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Chapter One: Everyone

Poseidon was the God of the sea. He ruled the waters. He was very powerful. Nothing about him was simple. He ruled the seas and he knew it. That's exactly why Captain Robert's chose the name for his ship. It was a God now on the sea and it would rule the waters. It was a big, beautiful ship. And, that was why people marveled over it. It was a dark blue all around the bottom, and as it went up to the railings, it was white. The beautiful thing about the ship was that it was state of the art. In the elevators, which were all glass. The chandeliers were worth well over a 100,000 pounds worth of crystal and glass. It was truly a beautiful sight. It had a total of three pools. One pool located in the bow of the ship, another located in the middle for kids and teenagers, and a relaxing pool for the elderly who were in the spa just below deck. Everything about the ship was quite amazing and no one had really ever seen something like it.

Effy Stonem. She was a beautiful girl, long wavy hair that flowed effortlessly down her back. Lips that were naturally red as ever, and stunning blue eyes. She was a woman of such few words, she always drew a crowd wherever she went. But, never had she dared to let anyone in. That was until Freddie McClair came in and definitely swooped her off her feet, like the knight in shining armour would. Frederick McClair was a tall handsome man, especially when he was in college. His skin was an olive colour and only made him all the more attractive to the ladies. His hair was a dark black and he did little to style it. He was bony but ate his weight in munchies because he was a big pothead. His mother died and that's why he and Effy clicked so much. They both lost parents. He broke down her walls and settled himself In, right inside her heart. It made her weak, she could keep the voices at bay but with Freddie around she wasn't strong anymore. He made her weak and the voices came back with defining voices and shrieks. As he cut down her walls to her heart, he did so with her brain as well.

But, like with every couple they worked through it. They were 26 years old and they were ready to take on the world. The couple sat in a loving embrace on the couch of their cabin as they discussed a serious matter.

"When?" Freddie asked his lover as he held her waist tightly.

"Today." Effy cooed as she played with his hair and she also had her leg draped across his lap and looked into his eyes.

"When 'today'?" Freddie asked as he eyed her suspiciously not entirely believing her.

"Just today, okay? You know how he gets." Effy murmured quietly and Freddie was about to protest some more but that's when the cabin door opened suddenly and Tony Stonem strides though the doorway.

"Hey up." Tony said in a flat voice. And, the couple jumped apart from their embrace and settled half a foot away from each other. Tony Stonem didn't like Freddie because he reminded him of how he was before. He was barely a man, how could he even support Effy with her condition? He disapproved of their relationship, and he blamed Freddie when Effy was admitted to the hospital after her suicide attempt. He was being the protective brother he was, but now since Effy wouldn't leave without Freddie; Tony wanted to do everything in his power to watch over their relationship. He bloody paid for their tickets and treated them to this, only because he wanted to keep a watchful eye on his little sister. Tony flipped the switch to brighten the place up, and he strode over to the bar. "Now I really didn't mean to surprise you all."

"No offense, sir. But, we weren't really surprised." Freddie said as he turned around in the couch and observed as Tony made himself a drink.

"Freddie, how many times do I have to tell you, not to call me sir?" Tony asked as he took a sip of his drink behind the bar. "It makes me feel like my father." Tony took a few steps closer to them. "Now, I don't really want to feel like a stick in the mud, but would you guys please, keep it in your pants? I know you probably don't like it, but you're under my roof and—" Before Tony could even finish his sentence Effy had cut him off.

"Tone, look at the size of this ship. I'm pretty sure Fred and I could find a million and one places to fuck each other's brains out." Effy deadpanned as she eyed her brother, almost daring him to challenge her.

"Would you not say that? I just don't want you too –" Effy had cut Tony off once again.

"No, Anthony." Effy had said as she got up from the couch. "Don't speak to me in that patronizing tone. I'm sick of it. Really bloody fucking sick of it, Tony. You're not dad." Effy said as she stormed up the stairs to her room. Tony watched as his sister made her way up to the room, and looked over at Freddie with an amused look.

"Is she always like this with you?" Tony asked as he took a long drink from his scotch. Freddie shrugged and held up his hands in mock defense.




