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This is my first Kames story, yay! I am a huge Rusher and really enjoy reading all the marvelous Kames out there :3 So I decided that it was high time that I wrote one myself!

Let me get a chip off my soldier about Kames. Kames is Kendall x James. And in any slash pairing, that name in front is the seme. So in Kames, Kendall is the seme. Not fuckin James. If James were the seme, it would be JENDALL. As in James x Kendall? So authors, please stop labeling your story Kames is James is not the uke. Seriously so annoying. XD

This story is kinda weird, but I enjoyed writing it so I hope you enjoy reading it! (I am James bias so James got all the penis-pleasure/torture. Sorry Kendall fans!

Kendall awoke, eyes glazed and limbs stiff. His head was pounding like a hangover mixed with a concussion, making it hard for him to think clearly. Slowlysitting up, Kendall stood, intent on retrieving advil and a cup of water. It was then he noticed his surroundings.

"What?" He gaped, looking at the tall dome-like structure that stood high above his head and wrapped around him. It was at least 60 feet in diameter, and the ceiling was taller than any cathedral's Kendall had been in. He continued assesing the room until he noticed his best friend.

James was across the dome from him, strung up on the wall by some kind of weird dangling rope. The top of the ropes stretched a few feet above the boy, bolted to the wall. "James!" Kendall cried out, lurching to his feet. The sudden movement reminded Kendall of his headache, and he couldn't control himself as the contents of his stomach splattered to the floor in front of him.

James' head lifted as he awoke. The first thing he noticed was the terrible pain emitting from his head, and the next was Kendall, puking a great distance from him. "Hey, what's-" James halted as he tried to move, only to find his hands and feet tied to a wall. "WHAT THE FUCK?!" He yelled, eyes wild. He yanked at the wall with all his might, putting too much strain on his weak digestive system and causing himself to hurl onto the floor below.

Kendall recovered from his sickness and ran towards James. Once he'd crossed the room he frantically pulled at the ropes binding the taller boy, only to find them completely immobile.

"Where the fuck are we, man?" James croaked, feeling exhausted even though he'd just woken up.

"I don't know, but whatever is happening is plain SICK." Kendall snarled, trying to find a purchase in the bonds. Just then a bright light shone from all directions, blinding both boys until their eyes adjusted.

"Hello," a mechanical voice spoke from above them, "and welcome to my game." The voice was masculine and deep, yet sounded as if it was produced by a machine. James shuddered upon hearing it.

"What the fuck is going on?!" Kendall yelled upwards, completely infuriated by his lack of control.

The voice responded as if it hadn't heard him speak. "The rules are very simple. Do as I say, or die."

The boys' eyes widened and they exchanged a terrified glance. "To demonstrate my liability, here is an example of what will happen to you if you do not comply." The voice clicked off and a strange whirring noise began.

In the center of the doom, a small hatch appeared and slid open, as a platform was lifted into the boys' sight. On the platform lay a man, stripped naked and strapped to the bottom of the metal lift. As soon as he saw the band members, he opened his mouth to say something. A giant saw came crashing from out of nowhere, slicing off the top of the man's head in miliseconds. James screamed.

The platform lowered with the saw and dead body on top, retracting into the ground while the hatch closed and seemed to vanish. "Ohmygod," Kendall breathed out, not sure how this was happening to him.

"Now that you have seen a demonstration of my power, I shall give your first task. Strip James Diamond bare. You have one hundred and twenty seconds." The voice clicked off. And both boys flinched as a tool came crashing down from the ceiling. It was a small knife with a red handle and golden inscription reading, James Diamond.

Shuddering, Kendall picked up the knife and turned to his best friend. "I'm sorry," he said. James nodded, completely destraught. Kendall took the knife and cut off James' t-shirt slowly as to not harm him. Next he cut the belt. Then was his jeans which proved to be incredibley difficult-

"Your time is up. You have not completed the task and will be penalized. Consider this a warning." The ropes binding James slacked and he began to fall forward, only to be caught by two metal shelves that sprouted from the wall.

The straps on his ankles fell away as his jeans and underwear were unceremoniously yanked from his body and brought into the wall. James now lay with his hips stuck firmly out in front of him, as a metal bar protruded into his back. His arms remained attached to the wall and the bonds at his feet reformed.

"The first punishment is one injection," boomed the voice.

"Injection?" James cried, breaking the silence between the two captives, "An injection of what?"
A metal pincher reached between James' legs and firmly grabbed onto the boy's soft penis. "Oh god, please no..." He cried, trying to move and finding himself unable.

A syringe was produced from inside one of the pinchers.

"It's not James' fault! Please, it was me who couldn't do it, please leave him alone, PLEASE!" Kendall shrieked at nothing, watching in horror as the tip of the neddle was plunged into James' urethra, it's contents draining.

The pinchers retracted into the wall, but not the metal holding out the man's hips. James began to shake violently. "Ohmygod, James, JAMES!" Kendall reached out and grabbed onto the other boy as he convulsed.

"After the first injection the subject will be prone to a seizure-like experience, and then the inevitable effects will take place. Subject will find their genitals inflamed and extremly sensitive, as well as the nipples, anus, and mouth. Subject will try to orgasm desperately but will be unable to. If not treated, the injection will lead to hallucinations and discharges of semen and urine, to no effect, and the subject will not be able to orgasm until the passing of an undisclosed time," the mechanical voice droned.

James' seizure finally stopped, and he turned to Kendall only to find the boys eyes looking at him with horror. "Kendall..." James groaned, a strange feeling building inside him, "What is happening to me...?" He felt himself harden quickly and painfully. Suddenly everything hurt. Even the air surrounding his penis sent jolts of unbearable pleasure through his body. James began to scream, unable to take the sudden intensity.

He tried to squirm, move, releave the pain through orgasm but was still completly bound and paralazed. His penis began dripping out semen but there was no release. He noticed it was a strange color. He continued to scream, it hurt so good, he just had to come, he couldnt take it any longer he needed release he needed it...! "KENDALL!"

Kendall flinched away from his friend, unsure what to do. "Touch me, please touch me, ohmygod I CAN'T FUCKING TAKE IT I NEED YOU HELP ME, GODDAMMIT!" James screeched, thrashing his head. Kendall hesitantly reached forward, placing his hand lightly on his best friend's dick.

The scream James released was the most inhuman thing Kendall had ever heard. He started sobbing, jumping back from his anguished friend, clutching the abuser hand to his chest. "Please, please, make it stop!" He wailed falling to his knees. James continued to plead for help in front of him.

"In order to get the antidote, the next orders must be carried out precisely," The voice whirred, "Kendall Knight, take the pills dispensed from the ground next to you. You have twenty seconds."

Kendall looked around him and found three blue capsules laying to his right. He hesitated, then James started sobbing uncontrolably and he quickly shoved the pills into his mouth and dry swallowed.

He waited as James sobbed.

"Mission complete."

The voice clicked off and all of the lights extinguished. Suddenly Kendall was met with silence. "James?" He called out, unsteadily rising to his feet. "JAMES!" He lunged forward and touched bare wall. James was nowhere to be found. "No...James..."

Kendall felt his head grow lighter, and as he fainted he could of sworn he heard the sound of a slicing saw.

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