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Kendall awoke, eyes glazed and limbs stiff. Immediately he sat up, remembering what had transpired, only to find himself in his own room. He wasn't surrounded by a large dome, but by his poster plastered walls and his comforter. His eyes snapped up, but the only thing across the room from him was the door to the bathroom.

It was a dream, he realized, sighing out loud and flopping backwards onto his bed. He couldn't get the dream out of his head-it seemed so REAL. He rolled onto his side, looking over to the bed next to him. James was sleeping soundly, his chest rising and falling with each breath.

Kendall checked his clock with a glance, 4:18 am. He rolled back over, studying his ceiling and contemplating going back to sleep. Kendall hadn't had a nightmare since he was a kid, and that one was...well, weird. Really weird. Especially considering the way James was involved.

He breathed in heavily, and then let his eyes fall closed as he exhaled. He was tired, and even if he had a nightmare, he knew he would just wake up in the morning.

So he slept.

"Kendall," came a voice. Kendall jerked up, only to see he was still in his room and the sun was shining through his blinds. He sighed, happy to get some sleep. He turned to where the voice had come from and saw James sitting up in his bed. The clock read 9:34.

"Hey," Kendall said drowsily, smiling at his roommate, "I had the weirdest dream last night."


"Yeah," Kendall laughed, "It was about a crazy stalker or something they captured us and tortured us. It was frickin creepy."

James studied Kendall for a second, then laughed and said, "Only you, man." Kendall chuckled and pulled himself out of bed, starting the journey of getting prepared for the day.

Once he was dressed, he turned to James and flashed him a crooked half-smile, "How do I look?" He asked with sarcasm, only to be met with an extremely puzzling and erotic sight. James had taken off his night-shirt and sprawled himself across Kendall's bed, with his feet facing outwards and half his torso and his head leaning against the backboard. His stomach muscles rippled as he shifted, locking eyes with Kendall, who couldn't decide what was more delectable, James' naked body or the hungry look in his eyes.

"You know Kendall..." James purred, leisurely running his fingers on his bare stomach, "I've been having weird dreams too. Dreams about you and me."

"Y-yeah?" Kendall stammered as he watched James transition to all fours. The muscular brunette began to crawl across the other man's bed, eyes blazing as he came closer to his target.

"Yeahhh," he sighed, stepping onto the floor and pressing his arms into the mattress behind him, arching out his body, "Weird, sexual dreams about you, behind me, fucking me hard and long."

Kendall's semi-erict penis sprung into full attention. "Yeah," he moaned, taking a step towards James, then another, then another... until the two boys stood close enough together that Kendall could feel the other man's body heat.

James stood up straight and locked eyes with his bandmate, and Kendall felt his breath on his face, causing him to shudder. "Do you want me?" The taller man breathed out, one hand on Kendall's hip, and the other gripping his belt.

"God yes," Kendall groaned, reaching up and smashing their faces together. He swept his tongue around the other's mouth, finding him to be completely submissive and all too willing. The kiss ended all too soon as James separated their lips with a loud, wet pop noise.

Smiling at Kendall, James slid onto his knees in front of him, breath hot over the blonde's penis, assuring him of what was to come.

Slowly and carefully, James unbuckled Kendall's belt, then moved on to the button and zipper, which he opened slowly enjoying the other's expressions as he watched the brunette's demonstrations. As his dick sprung free of it's confines Kendall found an immense relief at the feeling of fresh air. Instinctively his hips rutted out, causing his oozing dick to smack James' mouth.

Slowly the taller boy licked his lips and then kissed the tip of the other man's cock, licking slowly down the middle of the urethra and then dragging his tongue along the underside.

Kendall felt the muscles in his legs begin to tighten and the pleasure being caused by his muscular friend increased drastically. He knew he was close, and just as James finally took the entire penis into his mouth, orgasm over took the blonde and he came hard, dick twitching as it shot cum.

James' mouth milked him dry, and finally feeling satiated Kendall turned to his friend in anticipation of what was to come, even as his mind was in a post-orgasmic haze.

However, it was then that...

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