Ok so this is like literally the only fan fiction I have finished out of like all my accounts.

I so proud that I did and if you actually bother to read this or read the story than you should be proud. :)

It took all my strength to make sure that I got everything right, no spelling mistakes or anything.

I just wanted to say thank you to who ever took the time to read this.
And if you did like my story than please check out my other two stories I'm writing on Quotev and maybe soon to come to Wattpad.

Hunger Games Love Story: The Girl in Flight &
Harry Potter Love Story: Everything has changed

I haven't gotten far in them but the one with the most views, hearts or votes I'll update quicker.

Once again I'm greatfull that you got this far into the story and I wanted to ask one quick question before I end this note.

Should I make a sequel or leave it to your guys imagination?

Comment on the story or on my profile. Your choice.

I hope you loved my story but if you didn't I'm deeply sorry.


'Don't cry because it ended, Smile because it happened'~ Unknown