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Chapter 25.

Two minions sat at security desk checking the cameras. They canned each screen to see if there were any disturbances.

"Sectors 1-8 all clear." They began to relax in their chairs when suddenly a small alarm light began to blink on one of their scanners. They both sprang forward to look at the screen which showed their fellow co-workers disappearing.

"What's going on?" One yelled to the other and before the other could respond his head was bounced off of the control panel. He slumped over it knocked out cold as the other one jumped out of his chair nervously.

"Who's there?" He yelled out into the room. He backed up nervously into the control panel and hit the light switch causing it to go black in the room. The small lights from the camera rooms were glowing off of his back as he reached for his gun at his side. He drew his weapon and was breathing uncontrollably.

"I'll shoot you I swear to god." He yelled out and he loaded his weapon. Just when he was about to scream again, a green snake slithered up his pant leg causing him to shake and jump around frantically. He was screaming for help but it was no use as the snake worked around its leg and clinched down. The minion fainted from the pressure and dropped to the floor. The snake exited the man's pant leg and slithered back out onto the floor and morphed back into Beastboy. He looked at the control panel and walked over to it. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the IPod the emt gave him. He found a small aux cable in the control panel and it hooked it up. He turned to leave but he saw on one of the cameras where his friends were being taken captive, he also saw Brother Blood and Terra talking to each other. He thought about just rushing in there and destroying anything in his path but he remembered what Arella had told him. Beastboy knew that this was the turning point of his life and he knew that he only had one chance to make this right. He sat down in one of the minion's chairs and looked at the control panel and saw that there was a button which read "Control lights to compound." Beastboy grinned a little and muttered softly.

"Time to have a little fun."

Raven stared at the ground knowing that her end might be near. She couldn't stand to think of the fact that she might not see Beastboy again. Her sadness was beginning to overwhelm her but she knew well enough not to give up hope.

"Hey Raven." She looked to see Robin whispering to her.

"Yeah?" She sniffled.

"About what Blood said? you and Beastboy?" Raven felt the sincerity in his voice. She cleared the lump in her throat.

"Yeah we didn't want to say anything until this was over so nothing like this happened." Robin smirked a little.

"Well when we get out of here, I just want you to know we all support you." Raven looked over to see all of her friends smiling, showing their support for her.

"And we will get out of here." Starfire echoed. There moment was interrupted by Brother Blood.

"How cute now I do believe it is time." He and Terra each grabbed Raven's stone pod and moved her to the table. The other three titans were struggling to watch and were fighting trying to escape as Raven's pod was laid down on the table.

"Let her go." Robin yelled. Brother Blood looked over to Terra for her to silence the other three.

"Let them yell." She replied. Brother Blood nodded as he looked down at Raven as she squirmed looking for a way out of the stone.

"Any last words." He chuckled. Raven didn't acknowledge him and just tried to fight her way out. Brother Blood looked back at her parent. Terras eyes began to glow yellow and she slowly raised a stone dagger from the ground and put it right above Ravens neck. Raven looked at the point of the dagger and closed her eyes accepting her fate.

"Just do it already." She muttered. Terra walked over to her and smiled.

"I'm going to enjoy this." Just as she was about to lower the dagger the lights cut out.

"What was that?" Brother Blood yelled.

Raven smiled at Terra. "Your worst nightmare is here." Terra looked at Brother Blood in a panic.

"What should we do?" Brother Blood slapped Terra.

"Shut up and kill her. We need to prove to Trigon we can do this." Terra got off of the floor and felt the anger rush through her body and lost control of the dagger. It then flung right into Brother Blood chest. Terra screamed and ran to his side.

"Brother! Brother get up!" Brother Blood was dead on the ground and Terra turned back to Raven, whose eyes had been glowing white from the mind control causing Terra to become so angry.

"YOU DID THIS." She yelled.

"No I just made you angry, you're the one that killed him when you lost control of your powers again, I guess a leopard doesn't change its spots." Terra slapped Raven across the face and began to punch her.

"You bitch." She grunted and she continued to pummel Raven's face. Raven absorbed her punches and Terra then raised the dagger out of Brother Blood's deceased chest and brought it too Ravens lips.

"Your turn." She said menacingly and she was about to lower it when suddenly a small spot light shined down on the front of the compound and the speaker system cut on with a hardcore guitar riff.

"What the fuck is this now!" Terra screamed. Raven smirked and Cyborg yelled out from the other side.

"That's CM Punks theme bitch you're in trouble now." The music continued and Beastboy emerged into the light and got down on his knees as the lyrics kicked in.

Look in my eyes, what do you see?

The cult of personality

I know your anger, I know your dreams

I've been everything you want to be

I'm the cult of personality

Like Mussolini and Kennedy

I'm the cult of personality

The cult of personality

The cult of personality

Terra looked at Beastboy in pure fear, the other titans joined in on singing the theme song. Beastboy just looked at Terra and finally closed both fists and slammed the rings together causing him to slowly transform into the Beast.

