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UPDATE! I honestly can't remember what I was doing with this story... So I've changed the initial plot from what it was. Somethings have been changed from the original, somethings haven't. I honestly don't know...

Revised. Edited. [01/01/2016]

Takeru stared at his reflection in the mirror; he hardly recognized himself. He didn't look Takeru Ishida, little brother of rock star Yamato Ishida. He looked like TK. Plain ol' TK Takaishi. And that's just who he was.


The radio sang its little heart out to the beat of the current song it was playing; but it was mostly ignored by the arguing Ishida brothers.

"You can't be serious Keru! Leaving? After all this? We've come so far!"

"I'm sorry Yama..." Takeru didn't look at his older brother, refusing to look him in the eye. He knew he would never hear the end of this. He knew Yamato would be upset. But this was what he wanted to do. "I just want to live a normal life."

He had to look down slightly, over the years Takeru had grown taller. He had even outgrown Yamato and was slowly catching up to his father.

"But where are we gonna find a new manager, Keru? Dad's too busy with work." The words of his brother sent a pang of guilt through Takeru.

"What about your friend from middle school? Tae or whatever his name was." Takeru tried being helpful.

"Who, Tai? No way. He's too dorky. And he always wore those weird goggles."

But apparently he wasn't...

"Okay, what about that Sora girl?"

"She's goes to Kyoto now."

"Do you even talk to her anymore?"

Yamato looked away. "Sometimes."

Takeru knew to drop the subject.

"He has a good purpose for this," said the drummer. "He does want to finish school."

"Yeah Yamato," continued the guitarist. "He's just a kid. Maybe he doesn't want to live his whole life on the road like us."

"I know what this is about." Yamato grinned at his brother, ignoring the others comments. "You knocked up some girl, didn't you?"


"I'll bet it was that cute blonde from Kyoto. You know, that one you said you liked."

"I'm fifteen!" Takeru shouted.

"Relax, Teeks, I'm just teasing you."

Takeru sighed; Yamato always did something like this. Maybe leaving would be a good thing.

"Who would've thought," the pianist laughed. "Little Takeru Ishida, younger brother of the great Yamato Ishida, leaving the band."

"I wasn't in the band..."

"You're gonna have to cut your beautiful hair." The guitarist tugged at a strand of Takeru's skater-length blond hair.

"I hated it anyway." Takeru swatted his hand away.

"Not to mention, most likely change your name," the drummer pointed out.

"Yeah, the Paps will be all over you. Considering you're the younger brother of a rock legend." Yamato struck a pose.

Takeru only snorted in response.

"Who the hell cares about the paparazzi."

"No one!" They all laughed before silence fell between the group of five as the tour bus turned the corner. Nothing but the radio playing in the background. Well, that and the sound of screaming fans around their next stop. It remained that way until the bus came to a stop in front of the old TV station in Odaiba, a few minutes later.

"So you're really leaving us?" Yamato broke the silence.

Takeru nodded and put a smile on his face.

"It'll be good to see mom again..."