Okay, this isn't a chapter, sorry. I'm adding this to all of the Flower's series for those who want to continued on. The next major story is Blooming Flowers, it's the last one since..you'll find out. It's NamikazeMia's idea mixed with this setting. I've already pushilist it, so it's ongoing.

Freezing Flowers (Gray's side of this story, while he was gloomy) - Completed

Burning Flowers (a what if Natsa didn't disappear and Gray was able to confess, oneshot) - Complete

Lasting Flowers (the events that happens later, set after the timeskip (So it's the Grand Magical Games for NamikazeMia ) with appearance of old characters) - Just started

Plus I've made some random oneshots (that isn't really placed in the real story):

-Longing Flowers

-Escaping Flowers

I really think I'm done with the Flower Series, but there might be some oneshots; if I do make more oneshots that doesn't have anything to do with with the major storyline, I won't update this list. Also, Lasting Flowers will be the longest out of all of them since it covers more than them, and I added many twists.

I just love the setting to much to stop adding, so sorry.