Neon lights, a Nobel prize

Than the mirror speaks, the reflection lies

You won't have to follow me

Only you can set me free

The Beast reached full transformation when the guitar solo hit and the music slowly began to fade out when the Beast stood up and snarled at Terra. It slowly walked down the ramp and looked Terra directly in the face. Terra looked at it in pure fear and she slowly began to back up.

"Bet you weren't expecting that." Raven said sarcastically. Terra screamed and hurled the daggers at the beast. They bounced right off of its skin and fell to the ground. Terra then tried to throw a boulder which the Beast caught and broke over its knee. Terra then tripped and fell to the ground and then lifted the ground the beast was standing on sending him flying to the ceiling of the compound.

The Beast then fell back to the floor and landed on its feet right in front of Terra. It charged at Terra and she quickly levitated off the ground on a boulder but the beast jumped up and knocked her off of it. The beast then grabbed her and tossed her into Raven's pod causing it to shatter. Raven got up and then ran over to help her other friends get free. The other titans were now freed and they all decided to look on knowing that Beastboy needed to finish this himself.

Terra shot the debris off the pod at the beast as hard as she could and it made the beast back up a little bit. She then charged him with a boulder but the beast grabbed it causing it to flip sending Terra into where the titans where standing. She landed on her stomach and got up on her hands and knees in front of her old friends. They all looked at her with disgust as the beast walked over to them. Terra raised a boulder above the titans and spoke out to the beast.

"Another move and I'll kill them all." The beast tilted its head as a green light made the boulder explode above them. Terra turned around to see Starfire giggling at her.

"Sorry I couldn't resist." Terra yelled out in frustration and the beast then grabbed her by the hair and tossed her like a rag doll. Terra landed on her back and quickly tried to hurl rocks at the beast, which he deflected all of them except for the one he caught. Terra looked at the beast in fear as he slammed the boulder down on Terras legs rendering her helpless.

"Come on do it you pussy." She yelled. The beast stared at her and climbed onto the boulder putting more pressure onto her legs. The rest of the team ran over to see the ending of this.

"Come on Beastboy it was me all along I'm the one that brought Blood back, I told him everything now kill me come on. You and that little cunt Raven can have each other now kill me come on do it." The beast slowly began to transform back into a ravaged Beastboy. He grabbed her by the neck and was breathing heavily as Terra's breath was clenched by his hand.

"No, I won't kill you but he will." Suddenly Beastboy turned back into the beast and he raised his giant claw.

The team watched on in horror as they knew they couldn't stop what was about to happen. They knew that they should stop it but also knew that if Beastboy didn't put an end to Terra this way, then her reign of terror over him was never going to stop.

Beastboy knew in his heart he shouldn't do it but the threats to his parents and his friends were enough. She crossed a line with him that no one ever should and he wasn't going to let her off the hook, this was the turning point, he was finally going to exterminate his worst demon.

Terra closed her eyes as the claw came down forcefully into her chest impaling her lungs. She gasped her last breath and Beastboy transformed back and whispered into her ear.

"I'm sorry Terra you made me do this." He looked down at his hands to see the rings slowly turn into a white energy and flew above them. Raven ran and gave Beastboy a hug but they all looked to see the white energy form into Beastboys parents. They looked down at him and smiled before slowly vanishing.

Beastboy turned to his girlfriend. "You ok-"

Before he could get the rest of his sentence out he felt her lips smash into his with great passion. Robin and the rest of the team smiled at them. They separated and Raven then gripped Beastboys shirt.

"Don't ever scare me like that again." She grunted. Beastboy smiled as they embraced again gently. The rest of the team joined in the embrace.

"Friend that was amazing." Starfire commented.

"Yeah man how do you do that?" Robin asked.

"I don't know I guess someone was looking out." Beastboy looked up at where the energy had left the room and smiled.

"Can we get out of this bitch please I'm trying to go home." Cyborg joked and the team slowly began to leave the compound. Beastboy hung back and looked up again.

"Thanks again guys I love you." He then turned back and put Raven under his arm as the four exited the compound. They reached the Boardwalk again and saw that it was late at night.

"Any one for pizza?" Cyborg asked. The team all nodded respectfully and he stared at Raven and Beastboy who were still embraced as they walked.

"So are you two going to like ever let go of each other?" Beastboy grinned at his comment and let go of his girlfriend.

"No not any time soon." Cyborg jolted at Beastboy and they began to chase each other playfully and the rest of the team laughed as they all enjoyed the relaxing moment they had knowing that they were alive and most importantly they had each other.

Back inside the base there was carnage all over, Terra and Brother Blood's bodies lay motionless. A man walks in slowly and looks at all of the destruction. He scans the room and then reaches down to see the blood from all of the deceased people. He stands back up and looks up at the ceiling. Two more people walk in and join him.

"We must have revenge for our leader. His death must not be in vain we must kill the teen titans for this." The one says. The other two nod in agreement and they exit the room.