Chapter twenty seven

Harry and Charlie had magically sent off invitations to everyone they knew so they could be in Diagon Alley for their opening. Harry had also contacted all the major magazines and newspapers to place adds about the shop and opening. They had no idea it was Harry Potter requesting the adds, he only gave the name of the shop and what would be sold.

Harry and Charlie stood just inside the shop, the whole front of the shop was still covered so no one knew anything about what the old icecream parlour had now changed into. When it was time, Charlie looked at Harry, nodded, so Harry waved his wand to reveal, Charry's potions, a shop for all your potion needs, ready to buy, including the brand new virtual potion, have virtual sex or believe you are a teacher at Hogwarts, whatever your heart desires, this potion will make you believe it's real. Harry and Charlie laughed as they saw Fred and George gaping at them through the window, but so were Hermione and almost everyone else.

Charlie opened the door and stood back with Harry, 'Welcome to our shop.'

'How could you Harry, we were going to do that virtual potion,' George glared.

'My spell, my idea, Charlie got the potion I did the spell over it, we beat you to it boys.'

Charlie and Harry moved aside with the family to allow everyone to look around at all the potions ready to be used. They started being asked about the virtual potion straight away, so Harry and Charlie explained before they ended up being run off their feet. They knew that potion would be popular, so they made enough so they had enough stock for a few days until Charlie could brew up some more. Hermione ended up buying the one to stop her hair going bushy all the time, Eloise Midgeon shyly bought the one for pimples, Harry gave her a smile and guaranteed her it would work perfectly. So many people that Harry knew bought all types of potions and he realised that most of these people never did learn potions mainly because of Snape being the teacher.

'You two are going to make a fortune,' Ron stared wide eyed at everyone.

'Well you know I was hopeless at potions without that book, you were just as bad. So when Charlie said how good he was, but Snape made it impossible, it gave me the idea for this place, combining our talents.'

'That's how I gave Harry his guarantee. He wouldn't tell me how he felt because of my job, dragons are dangerous. When he mentioned this at first I thought I couldn't afford it even if it was a great idea. So we talked it out, I let Harry finance it only after he asked me to marry him. What do you think of our name though?' Charlie glanced around at his family.

'Charlie and Harry combined, Charry, it works,' Bill said, 'You always did like potions Charlie, but I figured you'd always work with dragons.'

'I probably would have if Harry didn't come up with this idea. He made sense though, I had trouble with potions only because of Snape, but I knew I was good. So many others couldn't learn or ending up hating potions because of Snape, so they can't make them, even simple ones. So now instead of going to St Mungo's or having a friend or family member make the ones they need, they can buy anything from here. Naturally we don't do any of the powerful healing potions, they need to be passed by the head healer at St Mungo's. But all the ones we sell are ones anyone can make at home if they are able, like mum, she always made our potions, anything from colds to temperatures.'

'It's very good and you were always good at potions. It's a shame that Severus made it such a dislikeable subject,' Molly said.

'Yeah, Slughorn's good though, treats everyone the same, so hopefully more people will finally start to learn.' Harry said.

'We'll go look around while you take care of your customers. I'm proud of both of you,' Arthur hugged Charlie then Harry before following his wife further into the shop.

Harry and Charlie stood behind the counter, sometimes discussing potions with customers, selling potions or explaining about the virtual potion and how it works. But both men couldn't stop smiling because they realised that their shop was needed and will help their world.

The day of Harry and Charlie's wedding, Minerva McGonagall arrived with the portrait of Albus Dumbledore. As headmistress, she was the only person allowed to remove portraits from the castle, it was a surprise for Harry who had no idea she was bringing it. Both men were in the house but in separate bedrooms with their best man's, Hermione also with Harry and Ron as she was giving Harry away, the twins with Charlie and Bill.

When it was time, Arthur took Charlie, Bill and the twins out one door and stood at the side of the house while Molly took Harry, Ron and Hermione out and stood at the other side of the house. When Minerva nodded the music started, Arthur and Molly stepped out first, linked arms and walked down between the seated people, then Bill and Ron stepped out and walked together down the aisle, finally it was Charlie with the twins on either side of him and Harry with Hermione beside him. Harry and Charlie glance at each other, both smiled before they walked towards each other, joined hands as the twins and Hermione took a step behind. The two grooms walked hand in hand down the aisle and as they got close to the front Harry gasps loudly as he stared at the portrait of Albus Dumbledore who was smiling over his half-moon glasses, his eyes twinkling in that familiar way Harry had seen so often over the years. Harry turns to smile at Minerva who is smiling back, Charlie tightens his hold on Harry's hand then the ceremony starts. Minerva speaks of commitment, of friendship, of communication and of love. Harry and Charlie exchange rings, Minerva moves her wand over their joined hands and a golden sheen spread out from their joined hands to their rings then up their arms to their chest and disappears inside, inside their hearts, joining their hearts, joining their souls, joining Harry and Charlie together, forever. The large crowd cheered and whistled as Harry and Charlie kiss passionately, their first kiss as bonded partners, lovers and friends, a kiss that told everyone that these two men will be together until they took their last breath.

The end: