"Cho go talk to Christina Goodman and take Jane with you, she not going to lie to us again."

"Sure, Boss."

Cho grabs his jacket from off his chair and shrugs into it and then takes his gun and handcuffs from his drawer adding them to his person. Jane jumps up from the couch grinning from ear to ear.

"Let's go turn the screws Cho."

Lisbon fixes him a stern look.

"Just keep out of trouble Jane."

"I'm sure Cho will watch over me and deliver me home safe and sound. No need to worry about me."

"It's not you I'm concerned about, Cho is a great agent, I don't want to lose him."

Jane cocks his head to one side in mock horror and then a smile forms

"Ahh denial is a beautiful thing, Lisbon."

"Get him out of here, Cho."

"Right Boss."

Jane waves


"Cho do you know how many types of glass there are?"

Cho's eyes stay forward concentrating on the road ahead.

"No and I don't care."

"The glass View News lists 77."

"I never knew."

"They do cheat by having things like a shot glass and glass museum on that list but it's still impressive."

"Sounds like there's not 77 to me."


Cho gives a sideways glance as he slows at some traffic lights. Suddenly he's being rained on by glass and he goes for his gun as he realises that they are being attacked from the front and the side. He hand freezes when a gun's pressed against his head.

He hears Jane exclaim.

"Ow! Watch what you're doing with that knife."

He glances over to Jane, he's being dragged out the car, a knife against his throat, blood dripping down his neck.

"Keep your hands where I can see them and out of the car quickly or your friend will be dead."

Cho raises his hands so they can be seen and slides out of the car. His gun's removed and he's grabbed by his shirt collar and maneuvered towards a waiting van. Shoved inside he lands roughly as the door shuts, as he tries to get up he's knocked to the ground when the vehicle lurches forward as it starts moving.

"Jane, where are you? Jane?"

There's no reply. As his eyes adjust to the dark and he looks around him there's no sign of Jane, just two burly men with guns trained on him.. He can only hope he was left alive on the sidewalk.

Cho didn't see that there were two vehicles and Jane's trussed up in a car, handcuffed, gagged and unconscious: laid down on the back seat , until a corner throws him to the floor, heading in the opposite direction.

They ignore all his questions when Cho tries asking about Jane, they don't answer who they are or what they want. They just stare at him with their guns aimed at his head. There is enough light to see that they are Asian and brutish. He tries not to think about what it means that he isn't blindfolded. The van starts to slow down and he can tell by the change in noise that it is now inside. It pulls to a halt, the action causing him to jolt slightly. He hears the doors upfront opening and closing followed by muffled words of greetings. His guards haven't moved and resist once more his attempts at conversation. The minutes pass by and the van heats up, Cho loosens his tie. He figures his captors are trying to destabilize him by the wait and the uncomfortable situation so Cho breathes deeply and relaxes recounting the last chapter of the book he's reading. His thoughts keep wandering to Jane and he wonders if he's alright.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

Jane wakes up as he's being dragged out of the car. He mumbles through his gag.

"Ow be careful"

The hands carrying him drop him unceremoniously on to the floor, unable to protect himself he lands with a thud. The impact knocks the wind out of him and Jane struggles for breath as hands uncuffs him and taking him by the shoulders and legs carries him across the room. Jane is too preoccupied to take any notice of his surroundings. The pain in his chest,, a heavy weight as he continues to try to breathe properly. His hands are once again handcuffed and lifted up above him. They wrap the cuffs over a hook. Jane finally has his breathing under control as he hears a whirring sound and his arms begin to lift carrying his body with them. He's stretched on to his tiptoes. He realizes he's in deep trouble and he needs to start taking stock of the situation. He takes a good look at the men that surround him, there are five of them and they look mean. That's all he has the time to register before one steps forward and punches him in the face. It throws him back and when he swings forward, a punch meets him in the stomach. All Jane is aware of from then on is pain and blood, as punches rain down on him until unconsciousness stops the tirade.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx

The door to the van suddenly opens making Cho jump. He's grabbed by the collar and pulled out of the vehicle, landing with a crunch on to the floor. He's aware of his guards jumping down from the van and then hands are upon him lifting him to his feet. He's surrounded by bodies and marched to the far end of the room. It's hard to see past the wall but Cho guesses he's in a warehouse. The wall stops and parts, he's pulled and pushed roughly into a chair, hands holding him in place. He's facing a blank computer screen.

A voice behind him, which sounds familiar, speaks:

"Look carefully."

The computer screens springs in to life and the scene before him makes Cho's heart sink. A battered Jane, bruises forming on his face and blood trickling down from above his right eye and his mouth, is attached to a hook hanging down from the ceiling, his hands stretched up above his head. He's unconscious.

"Now let's talk business Iceman."