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So this is (as the title suggests) a Yin and Yang Fic. This is AU, in place of the third and final YinYang episodes, so this is set preseason 5 finale.

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December 20th, 2010

It was a perfectly normal day for the Santa Barbara Police Department. Detectives Carlton Lassiter and Juliet O'Hara were doing their paperwork at their desk. They had just finished off a case with a polar bear, and while the Psych duo were in their office relaxing, the two detectives had to be the responsible ones and actually work. Oh, how Juliet wanted to join Shawn for an early night home and a romantic dinner. But no. when she asked to take the night off, Carlton started to interrogate her as to why she wanted to go home. Juliet, physically incapable of lying to her partner's face, muttered "never mind" before sitting down at her desk. Shawn would understand.

Shawn (who was psychic and that's how he knew Juliet wouldn't be able to make it that night) had made plans with Gus to celebrate yet another successful case. They didn't do it often, but every once in a while they would sit down with pineapple smoothies and enjoy a case well done. This, of course, is the lie they told Juliet. They in fact celebrated every case they ever completed, especially if they proved Carlton wrong while doing so.

The chief was sitting in her office, nursing a headache that all the commotion from sister Lassiter's camera caused. People wanted to be on camera, didn't want to be on camera, did outrageous tasks to simply to be on camera, while some people made the assumption that people did exactly that when in reality, they just wanted coffee or to file things. It was a crazy day, one that the chief hoped never to repeat. All she wanted to do now was go home to her daughter. Her best detectives would be in the station doing paperwork for the rest of the day, so she didn't see why not. So the chief started to pack up her things, ready to leave.

Buzz McNabb was filing papers away, just trying to get through everything as quickly as possible so he could go home to his wife. He only had one more task to do, and his heart was almost racing from the thought of returning home. He walked into the reception office to distribute the mail when he saw it. His heart felt like it just stopped when he recognized the exact symbol that was on top of the envelope. He quickly went into autopilot, grabbing the envelope and running to the chief. He got several odd looks as he ran through the station, Carlton Lassiter even yelled at him to slow down. Buzz burst through the chief's doors without knocking.

"McNabb! What exactly do you think you're-"

"I found this" Buzz said, lifting up the envelope to show the chief. "It was in reception. It's not addressed to anyone." The chief shot him a terrified look before picking up the envelope with half of a Yin-Yang symbol on it.

The chief sighed very loudly, sat down at her desk and stared at the envelope. "This can't be good."

December 21st, 2010

Shawn walked through the station with Gus by his side, feeling oh so important to the police. He had just solved a case for everyone and he was already being summoned back to the station. They didn't say what they needed him for, but he figured he'd find out very soon. As he walked through, people stared at him. Gus was the only one who started to become concerned with the amount of looks they got, and suddenly, he didn't want the case the chief was going to give them.

"Chief, please, let me handle this" they both heard Carlton insisting behind the Chief's doors.

"Detective, you know as well as I do that this doesn't involve you. It doesn't necessarily involve me. It only really involves Spen-"

"Chief, I'm here" Shawn announced as he entered the office. "Don't you fret no more. Psych has got you."

"Mr. Spencer. You're late" the Chief said.

"Yeah, sorry. You called us during Gus' snack time. He needs to be properly fed seven times a day or else he gets cranky."

"Shawn…" Gus warned. Shawn stared at his best friend. He could easily see the seriousness of the situation because of all the stares they got on the way to the office, but why was Gus behaving like this? Shawn took another look around and noticed the envelope on the Chief's desk, with half the Yin-Yang symbol on it.

"Oh no" Shawn muttered and he walked over to the desk. He picked up the envelope and just stared at it for a moment. On the top was the black portion of the Yin-Yang symbol, the second half missing. "Why is it incomplete?" Shawn asked. He looked up at the detectives and Chief, desperate for any answer. Instead, Juliet handed him a sheet of paper with cut up letters on it. Just like the first Yang case.

"Maybe you should read this" Juliet said. Shawn cautiously took the letter and read it over quickly.

Hi Shawny.
I'm back. In two days only, Yin and Yang will be reunited. Not the one locked up, but you!
See you soon.

"This has to be some kind of sick joke, right?" Shawn asked when he looked up. "I mean… he… he wants me to be his new Yang?"

"It appears that way" the Chief said. Shawn couldn't help but laugh.

"Why would he want that?"

"Well, you managed to solve the last two riddles he gave you" Juliet said, trying to force the memories out of her head. "Maybe he figures if you can't beat them, join them. Or... have them join you..."

"No, of course I'm not going to do that! He's an idiot if he thinks for a second I'm going to agree to this!"

"Shawn" Gus warned again. "I don't think he's asking you. It's more like he's…"

"Telling you" Carlton finished for him. "He's, I guess, warning us about what he plans to do."

"It's not going to happen" Shawn insisted. Everyone was silent, staring at him. "I mean, how can you force someone to be a serial killer?"