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"I want to go to the beach today!" Sakura said, arms crossed. The man before her sighed. He promised he would take her out but due to the upcoming Chunin exams, he was stuck doing paperwork.

"I'm sorry, hon, but I can't. The Chunin exams are coming up so I'm stuck doing all this paperwork and preparing for said exam." Naruto said. He really wanted to go but his duties prevented him from so. It's been quite a long while since he could spend time with his wife. Sakura hmph at that. Ever since he became Hokage, he didn't have enough time for her. Sure, they would go out on dinner dates and some movie dates but that was it. They barely had a sex life since he took office. She constantly found herself masturbating because of it. As the two stared at each other, a third person came in to the small office.

"Hey boss, how ya doing?!" the 16 year old Konohamaru yelled.

Naruto sighed yet again. His wife was a pain in the ass sometimes but his young prodige was a bigger pain in the ass. First, Sakura barged in, wanting to go the to beach. Now he is gonna deal with whatever the kid was gonna demand. And that's when it hit him. While he can't take Sakura out to the beach due to his obligations, he'll have his trusted student keep her company instead.

"Say, Konohamaru, are you busy today?"

"Um, that's for you to decide y'know since you Hokage and all."

"Silly me."

Sakura was confused. The smile on her husband confused her even more. Then it click. The bastard was gonna send his student with her to the beach instead of coming himself. Sure she knew the Chunin exams are important for any kages, especially first year Kages. But he was her husband dammit. He has an obligation to take her out. She wasn't the only one confused. Konohamaru was weirded out when Naruto smiled. He was even more confused when he asked him if he could accompany Sakura to the beach.

"Listen, I can't take her out due to the upcoming Chunin exams. Just keep her company and don't pissed her off. Do this for me please? I'll pay you for a day's worth." Naruto begged. Konohamaru couldn't denied this. For one, he was getting paid for what seemed like an easy mission. Two, he has a crush on Sakura. The teen couldn't deny that he was attracted to the 22 year old woman. The thought of seeing her in a bikini really pushed him forward to accept.

"Good then it's settled. Please take good care of her for me, Konohamaru." Sakura got up and glared at her husband. He sheepishly smile and scratched the back of his head. She took or more like dragged the poor teen by his hand out of the office.


The two soon arrived at the beach. The beach was rather empty. Aside from a few concession stands near the entrance to the beach and some few people, it was empty. Sakura decided to go with a two piece red bikini. The top showed off quite a lot of cleavage. With a towel in hand, she stood looking for a comfortable spot. She couldn't help but see Konohamaru walking slowly behind her. She knew the young teen was most likely staring at her ass. She was flattered but she was already spoken for. She soon found a spot far enough from the concession stand. It was private enough for her to sun tan topless. All she had to do was get rid of the teen. As she was about to talk to the teen, she noticed the teen staring off at one of the female beach goers. What immediately caught her interest was the huge tent in his swimming trunks. Blushing, she turn around. She was mentally kicking herself. It's been a while since she had sex. Here she was thinking about a dick that did not belong to her husband. Coughing, she caught the teen's attention.

"Hey, listen, think you can get something for me to drink? I'm quite parched." the teen vigorously nodded and wandered off to the concession stands.

Sighing, Sakura took her towel and lays it on the sandy ground. Then she begins to take of her red bikini top. It didn't take long to get her top off. Her nice, firm and round breast were out and about, breathing the nice beach air. She carefully lies down on her towel and relaxes. She desperately tried her best to forget about Konohamaru's erection earlier but to no avail. She began to heat up. Knowing that she was in desperate need of sex, Sakura decided it was best she take a rest and forget about everything that happened a few minutes earlier. After a few minutes, Sakura closes her eyes.

Soon however, her relaxtion was broken by the sound of approaching footsteps. Think it's only Konohamaru coming back with the drinks, Sakura wills herself back to sleep. But the footsteps wouldn't have any of that. Upo opening her eyes to see who was the unlucky asshole who disturbed her, she sees 3 teen guys walking down the shoreline of the beach. They act normal and continued their casual small talk. Sakura gasps, immediately dawning on her that she was nude from the waist up. Oh my god! Need to cover myself before it's too late. And it was. As she reaches for the towel to cover herself, one of the teens stops her in her tracks. Like a deer caught in the headlights. She slowly turns to face them, a blush on her face.

"A beautiful sight such as this should be seen by the world, don't cha think?" asked the second teen to the first teen. The first teen turn to his friend and laugh before turning back to the pinkette. He then smiled at her. Well, what she could tell was a smile.

Then the third boy spoke in his deep voice. "Will you guys stop?! Can't you see you're scaring her!"

