We were meant to be Edward and Bella Story.

Chapter 1 - Forever.

BPOV (Age 4)

"Mommy, can I please go to the park?" I asked my mindless mother, Renee. She turned around and nodded her head then went back to cooking.

Ever since Daddy passed away Mommy has kept herself busy with different things such as cooking, art, sports etc. All I think Mommy needs is a good friend. As I get ready I think of how much I want friends. Since I'm starting Kindergarten next year I hope to gain some, I put on my jeans, long sleeve brown shirt, cartigan and my uggs. I brushed my hair out and let it fall in its natural curls and headed back down the stairs.

I walked out the door after saying goodbye to Mommy and headed to the park 3 blocks away, as I was walking I saw a cute boy with bronze hair about my age walking ahead of me. It looked like he was going to the park aswell, I kept walking but tripped over my feet and let out a loud "Ouch!"

The bronze haired boy turned around quickly and ran over to me as I picked myself up, his eyes were full of concern. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?" The boy asked, I nodded and inspected myself for cuts.

"Yeah thanks, I'm a klutz. So this is a regular thing for me." I explained, he nodded thoughtfully and looked me up and down.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Isabella Marie Swan, but you can call me Bella." I told him, smiling at him. He just nodded.

"I'm Edward Anthony Masen Cullen." He introduced, we learnt so much about eachother that day. We played on the playground together until Edward's parents came to find him. About 30 seconds after they arrived Renee turned up aswell.

"Are you ready to go Bella?" Renee asked, I nodded and introduced Edward and his parents. Renee and Esme hit it off like a house on fire. I'm glad she finally got a good friend, I have a feeling we will all be friends for a long time.

We all walked back together towards our houses. "Where do you live Edward?" I asked curiously.

"I live in 94 Abott street, what about you?" He asked back just as curiously.

"Yay! We live in the same street! I'm number 20." I said excitedly, Edward's house was the huge one at the end of the street. Mine was fairly big but not as big as their house.

We went to our respective houses, promising to meet up as soon as possible. After meeting Esme, Renee would not stop smiling. She must've liked her more than I originally thought.

Renee made us spaghetti and cupcakes, I quickly ate and went and changed into my PJ'S after my bath and went to bed. I learnt so much about Edward such as, his favourite colour was Brown, he plays piano, likes to read and play baseball.

Edward and I made a promise to eachother, to be bestfriends forever. I know we've only known eachother for a day but I know we'll be friends forever. I think I'm starting to like him more than that already.

(A/N: Hey guys, this is just the epilogue of when they first became friends, from now on they'll be going onto 10-12. Depending on what I think is best, please keep reading and enjoy. Once I get to age 12 I'll slow down their years. Thankyou!)