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Lisa couldn't seem to fall asleep. Yet again. This had become an even harder task in the past two months than it had been for the past two years.

And when it came to Jackson, Lisa's fear wasn't what kept her awake at night. No, it was her sickening lust for the terrorist that she just couldn't shake that her pacing her floors at all hours.

She berated herself night after night for the dreams that woke her in a hot sweat. She swore under her breath during the daylight when her mind would wander off, drifting to those memories of ice col blue eyes and dark brown hair.

The man was a threat. He had tried, and almost accomplished, to kill her. To kill her father. He had been part to a terrorist attack, and no telling how many others she wasn't aware of.

And here she was, craving his hands on her, feeling his breath on her skin.

She thought about him in those weeks before, as he'd stalked her. She thought about their meeting in the airport, having a drink with him. She thought of his humor, of his charm.

Then, the plane. Where everything changed.

Lisa remembered often the two of them there in the airplane's bathroom. How close he seemed. How he acted when he saw the slash against her otherwise perfect flesh.

She thought of the fight at her father's house, the police arriving. The way he'd looked at her, his eyes burning holes in her as they questioned him and tended to his wounds until finally putting him in the ambulance and taking off.

He'd escaped custody. She knew that much. Little else was provided. They stationed watchmen out at her and her families homes. Yet... she could almost swear she felt him. Somewhere. Still watching her ever move.

That should have frightened her, shook her to the bone. But it didn't. Instead, she felt a thrill at the idea.

And then hated herself for it.

She wondered what she would do if he actually did show up.

Little did she know, Jackson was planning for her to find the answer to that out real soon.

He smiled, checking into her very hotel. Preparing for round two with the young brunette.