It was almost dinner time as a twenty three year old Pandora Moon awkwardly made her way through the long corridors of the employee's lounge. There were many people bustling about as she made her way through, not one of them noticing she didn't belong. She wore a brightly coloured polo and a pair of jeans and toms as she made her way about. She was frantically whipping her head around, trying to get a sense of where she was going. She honestly didn't know. She hadn't left the room since she was smuggled in. A young woman named Sophia Moore had let her bunk with her, because Pandora was desperate to get to London to her sick mum. She had no money or job, she was kind of stranded in New York until she met Sophia. She was a nice girl and they quickly became friends, and Pandora quickly convinced the young employee to help her. Now Pandora was searching for the Galley, Sophia was working as a server and helping prepare the meal for the big dinner. But, now Pandora was so lost she was sure she would be kicked off into the sea for being a stowaway.

Pandora spotted a large wooden door and just decided to go right through, she was already lost so it made no difference to her. As she stepped through she noticed less employee's were bustling about, there were more regular day to day people. She figured she must have left the employee part now and was in the public. She examined the room, and it really wasn't a room, Pandora had no idea what to call it. It was huge, the largest room she has ever seen in her life. And, it was very extravagant. It had many stairs, but there was a foyer in the middle that led to another set of small stairs, presumably the second level. There was also 4 sets of elevators that were rising and coming to halts. She could see right into the elevators as she examined more and more. It was gorgeous. Pandora was so busy walking along and staring up at the large chandeliers, that she had bumped into someone.

"Oh, bugger. I'm sorry!" Pandora has exclaimed almost too loudly and she finally got a decent look at the person. It was a woman, she was tall, blonde and dressed in running shorts and a blue tight tank top. Pandora looked up at the woman's eyes and they were the clearest blue she had ever seen. "Whizzer, your eyes are totally mint. Hi, I'm Pandora. But, most people call me Panda." The woman stared at Panda like she had grown two head and there was a slight scowl upon her face.

"I'm Naomi." The woman had said and looked up and down at Panda. "Lost?" Panda nodded quickly as she practically bounced up and down.

"Yeah, I can't find my way around here. I'm looking for the Galley." Panda said excitedly.

"Pretty sure it's off limits to guests though." The mysterious woman named Naomi had eyed Panda suspiciously. "You been through here?" Panda now quiet as ever shook her head. "You should've entered here when you boarded…" The blonde had deadpanned. "Go through that door over there, take a left and all the way down."

"Whizzer. Thank you so much!" Panda exclaimed as she practically ran back to the door she came from.

Naomi had watched her go and shook her head. Tossers these days, Christ. She thought to herself as she began making her way up the steps. She was making her way back to her room to get ready for the ball that was held at 10PM and on.

Naomi Campbell was her name; tall blonde and fit like most blokes would say. She was a Captain of a ship in the Navy. Keyword was; she had gotten kicked out for making a horrible decision. One she vowed to never speak of again. Naomi didn't care anymore, it was her decision and she stood by it. It was a low paying job and the men treated her like shit so she was happy with the discharge. She also was a very smart woman, had gotten A's on every one of her A-Levels. The blonde wanted thrill in her life and the Navy didn't give that to her anymore. So she had turned to be a professional gambler. She was paid to take people's money. And, the Poseidon Captain had hired her to bring in more money. She was very good at what she did. And, she had gotten to keep ninety percent of what she made, so she was rich and powerful in no time. She most of all, loved to beat the rich arsehole's who thought they were tough shit, and she loved to put a dent in their ego by being beaten by a woman.




"Poseidon had made his home on the ocean floor. He also ruled every single inch of the sea. He never shied away from conflict and he was a powerful God. Most desired and known for his wrath. Now he is ruling the seas today. And, we get to be a part of this wonderful thing. Happy New Year everybody!" Captain Roberts had said into the microphone, he raised his glass of champagne and smiled widely at all the people on the dance floor. He took a drink and stepped off the stage, and the band began to play a happy tune.

Thomas Tomone was stood in the lobby just outside the doors to the ball as he had his cell phone glued to his ear. He was dressed in a nice suit and a glass of whiskey in his hand. His call was quickly ignored and sent to voicemail. He sighed as he heard her familiar loving voice. How he had missed her.

