The Stargate Initiative

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Summary: Okay, people, this is an AU story that starts in 1945. Due to a couple of fortuitous differences from the original timeline, Ernest Littlefield uses a modified radio to communicate that he survived, and, in addition, Heliopolis still stands in reasonably good condition and with a functional DHD. The Stargate Initiative is formed to take advantage of the potential gains of the device.


The smallest of changes can bring about the biggest differences. A single life, or even the presence of one small alteration, could bring about great changes. In one universe, their presence or absence might seem innocuous at first, but over time could bring about catastrophic changes or magnificent progress. Here, in one universe, the impact of two small objects in the grand cosmic scale would bring about life-changing events for the inhabitants of several galaxies. Here now is the universe changed by an engineer and a radio…

PB2-908 "Heliopolis"- 12, 531 B.C.E.

The castle was bustling with various amounts of movement as the construction teams moved with their drones and other tools putting the finishing touches on the location. Oberon, however, was merely standing still, though he was accomplishing more than any of the foremen and their drones. The jutting, clamp-like device was clinging firmly to his head and humming with power, and with a simple thought, he sent several electrical impulses through the machine's wireless interface into the pedestal standing behind him.

Rising to the top of the castle, the new column stood firm and unmoving. Almost a meter in diameter and reinforced with a trinium core, this column was the same as hundreds of others being placed within the castle. He grinned as he deactivated the repository and admired his work. This would be his greatest achievement yet, a location for his people and other advanced races to meet. Its legacy would long outlive him and had been a project he had long worked for ever since he had arrived. He began to circle around the newly-constructed pillar and inspected it for flaws he knew would not be there. His work was perfect, but the inspection kept his mind off the past. Yet he began to remember her once more, despite his best efforts to forget. The memory made his grin disappear as he stretched, shaking his muscles loose after standing still for hours.

It had been more than five years now since he had returned from Atlantis. The war against the vile Wraith was going poorly when he had departed; the Middle Reach had fallen to an assault, and the beasts were coming closer and closer to Atlantis. Many of his kind had started the process of Ascension as the conflict became more and more hopeless.

He grimaced, despite his best efforts to push the sadness aside. He remembered Lirian's smiling face, and the joy he felt when he was with her. Her sunset-colored hair always looked beautiful, especially on the sunny days in their small house. The war seemed so far away and out of mind when he was with her. His engineering work mainly focused on building up planetary infrastructure and so he remained far from the front lines. Still, the two had prepared to ascend and live forever, far beyond any conflict or petty problem the galaxies might offer.

Then the Wraith had taken her on a surprise attack on the inner colonies. While on one of the colony's sister worlds, the Wraith had launched a rapid assault on several inner worlds within the Lantean zone of control. Causing as much damage as possible and taking as many poor souls as they could, the Wraith had torched several of the oldest colonies of his people and fled before the mighty host of the Lantean fleets could arrive and repel them, taking hundreds of thousands, including his beloved.

He had nothing once she was taken; the projects of the Pegasus galaxy lost all meaning and interest to him. Every day, the Wraith made more and more gains, and he loathed to see his work either destroyed or used by his foe. Without Lirian, ascension lost any meaning and joy if he could not be with her. Thus, when several of his compatriots decided to return to Avalon, to flee Pegasus while they could, he opted to return with them. Perhaps the disease had burned itself out and they could rebuild.

Alas, it was not to be. The sickness had taken a greater toll than originally thought when his ancestors departed to Pegasus. His people were still powerful, yet only a shadow of what they once were. Terra and her children were still primitive, and nowhere near to being a potential superpower. Some who came back decided to live amongst them anyway, to breed and pass down a legacy through their genes, others had opted to ascend and live beyond the limitations of the mortal world. Still others continued on, exploring the galaxy, seeding Astria Porta, and building new outposts. In time, they had met several other advanced races in the galaxy and it was decided to create a grand location for all four groups to meet.

As he placed his hand on the pillar's smooth stone, Oberon remembered his surprise when he had been given control of the project. The design he had been given was that of an ancient citadel, but the actual construction and fabrication would fall to him. The engineer who was originally working on the project wanted to use simple stones to maintain the authentic look of the place and over time let it fall to the natural elements should it go into disuse. Once Oberon arrived, the engineer was delighted to have someone else who could take over and had later ascended. However, Oberon would not let this place fall. Though alliances and political machinations might render this location moot, the building would still stand. This grand repository and meeting hall would be his mark left on the galaxy; before he died, he wanted to leave something meaningful behind. Slowly, he reworked many parts of the original design, introducing small bits of trinium reinforcing, improved weather-resistance technologies were installed, the cliff face was braced against the erosion of the nearby sea, and the electronic systems were given multiple redundancies. The stone may wither over time, but the location would stand for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years. A place of peace and knowledge, it would be his small legacy to leave behind…