's a vampire I know with a gift. He can wipe memory. Jasper won't fight us if we tell him he killed Bella. He will be so torn with guilt that he will want his memory erased. His beast will be appeased and Bella can live a normal human life."

Esme walked up to them and put her hand on Alice's shoulder. "What about Rose will she allow us to wipe Jasper's memories? You know how close she is to him and she doesn't like Bella." Esme asked.

Alice had to fight a grin. She pretended to search her visions. "We have to make Rose believe we have killed him...Emmett will go along with killing him to protect Bella but Rose won't. We can get Emmett to take Rose away while we have Jasper's memory wiped. We will have to stay away from Jasper for a while..."

"Rose won't accept that she loves Jasper. We can't do that!" Esme exclaimed.

"If we don't she will find Jasper and then his memories will be triggered and he will hunt Bella down and kill her." Alice told her. It was partly true. If Rose and Bella didn't believe Jasper was dead they would find him and trigger his memories, but Jasper wouldn't kill Bella he would kill Alice.

"But Alice he's your mate." Esme said in sympathy.

Alice put her head down and Carlisle pulled her close as she pretended to sob. "I just want to do the right thing. Bella is my best friend I can't let her die." She choked out.

"Perhaps in fifty years we can find Jasper again and you can reunite with him." Carlisle said as he rubbed her back. Alice nearly snorted at that. She didn't want to spend another moment pretending to love that bastard. Her only satisfaction in the fifty years they had been married was torturing the man with her clothes obsession. She loved to dress him in outfits he hated and force him into hours of shopping. She hid a grin in Carlisle's chest.

"Call your friend Alice." Carlisle said.

Alice pulled out her phone and dialed the number. She had a short conversation with Damien before hanging up.

"He'll be here shortly after Edward." Alice told them.

Esme looked at Carlisle with doubt in her eyes. Alice couldn't have that. "Esme..." she sobbed and walked into her arms. Esme hugged her and patted her back.

Alice schooled her emotions before exiting the house. She thought of her Johnathon lying dead in that alley, his blood drained from his body. Her pain was not faked. Jasper looked up at her with guilt in his eyes.

"You killed her..." Alice whispered.

Jasper lowered his head and his shoulders shook. Emmett who stood beside him looked at Alice in shock and anger. "What?" He asked disbelieving.

"B..Bella is dead..." Carlisle said. He didn't sound convincing to Alice but it seemed to work. Emmett roared with rage and pulled Jasper's hair, making him look up. Jasper didn't fight him. Emmett hesitated...Even though Alice knew he would she had hoped maybe he would kill him...a spur of the moment decision. Rose grabbed his arm though stopping him. Oh well death would have been easy, a long life of the pain she had felt would be more just.

"No Em...Please..." Rose begged. Alice could see the war going on inside Emmett his rage at his sister supposedly being dead and his mate begging him not to hurt the culprit.

'Now Edward!' Alice thought loudly.

"Em...take her away..." Edward choked out.

'Perfect.' Alice thought.

Emmett nodded and picked up Rose. She fought him but she was no match for Emmett's brute strength. When they were finally out of range, Alice called Damien again. He showed up quickly.

He did his work quickly then picked up a compliant Jasper. "Take him some place far away where nothing can trigger his memory." Alice ordered him. Damien nodded and took off.

Esme sobbed into Carlisle's shoulder, they both looked at Alice with concern. Edward approached her and she grabbed him tight, burying her face in his chest and hiding her smile.

Finally after all these years her revenge was complete. All her visions showed a broken Jasper barely living, spending his time in the arctic wilds and only hunting when the hunger became unbearable.

Rose paced the floor. They were in a hotel. It had been a month since her family had killed her brother. She couldn't live with them...not anymore. The only reason she stayed with Emmett was because he was her mate.

She looked over at Emmett. He sat on the bed staring at the ceiling. She couldn't dredge up the love she felt for him. All she felt was anger, at that moment she hated him. Rose walked to the door. He sat up on the bed before she opened it.

"Please Rose..." He called. For a moment her heart stirred but then the image of her broken brother appeared in her mind and she opened the door running out into the night.

Emmett didn't follow her. Rose ran, keeping to the shadows. Her phone rang, she recognized Alice's ring tone. She almost didn't answer it but her heart hurt so much she longed to talk to someone who might understand. Alice was Jasper's mate surely she understood.

"Hello." She answered. It took a minute for Alice to reply. She could hear her sobs through the phone.

"I just found out Rose...Bella is a live...My Jasper gone..." Alice choked out.

Rose crushed the phone. Bella was alive? The unfairness of it hit her hard. Her twin was gone because he supposedly had killed that bitch. Her rage consumed her. She began to run to Forks.

She ran without stopping, keeping away from populations to allow her to run during daylight hours. She arrived in Forks within two days. She cased Bella's house. The wolves had been there but they weren't now. She watched as Bella moved like a zombie. Maybe this pain was enough...No she deserved to know she was the cause of her brother's death. Rose wanted to watch her eyes when she told her. If that bitch wasn't sorry... Rose shook her head. She didn't know what she would do.

