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Look in My Eyes What do You See
Chapter one
It had been 7 years since Tokyo and the Titans have been as close as ever. They had all aged into young adults. Robin still the same height had become more intelligent and a better leader. Cyborg had upgraded his tech so he was as advanced and as tech savvy as he could be. Starfire did not age much because her people age one year every year and a half and she was still the same cheerful alien.

Starfire and Robin's dating was still going on even though they had their up and downs.
Raven did not change much personality wise she was still reclusive but her body had transformed into a slender, athletic hourglass figure. She still kept to herself but she had noticed something that she was somewhat drawn to Beastboy she didn't know what it was but she was NOT attracted to him. Beastboy had changed the most, which is probably why Raven caught her interest in him. He had grown to be the tallest and most muscular team member and he had also grown more sophisticated. Sure he was still the immature joker but he did enjoy writing poetry sometimes and reading the occasional book. Not any of Raven's book but a biography about Ray Lewis or Michael Jordon was always welcomed.

But he always made sure he stayed true to what he loved the most like his tofu and his video games.
Cyborg, Robin and Beastboy were all sitting in the common room together. Cyborg and Robin were in an intense game of 2k13 while Beastboy was waiting on the winner
"Robin you wanna know what you can hold?" Cyborg asked as he was putting the finishing touches on his victory

"What now?" Robin replied with a very irritated tone

"DEEEEZZZZZZZ NUTTTSSSSSSSS" Cyborg jumped up and yelled as he then began to dance which lead to Robin storming out of the room.

"Screw this I'm going to the evidence room" yelled Robin as he exited the common room with a thunderous slam of the door.

"I won I won I won" Cyborg sang as he danced around the room celebrating his victory. Beast boy finally getting over his laughter asks "Dude can you put wrestling on now? It's almost 8."

"Oh Shit I almost forgot" Cyborg said as he quickly set down the Xbox controller and grabbed the remote to turn the TV on. " Hold on I'll get the surround sound" Beast boy added before he jumped up to go hit the switch on the leaning tower of electronics Cyborg has installed the month before.

It was quiet night after a quiet day the Titans mostly just hung and enjoyed a rare day off. As Beast boy looked out of the tower window he noticed the calm and tranquility as he stared at the Jump City Sky line and he thought to himself I wonder if anyone else wants to hang out with us?
Just as Cyborg had turned the TV to WWE'S Monday Night Raw Beast Boy yelled out "Dude pause it for a second I am gonna go see if Star or Rae wanna watch with us"

"Are you Serious?' Cyborg asked with a curious mixed with puzzled look on his face.

Beast Boy was already half way down the hall headed to Starfires room when he yelled back " Yeah dude I'll be right back just wait up" Cyborg yelled back "Okay".

Beast boy had already made it to Starfires room and knocked softly. He had not seen Star or Raven since the morning training session and figured this would be a good chance for him to hang out with them if they accepted his invitation. Which he knew would be stretch, especially for Raven.
Starfire answered the door with her usual bubbly, energetic personality. "Hello friend why do find the need to knock at my door?"

"Hey Star I was just wondering if you wanted to come watch wrestling with me and Cyborg?"

"Glorious! I would to partake in the watching of the real yet not so real wrestling I will go straight to the room of Commons" Star Fire yelled with excitement and before he could say another word she flew down the hall.

"Oh Okay I'm gonna go ask Raven now" Beastboy said quietly knowing that Starfire was too far away to hear him but he turned and headed down to Raven's room.
He knew that there was 95% certainty that Raven was going to say no but Beast boy liked to try and get Raven involved She's always in her room it's not gonna kill her to come out and socialize with her friends for a while. Besides Beastboy liked to be in Ravens company it gave him a challenge. He knew she didn't think his jokes were funny and they were total opposites personality wise but still there was something different about Raven something that was Unique he liked it a lot.

Raven had been sitting in her room mediating uninterrupted for the first time in quite a while. She had enjoyed her day off by doing what she loves reading, drinking tea and meditating. As she floated in the lotus position she chanted her mantra calmly.
" Azaratha Metrion Zinthos, Azaratha Metrion Zin"
A loud bang came on heard door followed by the voiced she loved to hate " Hey Rae Me Cy and Star are watching wrestling wanna come?"

Raven placed her feet back on the floor and walked to her door she opened it just enough to see Beast boys smirking face "No" she replied in her emotionless tone. " Come on Rae it will be fun I promise"

" No leave me alone" Raven was starting to become more irritated faster than usual for some reason but it didn't matter she wanted Beast Boy to leave and a good time would be now. She and Beastboy were friends and she was used to the annoying attempts to hang out. She even liked the fact that Beastboy always tried to get her involved but for some reason it was just different and she was not in the mood.

" You sure? This is your last warning Rae" Beast Boy replied back playfully and the answer he got was not what he was expecting even from Raven.

" No you pain in the ass I don't want any part of your stupid activities now leave me the hell alone"
The door slammed and Beastboy stood there hurt and confused and he instantly became sad. He had always gone out of his way to be and this one hurt more than usually even though he could have predicted it.

" Fine but just so you know I am just trying to be nice Raven sorry for wanting to hang out with you." Beast boy said with a very stern voice

" Well maybe you should take the hint" Raven yelled back from within her room. She never understood why Beastboy wanted her attention Why can't he just leave me alone.

"Fine but this is last time I ever ask you to watch wrestling with me" Beastboy yelled back he knew that there was no use to keep yelling at each other so he walked back to the common room to see Cyborg and Starfire had started without him. He saw CM Punk on the screen and began to take notice to some of his antics he noticed that they both had something similar about them. Although they were both a couple of jokesters and loved to mess with people when they had to kick ass they always kicked ass. But there was something about CM punk that attracted him even more. The way he ignored people and it just drove them crazy and that's when Beastboy decided that he was going to try it and he had a great reason to after the exchange he had with Raven.
Just as he was about to sit down next to the two of them the alarm went off and in came Robin from one entrance and Raven from another she looked at Beastboy as if she was about to say something to him but Beast boy turned around ignoring her. Raven could tell that she hurt his feelings and it made her feel uneasy because of how unprovoked it was He was just doing what he always did why did it bother me so much? Raven knew that she was wrong and it bothered her even more that he had ignored her so she was going to apologize but she didn't understand why it bothered her so much.

Screw her Beastboy thought to himself when she looked at him he was actually upset that she snapped on him so hard I know she doesn't like to shill with us and all but I am so sick of her calling me and habits stupid.

Robin standing at the computer turned to bark out his orders after reading the report on the alarm system "There's trouble on I-45 just outside of the city but three different enemies are being reported I'll take the first, Cyborg Star you guys take the Second ,Raven Beastboy you two take the third.

Beastboy was not happy about the fact that they were partnered up together and the unusually short ride in the T-car was incredibly awkward between them but whatever was good for the team and he knew that was the important part. Raven figured that if she was going to apologize that this would be the time. As the Titans arrived at the location prepared for the three unidentified enemies they all saw the same markings and all had the same shock none of them could believe what they saw.

There were no enemies' only glowing markings on the ground right next to where Cyborg had parked the T-car and Beastboy pushed to the front of the group with the look of fear and shock on his face and he muttered "No it can't be." The whole group looked dumbfounded at the ground and saw the three logos written in the sand these were the symbols of the Brotherhood of Evil.