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The moon shone through the open window, casting its magnificent light upon the thick and patterned quilt that covered Hermione's tossing body. Her hair, which had tamed over the years, lay tussled and spread on the overly fluffed pillow. She gazed at the wall that was on the left side of the bed, listening to the snores from whoever was sleeping in the next room. Her sleep was fitful and disturbed; she thought too much and the house was too quiet at night. Hermione wanted to play music or even talk her thoughts aloud, but the walls in the Weasley home were too thin and her wand was locked away in her trunk. She, Ron and Harry had finished their last year of Hogwarts. The battle had left its marks; it was clear through the entire family and anyone who visited. George had left home to move in with Angelina soon after the trio had arrived. Harry hadn't said anything, but Hermione knew that he thought George left because of him. Which wasn't true; the Weasley family still loved Harry like another son. But Harry still partly blamed himself for all the deaths. He wouldn't understand that they had all volunteered to help because they wanted to take a part in battling the evil and standing up to Voldemort. Ron was dating Lavender, for after the battle was over he told Hermione he had kissed her as a "heat of the moment" and to "see if I actually did have those kinds of..er..feelings for you, 'Mione".

Harry had told Hermione the other night that he was going to propose to Ginny. They were the only teenage couple that stayed strong after the battle. But then again, Ginny was a natural warrior and had loved Harry ever since she was young. Bill and Fleur had gone back home and all that was left at the Weasley home was Mr. and , Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Charlie.

Charlie had requested a very long vacation from dragon training, and because of his situation, the program had let him. He had come home for Fred's funeral, and had been staying at the abode ever since.

Hermione rolled onto her other side but only laid there for a moment before finally sitting up and running her hands through her hair in frustration. She needed sleep, she was exhausted, but these thoughts were overwhelming her studious mind. She decided that maybe a warm glass of milk would work, and climbed out of bed. She was only wearing a large shirt and a pair of cotton underwear, but Hermione figured no one would be awake at this time and crept down the hall as quiet as she could.

She walked on her toes on the stairs to avoid any creaks or squeaks and when she reached the bottom she squinted her large almond eyes to search the dark for any obstacles as she adventured toward the kitchen. Ever since her tortured experience at Malfoy Manor and the horrific Battle, Hermione struggled with a fear of the dark. Her heart was beating and filling her ears, but she focused on the fact that when she got to the kitchen she could turn on the light, since it was be far enough from somehow disturbing someone's sleep.

Hermione entered the kitchen and went to step towards the refrigerator but at the moment she noticed a dark figure move from the corner and she instantly got flashbacks. She cried out and took several speedy steps back, her feet tangling, and she fell, hitting the tiled floor hard. The dark figure approached quickly and her hands went behind to her to pull her back, her feet scrambling in assistance, as she went to back further away. She cried out again when the figure was in front of her, but to her surprise it reached out an arm and flicked the light switch that was behind her, on.

Once her eyes adjusted to the light and she blinked a few times, she gazed up to see Charlie Weasley standing there. They looked at each other in surprised and confused silence until Hermione noticed Charlie's eyes trail down, and her eyes followed. Her shirt had been pulled up to reveal some of her stomach, and her cotton panties were in clear view. She felt her face and neck go crimson, but she was pulled from her embarrassing thoughts at the sound of Charlie's voice and she looked back up at him,

"Hermione, are you alright? I'm incredibly sorry that I frightened you, I should've had a light on instead of standing in the dark, I suppose." Charlie apologized, reaching out a hand to help her up.

Hermione shakily took it, and his big and calloused hand engulfed hers. It was abnormally warm, but she noticed a mug on the counter and realized he must've come in to get a drink as well. He pulled her up and she groaned her bum sore from the hard hit on the tile.

"It's quite alright, Charlie." Hermione answered, adjusting her shirt to fall back over panties.

"I'm assuming you're having trouble sleeping as well?" Charlie guessed correctly.

"Yeah, I thought maybe a glass of warm milk would help." Hermione said, tucking a curl behind her ear.