"I am not scaring her. I just merely complimented her good looks that's all. Besides, if anyone is scaring her, it's you with your weirdness!" The third teen sighed. There is no way he could argue with boy.

Sakura sat there in awe with the young audience her topless body brought in. She couldn't help but get hotter at the sight of three young boys arguing over her. She knew it was wrong, what with her having a husband and all but she really needed to get off. Konohamaru's erection sprung to her mind. She blushed. Not one of the teens noticed this. Thinking about that and the fact three teens that looked to be around 15-16 caught her topless, Sakura began to get wet. As they kept talking about how nice and good she looked, the first teen spoke.

"Say, do they feel as good as they look?" He said as he turn to look at her, smile on his face.

Sakura already wet from them just merely looking and talking about her, wanted nothing more than for them to see for themselves. She knew it was wrong. She has a husband but at the same time said husband has been exactly taking care of her female needs. Lust began to cloud her mind. If her husband would not take care of her, then she would have these teens do so instead. With lust beginning to cloud her better judgement, she asnwered the teen's question with another question.

"Why don't you see if they're good enough for you?" she coaxed the 3 teens.

Before she could say anything else, the three guys surrounded her, rubbing their hands over and in her. She was getting hotter and wetter by the second. She lay back down and allowed them to take off the rest of her outfit so they could have their way with her. Her pussy was somehow wetter than before. Sakura closed her eyes to enjoy the erotic sensation. All of a sudden, she feels something rubbing against her mouth. As she opens her eyes, she sees all three guys have their dicks hanging out, ready to play. She inwardly gasp. All three were rather big for their age. They were around the 8-9 inches range. Her mouth watered at the sight of all three dicks. As she stared, an inner battle ensue. A rather small voiced told her to not go through with this. It was cheating and that she should not hurt her husband by doing this. That voice was quickly muffled by her inner persona who yelled at her to take those three teens to town.

And so she did. She takes the first teen's dick her mouth while the second boy slides his hard cock into her damp pussy. The third continues to fondle her breasts and watch the rest fuck her and getting his dick sucked. Oh kami, this kid's so big! I can hardly get it all in my mouth. She thought to herself. She began to flick the first teen's head every now and then and then pounds the back of her throat with his dick. Every so often, she switches and starts to suck on his balls. She took one in her mouth and then switches to the other. Feeling up to it, she took both of his balls in her mouth. The first teen groans. Then she went back to his throbbing member. She stretched his skin. The first teen moans softly.

Sakura knowing he was enjoying the pleasure continues to flick his head, tasting it all. Before she knows it, the first guy begins to cum in her mouth. The second teen seeing this happening also begins to fill her pussy up with cum. He fills her up fast. Sakura not reaching her peak yet continues to moan and groan. He slides out of her and they begin to rotate. The third boy orders Sakura to get on top of him. So she slowly straddles him and sits down on his hard dick. Then the first boy comes behind her and slowly begins to push his dick into her ass. Then the second boy goes up to her and shoves his dick into her mouth. Pretty soon she is in ecstasy. The first boy shoots off first. Then when he's done, the third boy grabs Sakura by the waist and starts to bounce her up and down on top of him. She grabs the second teen's ass, with his entire cock in her mouth, muffling her screams, moaning and crying out load.

Sakura sucks as hard as she can and he beings to cum, shooting off loads of it into her mouth and down her throat. Cum is seeping out of her mouth, dripping off her face. The third boy is fucking her roughly, grunting loudly at each thrust. He watches her and her breast, bobbing at each thrust he made. Sakura couldn't hold it anymore. She begins to scream and soon they both cum together. Sakura could feel it all running out of her pussy and around his dick. She collapse on the towel, trying to get control of her breathing.

Konohamaru walks toward the group and puts the drinks down. He could not help but get aroused at the sight of his crush getting roughly gangbanged. He drops his trunks down and takes his 10 inch cock in hand. He slowly jacks off as the three teens takes turn having Sakura clean their dicks offs. Sakura, sensing another person behind her, turns around and sees her escort jacking off. Her eyes slightly bulge out at the sight of his huge dick. She leaves the three teens, all who stay at their place to see what's gonna happen.

She crawls over to Konohamaru. she places her hand around the one he has on his dick and takes it off slowly. Her other hand soon encloses around the huge dick and starts pumping. The other three teens soon start jacking off at the sight before them. Konohamaru moans as Sakura's soft hands slowly pump him. He feels as if he is about to die. Sakura, deciding that a handjob is no longer good, brings her head forward. She lightly blows on the dick, earning her a moan from the teen before her. She flicks the tip of the dick with her tongue, tasting the sweet pre-cum. Loving the taste, she knew she wanted more. She place her luscious lips around the large dick and plunge forward. Konohamaru earlier thought he was about to die. Now he feels like he did die. As Sakura bobbed her head up and down the 10 inch cock, she swirled her tongue, enjoying the taste of the teen's cock.

