This is a side story to my other story, called Freezing Flowers. If you haven't read the other story, it has lots of changes.

Natsu is a girl, named Natsa (OMG what a wonderful name!), the pairing is GrayxNatsa or Fem!Natsu, and she was sent to Edolas to replace Lisanna.

This is just a threeshot (maybe), the first part I just copied from my other story.

"Come on, Lisanna. We got a mission," Elfman called to his sister. He was walking with his older sister, Mirajane.

"What? We just finish a job," Lisanna said. She was by Natsa and Happy, talking to them by the tree. "Can't we take a little break?"

"Yeah, but it's a S-class quest. Mirajane wants us along to help her out."

"NO WAY! NO FAIR!" whined Natsa. She never did any S-class missions, and her best friend was allowed to go.

"What type of job is it?" asked Lisanna.

"A emergency request, it just came in. They want us to kill of this monster called The Beast." Mirajane explained. "Hey, Natsa, you want to go with us?"

"Course, I'm all fired up!" answered Nasta. She held her hands up, a cheery smile placed on her face.

"WAIT FOR ME!" Happy yelled, but he was too late. "She left me again..." he grumbled and went back to eating his fish.

"ELFMAN!" yelled Mirajane. "Elfman, pull yourself together!" She was on the ground, holding her arm.

"I had everyone in town leave," said Lisanna after she flew in the clearing, she was using Animal Soul: Bird, but she soon changed back to her normal appearance. "Now let me help you."

"You have to run, Lisanna!" commanded Mirajane as they both looked at The Beast approaching. "I was getting beat up pretty bad, so Elfman tried to take over The Beast to protect me."

"Oh my gosh, that's him." Lisanna gasped at the huge form coming ward them.

"It almost work, but the beast was too powerful for him. Now he totally lost control. "

"Oh no, what are we going to do?" Lisanna asked. She picked up her injured sister.

"We can't fight him," said Natsa as she lifted herself from rock rumble. "He still there, right?"

"We have to get him to come down to his senses," replied Mirajane. "Before the beast completely takes over."

Lisanna walked forward.

"What are you doing?! Come back here!" yelled Mirajane.

"LISANNA! COME BACK!" called Natsa.

"Big brother, Elfman, you feeling okay? It's me, Lisanna, your little sister. Our big sister Mira is here too, and so is Natsa, our friend. We are a family. And when times are tough, we pull together and work things out. So why don't the four of us go home and talk things out?" Lisanna talked to the Beast. "I promise, we are not mad at you."

The Beast growled, lifting his arms up.

Lisanna spread her arms. "Don't be afraid, big brother. We still love you."

"RUN!" yelled Mirajane.

"LISANNA!" yelled Natsa. She ran forward, tucking Lisanna out of the way before the Beast strike, but she wasn't lucky. The strike impacted her body, sending her flying into the forest. Her body was already limp in the air as it slammed into the ground.

"NATSA!" yelled the two sisters.

Natsa looked around at her surrounding. Everything looked different, and the slibings were no where in sight. "Did they leave me?" she questioned as she picked her body from the ground.

She didn't see anyone, just herself in the middle of the forest. The forest, she remember she was attacked by Beast Elfman and sent hurling into the forest; but wouldn't they be searching for her? Wouldn't they found her?

It was midday, and none of her surroundings made sense. Wasn't there suppose to be a burning town? A monster Elfman? Injured Mira? Where was everyone? Where's Lisanna? Where was the destruction from the battle? This forest looked like no one stepped into it for ages, not a battleground for a monstrous Beast.

All she could do was walk, following a faint scent deeper into the forest. Maybe it would lead her to the group, that way they could go back to the guild and recover. Natsa wasn't recovered, her stomach was bruised from the impact, and she had scratches from the fight.

Somehow she came to a large tree. Weird thing about the tree, it had the Fairy Tail symbol on the outside and it's name around the wooden door. It was like a secret hideout, why would Master build this? And why did the smell seem similar?

Because she was curious of the hidden guild, she opened the door. Inside was the mages, but everyone looked different.

"Look! Natsa's back!" called one of them.



Everyone was running to grab her.

"She's alive!"

"I thought she died!"

"What's with those clothes?"

"Natsa-chan!" called Lisanna.

Behind her was a crying Elfman and Mira. What was going on? Why was everyone acting different?

"You fell from so high, I thought it was all over for you..." muttered Mira as she hugged Natsa.

Fell? Natsa was attacked by the Beast and sent hurling into the forest! She didn't fall!

"Natsa-chan?! Natsa-chan here?!" said a voice with disbelieve.

Everyone moved out of the way to let the boy covered in many layers through. His eyes popped opened as soon as he soon Natsa in oddly clothing. All he could do was hug her, smothering her into his many layers. "NATSA-CHAN! I THOUGHT YOU DIED!" he cried. In a lower voice, only for Natsa, "Where have you been? Do you know how worried I was...?"

Al Natsa knew was Gray was too close to her liking, causing her to blush. Why was he so close? Why was he so hot? And why wasn't he fighting? It was burning Natsa up, was it from the closeness? Or his many layers of clothing? "Take off those clothes Gray..." she pleaded to him

"Get a room!" shouted someone, misunderstanding what she was talking about.

"What Natsa-chan? But I get too cold if I don't wear enough," said Gray in a sad tone.

Now Natsa was in shock, this was the Man made out of Ice! And here he was cold! And what's with all of these emotion? Gray always been cold-hearten other than in battle.

*Sniff* Elfman was still crying of the return of Natsa. It caused Jet and Droy to yell at the man.

Lisanna turned her back on Natsa, "Stop bullying Elfy!"

What the fuck happened? Elfman getting bullied! Gray not fighting! Droy and Jet being the bullies! Gray not striping! And where the heck was Happy?!

I hope this story made sense, I will get to the part where the guild find out about Natsa being from Earthland and what's with Gray. He's so OOC in this story, and it's a bit weird since I'm writing about two different worlds.

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