Chapter one

Harry walks through the ruined castle, he stared into the converted classroom at all the beds and every bed had someone in it. Harry saw some of his friends, but most he didn't know.

'Mr. Potter, I have been hoping you would come see me, follow me to a bed.'

'I wanted to wait until you dealt with the seriously injured,' Harry followed the matron then sat on the bed. Harry smiled as she didn't hesitate, just started examining him then handing him three potions that he knew was going to taste terrible, but he drank them because he knew all Madame Pomfrey's potions always helped him over the years, 'Before you say, I'm heading up to sleep and I'm not moving from my bed for days, I'm just too exhausted.'

Poppy's lips reluctantly turned up in a small smile, 'You've gotten to know me Mr. Potter because I was just about to suggest you make yourself comfortable.'

'I've been your patient a lot Madame Pomfrey, so I knew what you would say. But I really am heading up to sleep, I just want to check on a few of my friends that are here.'

'Very well, but nothing strenuous for at least a week,' Poppy gave Harry a real smile, patted his shoulder then walked off.

Harry knew that was Poppy Pomfrey's way of saying thank you. Anyone that knew him would know he didn't want thanking, so he'd been getting a lot of smiles and pats on the back, but so far that's all and Harry was grateful. He got up and went to the first bed.

'Hi Susan, are you okay?'

'Oh Harry, yes, you know, a few injuries, but I'm alive, that's a plus.'

Harry chuckled, 'Yes, it is, so what happened?'

'A death eater hit me with some spell and I fell down the stairs leading to the library. I have a few breaks, Madame Pomfrey has given me potions.'

'So how long did she say you had to stay?'

'Just a couple of days, so I'm lucky, a lot luckier than some others,' Susan looked around at all the beds.

'Yeah, but considering how many he had on his side, we did come out of this better than I thought. Anyway, get better Susan, I'll see you around,' Harry kissed her forehead then moved to another bed to speak with Ernie, another member of the DA.

After talking with six of his friends, Harry did give small smiles to some of the other patients that were conscious and staring at him and as he walked towards the door, someone started clapping then everyone seemed to join in. Harry blushed with embarrassment, but he turned, gave a small head bow, nodded, smiled then left.

Harry walked up to the office with the two gargoyles guarding it, they moved aside instantly so Harry stepped onto the circular staircase. When it stopped he stepped into the office.

'Sorry to disturb both of you,' Harry gave a reluctant smile.

'It's fine Harry, can we help you with something?' Minerva asked.

'Actually it's something I can help both of you with,' Harry went over to the pensieve, removed the memory then handed it to Kingsley, 'That will answer a lot of questions and I'm sure Dumbledore's portrait can fill you in on the rest,' Harry dug into his pouch, 'I thought you might like to use this for when Hogwarts is open again. I just ask that when you leave or retire that you get it back to me.'

Minerva looked at the names on the front of the Marauders map, 'This was your father's. How did you come to own it when I confiscated it from your father when he was a student?'

'Fred and George gave it to me, but that's why I would like to get it back one day. I just figured it would help you with finding students or staff doing something they shouldn't. If you've never studied the map professor, you'll see everyone shows up and every room apart from the room of requirement, being unplottable, the room can't show on a map. That memory Kingsley, it was Snape's, he gave it to me before he died and it's lucky he did or Voldemort would still be alive. I figured you could use it to clear his name and help with whatever release you need to get ready.'

'I was hoping to speak with you in a few days about all that Harry.'

'I won't be here, I need to get away for a while. Once you see that you'll understand. I'm not going for good or anything, I just need a break from all this and since he's dead, I don't need guarding anymore. Oh one more thing, Narcissa and Draco Malfoy, they actually helped me, Ron and Hermione can explain a bit about Draco, but Narcissa lied to Voldemort which gave me the chance I needed. So even though they still might need some punishment, they don't deserve to be treated like proper death eaters. I'm sure if you ask they would give you there memories to see how they helped. Snape, well you'll see soon enough that he was nothing like we all though. He was actually a very brave man and fooled Voldemort from the time my parents died. Anyway, I have to go, I know you'll do a good job Kingsley and all I ask, do what's right for everyone, don't think about blood status or how you might be perceived by others,' Harry gave another small smile then turned and left the office. He knew those two people in that office will always do what is right, so having Kingsley as minister and McGonagall as headmistress, then their ministry and Hogwarts will always have two people that cares.

He walked down through the ruined castle, he saw people still finding the dead. But Harry knew he couldn't stay, he had to get away, at least for a while. He knew his friends would try to talk him out of it, but this time he was going before they found out. Once he found a secluded spot, he slipped his cloak over himself, then made his way through the rest of the castle and out onto the grounds. He walked away from the castle, then saw Hagrid's hut. He couldn't leave it in ruins, so he quickly and quietly headed down the hill then stood repairing the hut but occasionally glanced around to make sure no one saw him. Once he was satisfied, he magically wrote a note on Hagrid's hut, "Just as I've said so many times, it's not Hogwarts without Hagrid, the same with his hut. I have some great memories of the times I spent here, it will always be a special place just like you will always be special to me" Harry' satisfied with his small letter to Hagrid, he turned on the spot, disappearing from Hogwarts, disappearing from his friends and disappearing from the nightmare he had lived his whole life that was finally over.