Back and forth she went, slowly devouring his cock. Konohamaru looked down at the pink beauty, she staring back with lust clouded eyes. She soon began speeding up, not once breaking their eyesight. The teen moaned nonstop, enjoying the feeling of her mouth on his dick and the look of her face. He brought his hands to her head and pushed her down, forcing her to take more of his cock. Even with the force deep throat, Sakura did not break her line of sight. She was greatly enjoying the look on the teen's face. While she stared at Konohamaru, she heard the other teens moan. They sped up their own ministrations as Sakura deepthroated Konohamaru. Konohamaru soon felt his balls begin to swell up. With one final thrust, he came in Sakura's mouth. She swallowed all of it, enjoying the taste as it went down her throat. With a pop, she took the cock out of her mouth.

She lustfully stared at Konohamaru as he sat down, huffing and puffing. Konohamaru looks up and sees that Sakura is still not sastisfied. So he orders her to come to him and lay on his legs, stomach cum dripping, she does what is being ordered. Her nipples being harden, aching in anticipation. She gasps as Konohamaru's big fingers touches her pussy lips, already juicy with cum. She yelps a little in pleasurable pain as he slapped her ass and groped at it, with his fingers opening in her pussy. He gently runs his fingers over her clit, each a little rougher each time. He listens to her heavy breathing, moaning and gasping. Then he takes his hand and grasps her breast and pinches her nipples at the same time. He then forces her on her hands and knees, facing the three teens.

He grabs on to Sakura's hip first, slowly sliding his huge fat dick inside her, each harder and deeper while her ass is being slapped against him. She begins to wince in pain. "How can I be tight when I've already been fucked?!" she thought to her self. He reaches out and grabs her hair and whispers "Is that the way you like it?" he asked. A moan confirms that she does. Her d-cup breasts swaying back and forth as he plunges deeper and deeper. Sakura stared directly at the three teens, moaning out loud as Konohamaru roughly takes her from behind. She licks her lips sultry at the three young boys. She places one of her own hands on her chest and plays with one of her swaying breasts. After a short while, she takes said breast into her mouth, licking and biting her own pink bulb, all while staring at the three teens jacking off. A rough thrust from Konohamaru forces her to let go of that breast.

He continues to spank her every now and then, watching her cry out in pain, moaning and gasping. The three teens watch Konohamaru fuck Sakura mercilessly. Konohamaru then slide himself out of her and carries her over to a blanket area. He laid down on his back with Sakura on top of him on her back and slides his harden dick inside her again. Slowly the two are gyrating together. Sweats are falling from Sakura's forehead. Konohamaru finds a good hold on Sakura's hips and moves her up and down his cock. She felt herself stretching. "Ahh! A…Ah…oohh….." she mouthed. With each thrust, she could feel herself reaching her peak. Then with a few more hard pushes they both came together. She lies on him, her breasts covering his face, dick still impale in her. Both taking deep breaths to calm themselves after their heavy session. Alas, this break would not last long.

Sakura felt her head being turn to the right. The third teen wasting no time, placed the tip of his dick in her mouth. Sakura began licking all over the tip like the slutty girl she was. The boy, tired of waiting, shoved his dick down her throat. Sakura bobbed back and forth, spit dribbling down her mouth. As she was sucking off the boy, his other buddies decided to join in. The first teen placed the tip of his dick against Sakura's little star. He spat on his dick before plunging in. Sakura's scream was muffled by the dick in her mouth. The second kid took one of her hands and placed it on his dick. Konohamaru recovers from his stupor and soon joins in with the other three, pumping in and out out of Sakura's tight pussy.

Sakura was, for the lack of a better term, in heaven. She kept a firm grip on the second teen's dick as she pump back and forth. The third teen grab her by her hair as he force every bit of cock down her throat. Sakura enjoyed the rough deep throat. She could not help but stare at the boy through lust clouded eyes. She was greatly enjoying being roughly facefucked. It also help that the first teen behind her kept ramming her ass, forcing her to take the dick in her mouth deeper. Konohamaru, being the small guy he was, had a face full of perky d-cup breasts. He sped up his pumping in Sakura. He took one of her breasts into his mouth, licking and biting the pink bulb. Sakura's walls soon tighten around his dick. Due to being taken from all her holes, Sakura was in utter ecstasy. She came hard on Konohamaru's dick. As the fluids flowed out, the guys all took their dicks out from their respective places and had Sakura sit up on her knees. They all circled around her. Konohamaru took her left hand and placed it on his dick. The second teen placed his own between her perky breasts. The first teen turn her head around and placed his dick in her mouth. Without waiting, Sakura took the third teen's dick with her right hand. She pumped both Konohamaru and the third boy as she bobbed back and forth on the first teen. The second teen pushed both breasts together as he pumped up and down on her chest.

