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day o n e: holding hands



"But shishou, I, you can't let this happen!"Sakura protested vehemently, stepping forward. Her cheeks were flushed from anger, nostrils flared. Her temper was rising.

"Sakura, how can you expect me to let Sasuke free after all that he's done?" Tsunade shot back through folded arms. "This is exactly why I didn't allow Naruto in here. You're too emotionally attached."

Sakura wisely ignored that last comment and retorted, "Because of all that he's done. He saved us. If it weren't for him, we wouldn't have won the war and you know it."

Tsunade glared back defiantly. "Yes, but that doesn't erase all that he did before that. He killed Danzou, planned to destroy Konoha-"

"But he didn't," Sakura interjected softly, "he didn't."

The Godaime sighed heavily, leaving back in her chair. "No, he didn't." she agreed. "Look, if it were up to me, I wouldn't give a rats ass what happens to the boy. But the village - and Elders - will not allow him to get off scott free."

Sasuke chose this moment to interrupt. He hated that the two women were talking about him as if he wasn't there. "I don't want to get off scott free. I plan to take responsibility for my actions." He stared directly at the Hokage, mindfully ignoring the way Sakura's eyes shot to his face in surprise.

Tsunade smirked at the boy's boldness.

Sakura stepped closer to Sasuke, ignoring his last comment. "Please, just don't lock him up forever."

At this, the woman let out a gusty laugh. "Lock him up forever? Sakura's he's far too valuable to lock up forever. He's one of the strongest shinobi out there, which is precisely why this matter is so serious. If he were to betray us again-"

"-he won't." Sakura stated firmly.

"If he were to," Tsunade continued regardless, "it would be very disastrous to Konoha."

The hokage closed her eyes briefly, thinking. "How about this? I think over what I think is a suitable punishment, and Sasuke can report back to me in the morning. I'm too tired to have this conversation anymore." She rubbed her temples, feeling a migraine coming on. Perhaps some sake would help…

"So you're not going to lock him up?"

"Oh for Kami's sake - No, I'm not. Not both of you, get the hell out of my office."

Sasuke's shoulders relaxed slightly. Of course he would readily accept any punishment that had been thrown his way, but that didn't mean he had to be happy about it. He felt Sakura tug on his sleeve, forcing him to turn to her.

"Okaeri," she murmured softly, warmly, sliding her hand into his."

He stared back for a long moment, simply basking in the moment, before he answered her. "Tadaima." he replied resolutely, giving her hand a gentle squeeze.

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