We were meant to be Edward and Bella Story.

Chapter 4 - Worry.


Chirp. Chirp. Chirp.

Oh chirp, chirp, chirpity friggin' chirp to you too stupid birds, I thought bitterly.

I got up and stretched and looked around my surroundings, I may have overreacted a little bit yesterday. But they really hurt me, making me move aside for their new "friend" I don't see why we all couldn't hang out together. This girl sounded like the royal bitch to me. Yeah that's right! I said my first swear word.

I walked down to the river to explore for a little while, there were little colourful fish. Wild and free, they're so lucky. I wondered a bit more before trying to find my house again. The forest just didn't end. After a while I just gave up and sat down feeling defeated.

I don't know how long I sat there for but later on I started hearing weird noises, like whispers in the wind. Probably my imagination. crunch, crack, crunch.

I got up and started to walk in the direction of the noises. "ISABELLA! ISABELLA?!" I heard the familiar voice of Renee yell. I ran towards her and she caught me surprised.

"Are you okay?! Do you need to go to the hospital?" Renee asked quickly.

"Yes Mom, I'm fine. I didn't get hurt, I was just upset with the Cullen's and I ran off. I'm so sorry I frightened you." I said sincerely.

We walked back towards the house and we walked past the Cullen's but what I saw hurt me worse than ever. They were all happy and acting as if I never existed with Tanya the new girl. I felt tears well up in my eyes my I sucked them back in and kept walking back to our house.

"Mom, did you tell the Cullen's I was gone?" I asked.

"Yes darling I did, Esme and Carlisle helped me search for you. But once I found you I sent them a text saying everything was okay." I nodded, why didn't they come looking for me? Aren't I one of their best friends?

"Did Edward and the rest know I was gone?" I asked waiting for the answer that would either break me or help this situation.

"Yes Bella, they did. But they couldn't come and help because they had their new friend over today. She seems like a lovely girl Bella." Renee commented, I jjst huffed angrily and stomped up to my bedroom. I laid down and caught up on my much needed sleep.


I woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start a new day, I hopped into the shower using my calming strawberry shampoo. After I finished cleaning myself, I blow dried my hair out and put it in loose ringlets. Next I put on my tight white short short's and matched it with my royal blue ruffle singlet. I put on my blue pumps, swiped some mascara and eyeliner on and smeared some cherry chapstick on before heading downstairs to eat breakfast.

I quickly ate the toast Renee made and bid her goodbye, I walked quickly over to the Cullen's house and knocked on their door.

Esme was the one who answered the door, she gave me a warm smile and I gave her one back before heading inside their mansion. Apparently they were in the games room watching a movie.

I walked up their 3 sets of stairs and opened the door to see them all snuggled up to eachother, Edward and Tanya, Alice and Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie. Their heads snapped up in my direction and Tanya gave me a dirty look.

"Hey Bells, what are you doing here? We are sort of busy." Edward asked.

"Well I haven't seen you guys in 2 days." I stated.

"I'm sorry Bells, there is no more room. After this movie is over do you want to meet at the park?" I nodded and walked out of the room. I got downstairs and a heavenly scent wafted to my nose. I walked to the kitchen to see Esme baking brownies.

"Hello dear, why aren't you upstairs with the others?" Esme asked sweetly, while handing me a brownie.

"They said there wasn't enough room for me to sit with them and they are busy." I said sadly, she sighed and sat down next to me.

"Bella, your welcome here any time you would like and they shouldn't be excluding you just because they've got a new popular friend. To be honest I don't like her very much, she's rude, snobby and a spoilt brat. She was so rude to me when her and I were alone for a moment."

I was shocked to say the least, Esme is the most kind, considerate, beautiful woman on the face of this earth. "I'm sorry Esme, I didn't mean to dump all of this on you." I said hanging my head in shame.

"It's fine dear, would you like to stay down here with me for a little while? At least until they are ready to go to the park." Esme asked kindly, I nodded my head and helped her make different cakes, brownies, cookies etc.

"Hey Esme? Does Edward still play piano?" I asked curiously.

"Ever since he has met Tanya he hasn't played. He told me it was a stupid instrument to play, that piano cost a lot of money." Esme explained sadly, I gave her a hug from behind and kept mixing the icing so it wasn't clumpy.

"I have wanted to ask this for a while, but Edward wouldn't let me near it. But could I please use the piano? I really want to teach myself how to play." I asked hopefully.

"Of course you can dear! Edward obviously doesn't want to anymore so yes you may." I thanked her and went into the music room which was right next to the games room.

I sat down at the piano grabbing the beginners book so I could learn the notes and chords. I just kept practicing and practicing until I could play a few songs. It was surprisingly easy, I learnt how to play happy birthday, jingle bells and smoke on the water.

A little while later I heard the group stomp down the stairs, I packed up the books and headed downstairs aswell. "You guys ready to go to the park?" I asked, Esme was taking more cookies out of the oven as I asked them.

"Sorry Bella, the park is for babies." Alice stated, everybody else nodded in agreement with her.

I sighed and sat down on the stool next to Rosalie, they came up with an idea to play spin the bottle.