July 3rd, 2013

Sol System, Earth

22:50 PST

Man I'm sweaty. How is it still so hot at this time of night?

It was a really warm summer evening and I was walking home after class. A few people gave me odd looks for walking at this time of night with a school backpack, but college had a nice benefit of being able to occasionally choose your own class times and I had always been a night owl. Feeling like I'd been walking in the rain for the past 40 minutes, I turned the corner of the block and set my sights on home. Mom and Jimmy's cars were still there, which I thought was odd since they had said they were going to a movie, but I assumed they had caught a ride with one of their friends. In short order I was inside my nice, air-conditioned house. It had been less than a year since we moved in, but the spacious three bedroom house felt like it had always been home. Stepping into my room and taking off my backpack, I turned on the light and saw that if I had chosen to step farther left I would have accidentally stomped on my cat, who was lazily staring at me from the floor.

"Oh wow, I almost stepped on you Thessie! I'm sorry."

Thessaly merely blinked at me and rolled onto her back, exposing her belly. After removing my boots and backpack, I pet my cat and then flopped ungracefully into my desk chair. A brief look about my room revealed that everything was just as I had left it: bed unmade, books inelegantly shoved into the bookshelf and the desk dominated by electronics on one side and nick-knacks on the other.

I thought about what to do with the rest of my night. I could browse my favorite forums, watch YouTube videos, listen to music, read fanfiction…

I haven't played Mass Effect in a while…

The ending of Mass Effect had left me stunned, angry and disappointed, much like everyone else, and had curbed my desire to play it again for nearly a year. Earlier this year I had done another quick playthrough, but that had been months ago. I loved the Mass Effect universe greatly and knew a good deal about it, more so than most I suspected. I had an excellent memory for information, though if that was due to my mother or my condition I didn't know. I could quote the Codex entry for omni-tools word for word. I considered turning on my Xbox 360 and starting up a new Mass Effect game, but the thought passed quickly. I had very little mental energy left after three hours of Trigonometry.

I suddenly felt very tired, which was odd because I often stayed up until 4 AM. Going to bed at 10 was just weird, but I was strangely exhausted.

Maybe walking in that heat made me more tired than usual?

Deciding it would be too difficult to stay awake long enough to go to bed when I usually do, I crawled into bed still fully clothed and quickly went into the land of sleep.

*#J) u^^l# y !3*&rd, ))2$$#0%^#1()3

T%*h||\e ~!D*)r{[e`_a\}{m^&i${!i/n][g


I don't often dream, but when I do it is noticeably a dream. It feels flat, two-dimensional, unreal.

This was oddly vivid.

The world around me was dark and cold. It felt like there was a breeze, but rather than air masses moving I could swear it was shadows dancing across my skin. The air smelt like sandal wood.

This place made me simultaneously afraid and curious. Ever overly-cautious, I chose to act on my fear. I reached within myself for my 'panic button', my mental defense I had developed in my dreams to escape nightmares. Whenever I 'pushed' the 'button', my dream changed for the better. I would be in a different place, be in a different situation, or be a different person.

It didn't work.

This feels so real! What is this? Why can't I get out?!

Suddenly there was a voice from behind me. "She'll do."

I turned around. There was a tall, bone-white man clad all in black whose eyes resembled stars standing there. Next to him was a girl who appeared fourteen, but her hair and clothing changed rapidly and with no discernible pattern. One of her eyes was a bright blue, the other a poisonous green.

The girl spoke, with a voice that constantly changed tone and volume, "Oh, she'll more than do. She'll run and hide and fight and know and see and scream and kill and make and live. So much fun!"

My brain exploded with questions but in that moment all I could do was stand there and stare.

"You." This was directed at me. Oh dear. "My sister Death was going to come for you, but we think we can put you to better use."

Sister Death? I suddenly had a sinking suspicion as to who these two were, but if it were true then I was in an unimaginable amount of shit.

My voice finally got itself unstuck. "What kind of better use?"

The girl, I refused to think about who she probably was, responded. "The excitingly bad kind! We're going to send you far far away where you'll never see your family or friends ever again and be in constant danger and completely alone and scared and have to do horrible things and we get to watch! It's going to be very sad and great!"

Oh no, this is not good this is bad so very bad. I couldn't help the slight quiver in my voice. "I-I'd really rather not."

The black haired man's tone was unyielding. "You have no say in this."

"Please, is there any way I can convince you- I-I... please send me home."

The tall, pale man, who had looked impassive and emotionless this whole time, tilted his head to one side and a look I couldn't understand passed over his face. "Perhaps, when your task is complete, you can find another way back."

Before I was able to feel relieved at this, a tingling sensation spread over my skin and a strange light started creeping up on the corners of my vision.

"Aww, it's time for her to go! Have fun and look out for flying fish!"

Before I lost consciousness, my last thought was: Oh fuck.

July 3rd, 2180

Sahrabarik System, Omega

01:10 OST

I woke with the tingling feeling in my brain I had come to associate with an oncoming headache.

I did not come slowly to an aware state, as was my norm. Rather, it came crashing down on me, and I instantly knew that I was not on my bed, and if that strange dream/vision/meeting was real there was a possibility of not being in my house, in California or even being on planet Earth anymore.

I laid perfectly still and did not open my eyes, instead taking stock of my other senses. I was laying on something hard and cold, quite possibly the ground. It felt smooth, almost metallic. I heard what sounded like lots of fast moving machines off in the distance and voices echoing from the other direction, but not near enough to worry. Wherever I was smelt awful, like I was near a garbage dump that had been sitting in 110 degree heat. Deciding it was safe enough, I opened my eyes.

I was not sure what I was expecting, but it was not that.

I could not see a ceiling.

Above me there were what looked like pipes, walkways and wires crisscrossing through the emptiness, but I could not see either the sky or a ceiling. There were strange glowing lights and suddenly something moving very fast darted past my line of sight.

I tried to actively listen to the voices in the distance and understand them. I couldn't. I couldn't even recognize the languages.

My breathing stared to feel heavier and faster.

I turned my head towards the noise of the machines.

The ground I was laying on ended a few armlengths away and all I could see after that was a void. In that void, there were flying vehicles going by at a speed my eyes couldn't follow. And beyond the lines of flying cars was a giant wall of supports, catwalks and what were obviously buildings with huge blinking, flashing and glowing banners that moved with asari and krogan on them in languages I couldn't read advertizing omni-tools and hover cars and-

Oh fuck me I'm in Mass Effect.

AN: It's been a while since I've written a fanfic, and the first time writing for Mass Effect. I read a lot of SI's and I thought it might be fun. Update rates will be sporadic, but I would be more incentivized to work if I got good reviews…

Cookies go to people who can guess who the two in my dream/vision thingy were and what my condition is.