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"Taking in a Dream"



Chapter One-Reflecting

Tightening my hands into fists, I felt my leg muscles tighten in anticipation, before they uncoiled, springing me forward. The only difference, it was more like I was flying. The studio turned into a blur of browns, blacks, and white as my body seemed to soar through the air. It reminded me of when Emmett had ran with me in his arms, and when I rode on his back. It was the same speed, only this time…

I was flying by myself.

I could see James clearly, his face twisted in horror and confusion. I could feel something inside of me, bursting with pride that I, a mere human, made a vicious vampire afraid. Rearing my fist back as far as possible, I rammed it in his face.

I kept a hold on him and shoved his body deeper into the wall.

"Your're waking up…the transition is still incomplete…but it's happening…you're becoming one of us" James rasped.

"How do you know my parents?" I demanded. He didn't answer. Gritting my teeth, I brought one fist back, giving him one last chance to answer.

He didn't.

Shaking my head, I rammed my fist into his stomach. I heard him gasp, just like a human when they've had the wind knocked out of them. Pulling him out of the wall, I threw him to the ground, just like he did to me, only moments ago.

"Tell me, how do you know my birth parents!" I shout, glaring fiercely at him.

"Who doesn't know your parents? You're famous princess, whether you know it or not, and if the Volturi were to find out you're awake…then there is no place on earth you and your precious family could ever hope to hide" he sneered.

"Why? Why am I so famous, if what you say is true?" I demanded. He just stared at me, watching me with a calculated gaze.

"Oh, trust me when I say it's true Princess. If your Dad knew you were awake, hell would break loose"

"What is my being "awake" such a bad thing?" he smirked, running his hand through his hair.

I could feel my heart beat racing, faster than it ever has before. Something big was about to be shown, and I wasn't sure if I was ready to hear it, but I needed to. I need to know why James, and Laurent kept calling me the "Kings Treasure," I need to know if this is the reason I have no birth parents.

I need this.

"Princess, you're half human, half vampire"

"What happens now? We fight, we try to kill each other and then what?" I asked, I tried to push away any thoughts of the fact that I killed my mother. I tried really hard to, and the fact that I might die soon helped, somewhat.

"Yep, then, I kill you and bring your corpse to the Volturi, and I'll be a hero" shutting my eyes tightly, I squeezed the tears away. I had to focus, but seeing Emmett's face suddenly in my mind…I can't leave him, no matter how disgusted I am with myself…

I can't leave Emmett…

I won't.

So, focusing on the heat inside me, I tried directing it, to see if it could be manipulated, like wires. I could feel it form around my entire body, and it made me feel hope, that I will survive this, that I will live to see Emmett.

Opening my eyes, I looked right into James' eyes. He saw the change in me and knew it was time to settle this, we had dragged this out too long, and it was time to finish him off.

"I'll give you this half-breed, you've got balls" I didn't say anything, just stared at him.

We both stood, then as if we had some invisible signal, we raced for each other.

I landed a punch right to his face, sending him flying, but as I was rearing my fist back, he grabbed my ankle and threw me to the ground. My body twisted, I kept my muscles loose as my flat palms hit the wooden floor, and did a neat handspring. Landing on my feet perfectly, I turned in time to see James racing towards me, he was sloppy, I had military training, he didn't.

As he came at me, I jumped at him, and twisted my body around him before hitting the back of his neck, hard and sending him face first into the floor. Moving quickly, I stood and placed one foot on his back while I grabbed one of his hands in each of mine and pulled, hard on his arms. His torso arched, I could hear the sound of ripping metal, I was going to pull his arms off.

I don't know how, but he managed to kick me from behind, forcing myself to fall to the ground. He used this to his advantage and placed his boot on my stomach. I fought against him, but I could feel the heat leaving my body, as fatigue started to flow through me. Dammit! Now is not the time to be weak, I thought. I have to live, I have to see Emmett again, and hold him and tell him I'm sorry, and that I love him.

"Interesting, it seems the vampire side of you can only come out to play for short periods of time. Interesting" he mused softly. I growled at him, trying to struggle from under him. He just stared at me, before a wicked gleam enters his eyes.

"I wonder what'll happen if venom enters your system. Let's find out" he grinned wickedly.

He crouched low, and managed to grasp my left hand before bringing it to his mouth. I felt his incisors, as they broke my skin, and dread filling my being. The minute his venom enters my blood stream, I heard an earth shattering roar.


At the sound of Em's roar, the memory playing before me vanishes. The image of the ballet studio, of me and James fighting…is replaced with my bedroom. Sitting up I push my blankets off me and wipe the sweat off my forehead. Angry tears well in my eyes. I feel my right hand move on it's own as I grip my left arm, right where both James and Emmett bit me.


At the sound of the strong, steady heartbeat I realize it's not my own. No, my own heartbeat is pounding dangerously in my chest. It feels like it's trying to break out of it's boney prison. No, this heartbeat belongs to the only other person living in this house.

It belongs to my father Charlie Swan.

Oh, how am I able to hear my own father's heartbeat, when he's clearly not close enough for me to? That's simple really. Last Spring, I've learned something about myself. Something that makes me different from other people.