She waited for Charlie to turn out the lights. When all was silent she made her way to Bella's window. The stupid girl still left it open. She crawled in her room silently and made her way to Bella's bed. She looked down at the girl who was tossing and turning restlessly. She was murmuring about Edward, asking him not to leave her. Rose sneered, Bella was still stupid. If Edward was truly her mate he wouldn't have abandoned her.

She leaned down and shook Bella gently. "Bella I have something to talk to you about."

Bella sat up in surprise. "Rose?" she asked in confusion.

Rose put her fingers to her lips and motioned for Bella to follow her. Bella grabbed her robe and followed her out of the house. Rose lead her away from the house, before turning to her.

She looked her over, Bella had lost weight. "What is it Rose? Is Edward okay?" She asked. Rose had begun to pity the girl but that question inflamed her.

"Oh Edward is just fine!" She spat out angrily. "The whole family is fine all except Jasper!"

Bella became still and her face showed confusion. "What..."

"They killed him Bella! They killed him for supposedly killing you. Obviously you're not dead. Why is that? Did you plan this with Edward?" Rose said angrily.

Bella stood in front of her in shock shaking her head back and forth in denial. "Why..." Rose sobbed ashamed that her righteous anger was turning into weak hurt.

"I..I don't understand. Carlisle patched me up and Edward drove me home. I told Edward to tell Jasper that it was okay, that I understood and didn't blame him." Bella looked Rose in the eye. Rose believed her.

"Edward left me in the woods saying he didn't want me. I don't understand why he would kill Jasper when he told me I was just a distraction to him..." Bella was saying before a wolf suddenly charged out of the woods.

Rose moved quickly to avoid jaws aimed at her neck. "Stop it!" Bella screamed. To Rose's surprise the wolf stopped. She stayed in a defensive position still frightened.

"Tell me everything that happened." Bella said her back straightening and a look of anger entering her eyes.

Rose looked warily at the wolf but decided that she would.

Bella sat next to Jacob, leaning into his warmth as Rose spoke. She couldn't believe what had happened. Her anger rose as the story unfolded. She kept picturing Jasper in her mind, then she would see him being thrown in a fire. The image pained her. Why would they do this? She could understand them wanting her out of the way but why kill Jasper? She heard Jacob growl periodically next to her.

Rose finished her tale and sat down in the grass. She laid her face in her hands and sobbed.

"It isn't right..." Bella whispered.

Rose lifted her head and looked into Bella's eyes. Bella clenched her fists. Jasper shouldn't have died. Not for a lie. A lie told by all the Cullens. Bella raised a hand to her chest and rubbed the ache that was there. She looked down at the ground as images of Jasper invaded her mind. She saw him patiently waiting for Alice while holding her bags, smiling indulgently as Alice used him as a live Ken doll. She saw him winking at Bella when Alice forced her into trying another hated out fit. She saw him joking with Emmett, helping Esme in the kitchen, talking with Rose in the garage. She remembered his words in that hotel in Arizona.

'You're worth it.' He had said. Well he was worth it too and the Cullens were going to pay. Bella raised her eyes and again held Rose's gaze.

"They need to pay...Change me Rose...Help me make them pay." Bella whispered. Jacob growled behind her but Bella ignored him.

Rose frowned and Bella could almost see the thoughts that ran through her head. "Bella...you have your whole life ahead of you." She whispered.

"My life is over...I'm already dead...Let me get my revenge." Bella bit out

"I've never changed anyone not even Em..." Rose protested.

"I trust you Rose, and Jacob can be there to ensure you don't kill me." Bella told her.

"No Bells. This is insane!" Jacob yelled behind her. Bella didn't turn around knowing he was naked.

"If you won't help me I will go to the Volturri and get them to change me. I would rather that we took care of this. I don't want to have to join the guard." Bella said calmly.

She heard Jacob growl behind her and heard him pull on his shorts.

"I don't want Em hurt...I'm angry at him but he is my mate." Rose said.

"Did he know I wasn't dead?" Bella asked.

"I don't think so." Rose said uncertainly. "Bella he is my mate, even though I am angry at him I can't let him die."

Bella softened a little. She was a little shocked that she had been so willing to kill him if he had part in this. She wouldn't kill him but she would never forgive him. "Okay." She said.

Rose twisted her hands in front of her. Bella could sympathize, the Cullens had been her family for a long time. "Jasper deserves to be avenged." Bella said hoping to push her into agreeing.

Rose's hands went to her side. "I agree. I will help you."

Bella fought not to show her relief. She would have went to the Volturri but she was grateful that she didn't have to. She turned around and faced Jacob.

"Jake please I need your help too." Bella pleaded.

Jacob growled. "Sam won't let me..."

"Then we won't tell him." Bella replied.

"Revenge is a dangerous road Bells. Is it worth it? Why do you want revenge so bad, you hardly knew Jasper?" Jacob asked.

Bella grabbed her chest, she winced at the pain there. "I don't know but I need it Jacob." Bella whispered. "I have more of a chance in succeeding with you by my side." She pleaded.

Jacob stared at her for a long time before nodding his head. Bella almost collapsed in relief. She motioned for them to sit down and they began to plan.