Charlie gestured towards the mug on the counter, "Not to break your hopes, but I've been trying for the past few months. It doesn't do much to help." He replied, smiling tiredly. Hermione sighed, glancing at the small window. The moon was high in the sky but the stars were starting to get lighter.

Charlie leaned against the counter, following Hermione's gaze towards the window. After a few moments of silence he asked,

"What do you want to do for a living, Hermione?"

"I don't know," Hermione admitted, her brows furrowing as she looked at the floor. She didn't like not knowing something. She was Hermione Granger for Merlin's sake! "I'm considering Department of Magical Law Enforcement. But I'd help people, not do what they've done." She said with a shrug.

Charlie nodded, "Interesting." He commented.

Hermione looked at him with a smile and noticed there were a notebook, his wand, and a box on the counter behind him. "What's all that?" she inquired.

Charlie looked startled for a second, but then relaxed and picked up the notebook and box. "Just some drawings and charcoals." He answered quietly, as if expecting her to scoff.

Instead, Hermione walked over and took the notebook from him gently. "I didn't know you drew." She murmured. She looked at him then at the notebook pointedly. Charlie nodded for her to go on, and she opened the cover.

As she flipped through the pages she found extraordinary and brilliant drawings and sketches of dragons, dragon eggs, landscapes, and nature. "Merlin's beard.. you're fantastic." Hermione said, surprised, looking up at him.

Charlie gave her a crooked smile and ran his fingers through his short hair,

"Thanks. It takes my mind off things."

The drawings were beautifully detailed, everything was in proportion, and it all seemed to come to life. He was a genius. Hermione's breath was taken at a specific drawing of a dragon lying near her eggs. Charlie noticed and a soft smile spread across his face,

"Ah, I see you have a special liking for Malika."

Hermione touched the drawing gingerly, "Malika," she whispered. She glanced at Charlie again, "She's beautiful."

"She's my favorite. Next to Norberta." He answered with a chuckle.

Hermione laughed, remembering the adventures with the dragon that was named Norbert at the time. The good times. The good days. Her laughter died and tears begin to spill from her eyes. She handed the notebook back, not wanting her tears to splash onto the charcoal and ruin the masterpieces. She wrapped her arms around herself, turning her back to Charlie, embarrassed that she was crying.

Charlie put the notebook back onto the counter and looked at the back of Hermione quietly. After a minute of listening to her soft crying, he gently touched her shoulder.

"It's okay to cry Hermione. We've all been through a lot. It's hard right now, but things are starting to shine and get better." Charlie murmured. He turned her around and pointed out the window. The moon was starting to disappear.

"See the moon? Well when it's gone, the sun will rise. It'll rise every day. It'll shine and provide warmth. The flowers will grow, and life will thrive. And that's what we need to re-learn right now, Hermione. How to thrive and move on from the past."

Hermione wiped her tears away and looked up at Charlie. Her heart had settled and she finally felt sleepy. His words had calmed her and soothed her whirling mind.

"Thanks, Charlie." She said quietly. Charlie looked back into her eyes and smiled, "Any time." He replied.

Hermione looked at his notebook again and asked, "Do you draw people?"

Charlie stuck his hands into his pockets and looked at the book as well. "I've never tried." He said honestly.

"I bet you'd do great." Hermione answered, smiling. Charlie just smiled.

Hermione finally turned back to him and said, "Thanks for talking with me. I think I can sleep now. We're going to the lake tomorrow after all anyway."

Charlie nodded, "Any time, Hermione. Sweet dreams." He said.

Hermione smiled again and headed back up the stairs to her room. She didn't hear his footsteps leave the kitchen and she wondered how late he'd be staying up. Once she got to her room she climbed into bed and snuggled under the covers, closing her eyes.

Charlie was a really nice guy. She had seen him talk with Ginny and Ron and Harry before, but that was the first time she had talked with him.

"Maybe we'll talk tomorrow." Hermione murmured aloud before slipping into her first easy sleep since she got here.

Author's Note: I hope people liked the first chapter! The other characters will be in Chapter Two, which will be much lengthier!