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After a while, Phineas stopped scribbling madly and held up one of the blueprints.

Isabella snapped out of her daydream, in which Phineas had built an airplane, flown them to Paris, and proposed to her on the EiffelTower. "Are you done?" she asked, ready to get on with the building.

"Yes. Yes, I am," Phineas muttered, casting a glance at an empty section of the backyard as though imagining his invention standing there.

"What is it?"

The boy turned to his friends with a surprised expression, as if he hadn't noticed his stepbrother and the four other kids sitting behind him. Clearing his throat, he announced, "This is for my storm generator."

Buford punched a sleeping Baljeet in the arm, who yelped before noticing Phineas looking irritated. He rubbed his arm sorely and glared at Buford.

"As I was saying," Phineas continued, "these are blueprints for the storm generator I'm going to build."

Isabella raised her hand. "How does it make storms?"

As Phineas explained how the generator worked, Candace left the group. "Mom!" she yelled.

In the kitchen, Linda sighed; she'd known this was coming. "What is it, dear?" she asked

as she scrubbed a plate.

Candace burst into the kitchen. "Phineas and Ferb are going to build a storm generator!"

she said, gesturing to the sliding glass door.

Linda raised one eyebrow. "Going to build? So you mean they haven't started yet?"

"Um, no," Candace replied, somewhat stunned that her mother seemed to be taking her


"Then you mean you have no evidence that they're actually building something?"

Oh. "Uh, I guess not," the girl answered sheepishly.

Facing away from Candace, Linda rolled her eyes. "Honey, why don't you come back when you at least have something to show me?"

Somewhat disgruntled, Candace peered out the glass door. Phineas was now getting carried away in his explanation, gesturing wildly as he explained the inner workings of the generator to a bewildered Isabella.

"And so it takes the water vapor, and infuses it with growth elixir, which transforms the normal-sized storm into a superstorm!" he finished.

"But wouldn't it just turn the tiny water droplets into big water droplets and create a lake?" Isabella asked.

Phineas stopped. "No," he said, seemingly disappointed that Isabella didn't understand. "Anyway, that's how it works."

Buford and Baljeet exchanged looks.

"Did you follow that conversation at all?" Buford whispered.

"How could I? The boy speaks at the speed of sound!" Baljeet returned.

Even Ferb looked slightly confused.

After the delivery truck made its daily stop at the house, Phineas set them all to work hammering this, adjusting that, carrying this. Soon, Buford and Ferb had built a general outline of the machine, which resembled a giant sphere with two tubelike antennae and a door cut into it.

Candace watched from the sliding glass window.

"Mom!" she shouted. "It's happening! Come look!"

"Not now, dear," her mother called from the front door. "I'm going shopping. I'll look when we get back."


"You're coming with me."

Candace leaned to see into the backyard before following her mom out of the house; the generator seemed to be finished.

As the five kids stood staring up at the massive machine, Irving walked into the backyard.

"Hi!" he chirped. "What'cha-"

Isabella faced him, cutting him off. "Don't you dare," she threatened with an accusing finger.

"We just finished making today's big project," replied Phineas, answering Irving's unfinished question as the boy joined the group. "I call it…"

He paused for effect, arms held in the air.

"The Storm-Generator-Inator!"

Phineas was met with confused looks.

"What is the point of adding the suffix "-inator"?" Baljeet asked.

"Yeah," said Isabella. "It seems kind of redundant."

Phineas didn't seem to have an answer for that. "Well, it just sounded like it needed it, I guess," he said at last. "Gives it a nice touch."

"I have another question," Isabella added. "What exactly are we going to do with this thing?"

Phineas perked up at a question he had the answer to. "Well, I was thinking something along the lines of propelling the machine into the sky via blimp, and then unleashing a massive storm upon the whole of America." He looked back to the group, seemingly expecting agreement.

Nobody could do anything other than gape for a few seconds.

"…Did I miss something big?" Irving spluttered.