"Hey, it's me again. Mum, I miss you." Thomas had said quietly and paused as he felt his throat constrict. "Please, call me at midnight. Please." He had stopped and chuckled sadly. "I'm actually begging. I love you, mumma." He whispered and closed his cell phone. He looked down at the time sadly and walked into the giant room. He didn't understand why his mother didn't support his dream. He had just graduated from Harvard University with a track scholarship. He left because he wanted to make a life for himself, and so he could support his family. His mother was so angry with him when he had left. Thomas wanted nothing more than for her to be proud of him. And, hug him like she used to do. He just didn't understand, so he sat at a table full of his uni friends. They were discussing the law of physics. Thomas remained quiet and as the waitress came about he had ordered a five grand champagne bottle for them all. As it arrived, he sat and drank it. He had excused himself and left the table of men and made his way outside because he was in desperate need for air.




Naomi was sitting at the poker table with two other blokes. A tall striking blue eyed man sat across from her and they were in the middle of betting against each other. The man to her left was a loud nuisance of a man who had just bragged to her about winning the 300 million dollar lottery. He had sandy blonde tussled hair, he was dressed in a gold silk shirt, it was unbuttoned halfway down his torso. Revealing his gold necklace, and over his extremely feminine shirt was a black suit and his matching pants. His shoes were Italian loathers which probably cost him a couple hundred. He had propositioned her twice already suggesting a "willy waggle" which gave Naomi the creeps. He had called himself the "Cookie Monster" then introduced himself as "Cook" just Cook as well.

"You couldn't make me feel alright if you stapled your tongue to my clit and stood on a cement mixer." She had deadpanned with a serious look in her eye, he had guffawed loudly and clapped like a seal. "You look like a horse when you laugh out of your nose, like that." She had added and he did nothing but laugh. The man across from her had snickered quietly with a wide smirk on his face.

"I'm going 5." Naomi said as she put her chips on the table, her eyes were locked onto the blue eyed mans.

"Damn, girl. You've got some big ones on you." Cook had said as he watched her movements like a hawk. He didn't bet any further because she had already take 20 grand from him.

"The happiest time of my life was when I was broke." She simply said to Cook, and diverted her attention to the man across from her had an evil glint in his eye as he set down 10. Naomi smirked as he thought he could scare her. She decided to play a different card.

"Do you ever miss being a firefighter, Mr. Stonem?" She had asked never leaving his eyes. Tony's smirk only grew wider.

"I do. I miss the chance at rescuing pretty women." Tony had answered calmly even though she had struck a nerve, he had no idea how she knew. Just then Effy and Freddie decided to walk up to them.

"Tone, we're going to the club." Effy informed as she stood beside him. Tony took one look at her, she was wearing a blouse and it was unbuttoned all the way to expose just enough cleavage.

"Cover up." He said in a stern voice. "They're out. Button up." He said, and his gaze shifted to Freddie who shifted from his left foot to the other, looking well nervous.

"The twins? Tony, please." Effy had scoffed, but listened to her older brother and did as he asked. "Don't lose much." She whispered as she kissed his cheek, and they made their retreat. Then Tony finally looked to Naomi, who had an evil look in her eyes.

"Hey, darling." Cook said to the waitress stood by him. "Give lucky Cook a whiskey, thanks babes." He said and slapped her ass hard. She scowled and quickly left to fetch his drink.

"All in." Naomi simply said as she put her chips in the middle of the poker table.




A small eight year old boy was walking across the lobby, he was very distracted as he was immersed in his hand held video game. He definitely not looking where he was walking at all. He had bumped into a woman, who dropped her chips on the floor beside his game. The woman was pretty he thought. She was wearing a simple turquoise cocktail dress, and had stunning blue eyes.

"Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going." The boy had stammered as he helped her pick up her poker chips.

"That's alright pal." The woman said as she kneeled down and did the same.

"How much for the game?" He had asked her with a cute smile on his face, the woman chuckled quietly.

"Oh, I dunno. 100?" The woman joked with him as they exchanged belongs. He took his game into his hands and looked up at her. Emily Fitch had watched their entire exchange, praying he hadn't really caused any damage. She also couldn't help watching the sway of the blonde's hips in the tight dress. The blonde was gorgeous. Blue eyes and pale skin, perfect to Emily. Emily Fitch was a five foot three, twenty six year old. She was also a single gay mum.

"Declan!" Emily had shouted over the hundred different conversations of people. "What are you doing? You didn't hurt anyone did you?" She quickly looked at the blonde and sent her a sad smile. "I'm sorry, he didn't do anything did he?"

"No, no. It was okay. We just bumped into each other." The blonde woman had smiled towards Emily. The smile had sent shivers down her back and almost weak in the knees.

