Lisbon and Rigsby pull up in front of single story home that has seen better days a millennia ago. A dilapidated porch wraps it's arms around the home, it's paint dirty and flaked. The steps leading up bend in the middle. Rigsby is able to stretch his legs and reach the porch without touching the steps but Lisbon has to negotiate her way up them. Once on the porch they see through the screen door that the front door is open. Rigsby opens the door, both agents have their hands on their guns. He calls out into the gloom.

"Mr. Jackson, CBI, are you in there. "

A gruff voice replies.

"Come in. You don't need your guns I can't hurt anyone any more."

They enter cautiously, without removing their hands from their hips. As they move deeper into the room, a small tv casts an eerie light upon the face of a man who is 45 but looks 60, laying under a blanket on a tatty couch. His face grey, his breath shallow and ragged. Lisbon heart sinks a little as she doubts that he had anything to do with the abduction. Her only hope is he knows who has his van. She doesn't take anything for granted though.

"Let us see your hands, Mr. Jackson."

He slowly removes them from under the blanket, they have a pronounced tremor.

"You here about them?"

He nods towards the television, where the story of Cho and Jane is being broadcasted.

"Yes sir. A van registered to you has been identified as being involved in the abduction. Do you know who has the van and where it is?"

"I remember Kimball as a young boy, always so serious. You could never tell what he was thinking. But he had a good heart. Always looked after his mom, always made sure she had what she needed. Now my nephew Carl, he doesn't care about anyone but himself. He never let's go of a grudge and he's held one against Kimball for along time."

"Is that who has my agents Sir?Your nephew Coran?"

Carl Jackson tears his eyes away from the screen and looks at Lisbon.

"Yes, he stole my van months ago."

"Do you know where he has them?

There's an old warehouse just off the highway, Deedman's electronics I think, that's where he probably has them. I hope you find Kimball well and tell him hi from me."

Lisbon and Rigsby leave without answering. Lisbon has her phone out giving instruction to Van Pelt to find the address. After a few seconds she gets her reply.

"We're on our way. summon swat and we'll meet you there. No one goes in without me."


Coran watches as Cho takes a sweep around the warehouse. Taking in the huge space filled only with the van, a tv, a chair and five men with guns. He smirks.

"Nothing and no one can help you Iceman, except perhaps the death of your colleague."

But Cho has seen something, but his face betrays nothing. He raises slowly from the chair and starts walking towards the van. Then he hears the noise he's waiting for and runs as hard as he can towards the van, hoping that as Swat enter the building it will confuse Coran and his goons enough to give him that little extra time that he needs to reach the van. It almost works. The noise is deafening as men and guns burst through the doors. He can't see whose foolish enough to fire first, but the safety of the van looks too far away for Cho's liking but there's nothing he can do but continue forward. Pain explodes in his leg and he stumbles, with his hands still handcuffed behind his back he can't stop the momentum and he hits the floor hard. His head pounds the cement floor and he's not sure if he blacks out but through the fuzz of pain he feels of strong arms pulling him. He's relieved to hear his partner voice.

"Cho are you alright.?"

"Yes it only hurts a little."

As his head clears he can make out Rigsby's concerned face framed by the van. The shouting and gunfire seem far away, he's then aware of quiet. Lisbon appears by his side, they turn him carefully and free him of the handcuffs. Lisbon smiles at him.

"You're going to be fine Cho, where's Jane?"

"He's not here, they have him somewhere else. I've only seen him on the tv screen. They used him to win my co-operation."

"Is he alright?"

"Can't you see him?"

"The tv was shot up in the gun fire. Did they give any indication where he is?"

Cho thinks hard and shakes his head. They need to find Jane. There's probably an arranged signal to let the others know to keep Jane alive or to kill him. A thought strikes Cho.

"Get Coran's phone. He communicates with the men who have Jane by phone. Look for a number that he call's or text's in regular intervals."

Lisbon pats his arm.

"That's good Cho. Paramedics are here to help you."

Cho knows he has to prepare his boss.

"Jane's hurt boss, you need to hurry."

Lisbon's been on a rollercoaster of emotions. First, the excitement of finding the hideout. They had managed to put a camera through an air vent. Although they couldn't see Jane, they saw Cho, Coran and the others and through audio it was obvious they were about to leave. They took the decision to storm the building. If they waited for them to exit via the van, Cho would be dead before they could control everybody. Taking the lead into the warehouse she had seen Cho running towards the the van and them. Swat had spread out and the hope of a quiet simple ending were dashed when the kidnappers opened fire. Her heart sank when she saw Cho go down. She and VanPelt covered Rigsby as he dragged Cho behind the van. The resistance was short and futile. Four dead, including Coran and the rest surrender. As Swat swept the building the news came back that there was no sign of Jane. After speaking with Cho and seeing that he wasn't badly hurt and should be fine, she left Rigsby to go with him to the hospital, knowing that he would be too distracted to be of help with Jane. She runs over to Coran's body and finds his phone. She hands it to VanPelt, explaining what to look for and to get a trace as quickly as possible. She tries to calm herself with the knowledge that they have Cho.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jane is reciting to himself the lines of Hamlet to take his mind off his pain. He's aware enough to know that he keeps muddling it up and that sometimes a little of the Capulets get in there. He starts again at the beginning of scene four. He jumps at the sound of the door opening. This is the first time anyone has been to see him since he was left alone, what must have been hours ago. The thought flits through his mind as to whether it's a good thing. He struggles to open his eyes but is not winning the battle. What he can't believe is the sound that reaches his ears.


The scent confirms it's not his imagination.

"Let's get him down, carefully."

The scent is so close and then hands touch him, lifting his body a little to ease the strain. He groans. A gentle voice offers comfort.

"It's alright Jane we'll have you down in a moment."

"Lisbon. Cho.."

"We have him. He's fine."

He feels his hands release, then can't stifle a yell at the pain as his stiffened shoulder muscles scream at the change of position. He's lowered to the ground. His pain's eases a little just by being able to take deeper breaths. He opens his eyes to see Lisbon's concerned face.

"Well done at finding me."

He smile within as he sees concern replaced with irritation.

"I am a detective Jane."

He smiles, closes his eyes and concentrates on the feel of Lisbon's hand in his as the paramedics work on him.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A couple of days rest and pain killers have Jane feeling well enough to start being a pain to the hospital staff. A nurse enters his room and finds it empty, she mutters a curse under her breath at her insufferable patient. Jane can be found in Cho's room. Cho underwent surgery to remove the bullet and has to stay a few days more, and like Jane, is ready to leave.

"Hey Cho. Good to see you looking well."

"You too. Sorry you got mixed up in my past Jane."

Jane waves his hand.

"Meh. All's well that ends well."

"Wow that's deep."

"On second thoughts, when you're back to work, you can buy me lunch for a week."

"In your dreams Jane. A McDonalds take it or leave it."

"Yuk! I'll cut my feet off before I enter that establishment."

"I do know people who will do that for you."

"I'll keep that in mind Cho, I may need their numbers one day. See you around, Be well."

Author's note: Well that's the end. I hope Agent ERA enjoyed it and that it met her prompt. I think I maybe a little late in finishing it but only by a couple of days. Thanks for those who have followed and reviewed. Feedback is always looked forward to and appreciated. Thanks for reading. Feel free to let me know your thoughts. :)