They kept going in this position for a few minutes before switching. After about 15 minutes, and having sucked, titfucked, and handjobbed all four at least once, Sakura was ready to receive their load. She placed her hands on her lap and look up, mouth wide open and tongue sticking out. The four young men circled her and pumped their respective dicks, aiming at her face. Within seconds, the boys, no the men came. Cum flew unto Sakura's face. Some of it landing on her breasts. The guys the directed their aim at her mouth, filling it full of cum. With their last bit of cum left in them, they took aim at her breasts, covering them up as well. Sakura's face and chest were fully covered with cum. Closing her mouth, she swallowed the cum that was in her mouth.

Opening one single eye, she winked at them. "Hmm, you guys sure came a lot."

Using her right index finger, she trailed from her breasts up, gathering as much cum as she could. She licked off what she gather while sultrily staring at the guys who drenched her. "You guys also taste great. But looks like some of that tasty cum is still on you. Let me take care of that." She took Konohamaru in her mouth first, cleaning his dick with her tongue. She bobbed back and forth a few times before taking the dock out with a pop. She the licked the sides, moaning and groaning as she stare right into Konohamaru's eyes. Once she felt she was satisfied with her work, she moved on to the next guy. She repeated her actions with Konohamaru, sucking and licking and staring, with the next three guys. Once satisfied with her work, she sat back, one hand supporting her while the other on her chest. An index finger neared her mouth, her tongue slightly licking it every now and then.

"Thanks for the meal, guys." she giggled, her face and chest still drenched in cum.

"No, thank YOU!" all four guys said.

The sun was now setting, so the three unknown boys, now men decided it was time to leave. They left a cum drenched Sakura and weary Konohamaru behind. Sakura took one of her luscious tits into her mouth, cleaning off the cum on that one. She then took the other. What was left on her chest, she picked it off with her hands, licking then off hungrily. She did the same thing with the cum on her face. Konohamaru did nothing but stare at the erotic display. After a few minutes of swallowing the leftover cum, Sakura felt it was time to return to the village. She had Konohamaru tied the bikini strang as she felt tired after today's event.

"Let's not tell anyone about this, ok?" Sakura said. Konohamaru nodded, not wanting to face the wrath of the Hokage, whose trust he broke. They both got up. Sakura went over to pick up the stuff she brought. Konohamaru went to his trunks. As he was pulling up, a hand enclosed around his huge dick. He look back to see Sakura smiling down at him.

"Oh and Konohamaru, I may need this again soon. Oh and please, do bring some friends your age. I would love to meet them." Konohamaru gave her a wide smile and nodded. Oh he definitely would.

"Good, if you ever want to fuck, come find me in the hospital. Who knows, maybe I can get Ino or another girl my age to join us." She winked at him. With her free hand, she grab his face and brought it to her own. Soon the two were French kissing. After a few minutes of sucking face, she lets go and let the young man finishes dressing.

***back at the village****

"I take it you had fun?" Naruto asked his wife. The moment the two return, he noticed the smile on his wife's face. Little does he know that it wasn't because of swimming and relaxing at the beach that his wife was so happy about.

"Yep! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna head home for a nice long hot bath. Bye Baka! And thank you, Konohamaru, for accompanying me." With that, the pinkette left. Naruto turned to his young student and smiled.

"Thanks for the favor, Kon. I'm glad she had fun. Well here's the payment I promised." Konohamaru took his payment and left quickly, not wanting to be there any longer.

Naruto couldn't help but wonder why the boy left so quickly. He quickly shrugged it off, thinking that Sakura may have scared the boy during their time at the beach.

Author's note: I don't know yet if I'm going to do a sequel. If I am, there are hints in this chapter regarding where I'm gonna take the story next. And if I do a sequel, it will always include Konohamaru and some boys his age, possibly nameless, with one of the Rookie 12 girls.

Here are three ideas as to where the story could go:

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3) a shota story with Naruto female characters. Example: Shizune, Kurenai, Tsunade, Ino, Mebuki, etc. All three includes Konohamaru as the main shota character.

If I get say five reviews saying to do a sequel, then I'll do a sequel. You guy just got to decide which of the three options above the story will follow. Though, I already have an idea for a second chapter. It involve Sakura, Konohamaru, and a few young patients at the hospital. Though I could always switched the character to a different female, say Ino, Shizune, or Tsunade for example. Anyone, please leave a review. Ignore the grammar mistakes. I typed this all out on iPad's Notes app.

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