"Hey, Dec. Your friend the Captain wants you to blow the horn at midnight." Emily informed her eight year old son, and he literally jumped with joy.

"Can I go, mum? Can I? Can I?" He asked excitedly and smiled widely. Emily did nothing but nod, and he quickly ran off.

"Declan, what do you say?" She called as he was headed towards the stairs.

"Thankyousorrybye!" He quickly yelled and ran down the steps almost knocking a few people over.

"Your friend the captain, aye?" The blonde had said with a smile on her face. "Now does your husband—"

"Straight away aren't you?" Emily had said as she looked over at the blonde woman. "Already a popping a question about husbands? You already clocked my ring finger, twice already?" Emily said with a knowing smirk and she started descending down the stairs and the blonde simply smiled and shrugged.

"Potentially." She had said and stepped down beside her, and they ascended the steps together.


"Naomi." The woman had said and grabbed two champagne glasses from the passing waiter, and handed one to Emily.

"So what do you do, Ms. Naomi… ?" Emily asked as she wanted to know Naomi's last name.

"Just Naomi." The blonde had smiled and took a small drink from her glass. "And, I take peoples money. Professionally." Naomi smirked at the redhead.

"Is that supposed to be sexy?" Emily challenged as she flirted, Naomi couldn't hold back the smug smile.

"Maybe. And, what about you Miss?"

"Emily." She took a drink of her champagne and turned away from Naomi. "I'll see you around just Naomi."

Naomi watched as Emily walked away from her and she chuckled to herself. Emily had intrigued her a lot, and Naomi didn't know why. She was honest with her about her job, and she didn't know why again. She was even nice to her kid before she even knew who his mother was. Naomi had went to the bar and decided to get something harder to drink.




"Alright, everybody!" The singer of the band had called and started the countdown to the New Year. "Happy New Year!" They all shouted together. The ceiling exploded with glitter and pieces of strings and hoots and hollers of the men. Emily had watched her son blare the air horn. She laughed and was genuinely happy because her son had the biggest grin ever on his face. Naomi was off to the side at the bar nursing a water as she watched everything unhinge. She had her second real smile on her face as she watched Emily.


Captain Roberts had his second in command managing the sail as he attended the party. And, Josh Summers was feeling the wall of the ship in the command room. It was vibrating and he didn't know why. The men in the room were starting to sing a song.

"Quiet!" Josh had yelled and continued listening and just feeling. "You feel that? Something's not right." The men had cautiously looked around the room at each other, they too were feeling it.

Thomas Tomone was still standing outside and he kept glancing at his phone. It was now 12.05 and still no messages. He wiped his eyes frantically and looked around. No one was outside and he carefully lifted his body to the ledge and looked out at the water. And, how fast it was rushing by. He could be dead in a second. Jumping from where he was now and as he hit the water it would be like hitting cement.

Josh Summers was looking out at the horizon where the moon was and that's when he saw it. The biggest road wave he had ever seen. He knew they didn't stand a chance and for a moment he froze and watched as it grew larger and larger. He regained his composure and put the binoculars down.

"Turn this bitch around!" He shouted. "Sound the alarms. Alert the coast guard! Now!" He barked out, and he helped the men in trying to turn the boat along, if he turned the boat around maybe they wouldn't tip. Maybe they would survive it.

Thomas was looking out at the horizon and as he contemplated actually jumping. And, that's when he saw it. The road wave. He didn't know it was possible, or maybe he was just seeing things, but he knew one thing. He had to get out of there, so he turned and hopped off the ledge and ran back into the ship, he was running fast. He didn't know where to go or what to do. He was simply panicked.

Naomi Campbell watched as Emily sat at her table and laughed with the elders. She's perfect. Naomi thought to herself, and that's when the alarms started and she heard the man's voice on the intercom and the music immediately stopped.

"Everyone, please remain calm. Brace for impact. This is not a test." The man had repeated what he said and panic set in everyone. People were running for the exits and Naomi saw Emily's face full of panic as she tried to make her way to her son. Naomi threw her glass down and was trying to get to Declan so the young boy wouldn't be trampled by the adults. He was crying and fear on his face was evident. Naomi had felt so much concern for this young boy, so she was trying her hardest to get to him.

The next thing Naomi knew was that the tables were going sideways, and the ship had jerked to the side. Sending everyone off their feet. She had flew to the side with such force she had hit her head on the table and everything went black.

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