As it turns out, I'm half vampire half human.

I know, I know it sounds crazy. How the hell can I be of two different species if one them isn't real? Well kids, I'm going to tell you another secret; the supernatural is real. Vampires, shape shifters, half-breeds. It's all real, including real werewolves, which Carlisle-my boyfriend/mate's father-tells me they're called "Children of the Moon." I've also been told that, like humans are ruled by their governments and the President, the supernatural world is ruled by the three Kings; the Volturi.

The three Leaders, Aro, Caius, and Marcus. They're also called the three brothers, since they apparently all share a brotherly bond. This is due to all the centuries they've spent ruling together. They're a pretty big deal as they uphold the law and "take care" of those that have broken their one precious rule. That rule is the most obvious rule ever, keep the supernatural world a secret.

Anyways, back to the situation at hand. Ever since that tracking vampire, James, told me what I am I've been so messed up. There are days when I still feel like myself, normal, human. Then there are the days where everything is heightened. Sometimes when I'm in one of my classes, I'll zone out and then I'll pick up some random conversation.

When I try to peak at the people talking, I'll usually only see my teacher talking. That's when I realize I'm hearing a conversation that's taking place in a completely different part of the school. On those days, my other senses spike up as well. My strength and speed are definitely the harder ones to control and hide. If it weren't for Edo and Ally-Cat covering my ass in P.E. I probably would've been caught by now.

With my enhanced eyes I'm also able to see just how hard Lauren and Jessica try at looking mature. They always put on way too much make up, making them look like clowns half the time. Especially when Jessica uses a specific shade of red that is so not in her color wheel.

I think the worst of it, is like right now. When I can hear the other students' and teachers' heartbeats. Those days are probably the longest days of my life. While I've yet to consume any blood, or feel the need to, it still calls to me. Most of the time I can ignore it, if I'm with Em and the other Cullen siblings. Then I can actually focus on being a somewhat normal person.

Unfortunately though, I can't always be with them. There have been many times when Angie and I are alone. Those times are painful to deal with. Sometimes when she's talking, or when she's not looking my way, I'll just stare at her neck. My icy blue eyes will find her pulse and I'll watch as it races or slows down, depending on the situation. Those times, when I don't have Em to focus my attention on, I force myself to remember Angie as a person.

Shaking my head, I force those thoughts from my head. I can't focus on the bad things like that. Adjusting myself on my bed, I sit cross legged. I start the breathing exercises Jay makes me do, when things become too hard.

Breathe in 1...2...3...4...

Breathe out 4...3...2...1...

Breathe in 1...2...3...4...

Breathe out 4...3...2...1...

As I continue my breathing exercise, I focus on my heartbeat. Despite it being six months since my discovery, I still have nightmares. They vary. My more frequent one is the fight between me and James. I can still feel the ghost of those injuries. How the glass shard had been stuck in my thigh and how I managed to pull it out. The feeling of suffocation as James held me by my neck.

Out of all of those injuries pale in comparison to the feeling of James' venom coursing through my veins. I've talked to the experience of the change with Carlisle. He's told me that when you go through the change, its three days of agony. You feel as if your body is set on fire, from the inside out. I told him that to me, it felt nothing like fire. It felt like acid was burning inside me. Threatening to disintegrate me into nothing.

Carlisle has a theory that it might be because of my…lineage…so to speak.

Opening my eyes to total darkness, I shift my body and reach to my nightstand. I search blindly for my cell phone. It doesn't take long for my hand to come across a small, plastic object in the shape of my phone. Grabbing it tightly in my fist I bring it over and flip it open. The bright light from my screen shines on my face and eyes.

I let a small smile work its way onto my face.

My cell's wallpaper is a picture Mama Es took with my phone. I'm sitting on my boyfriends lap, facing him as we're both laughing. I'm holding my stomach as Em's got his large hands on my shoulders, keeping my balanced. In the background you can easily pick out Jay making the rabbit ears behind my head. Ally-Cat is shaking her fist angrily at Em for making some comment about her clothes. Edo and Rosebush are sitting to my right. Edo getting a Mani Pedi from Rosebush. A soft expression on his face as he stares lovingly down at his mate/wife. Rosebush has a look of concentration she usually reserves for her cars she works on.

This picture is one of my absolute favorites. Even though we're all different people with different personalities, we all clearly enjoy our roles as the "kids" in the family. We're close as any other family, like real siblings. This picture, among a few others we've taken over the last six months, proves it too.

Tearing my eyes from the picture, I look to the time and grimace. It's only 3:30...meaning this is the second nightmare in just the span of one night. As much as I hate it, tears well in my eyes and I shut them tightly as I shut my phone close as well. I bring my knees to my chest as I bite my bottom lip.

"This is ridiculous…two in one night…they're getting worse…" I whisper to myself.

Normally this is the part where Em would say something stupid to make me laugh. Unfortunately he's not here. Em and the rest of the Cullen's went on a hunting trip for the next few days. I don't want to call him either, just in case he's in the middle of his "Happy McBear Meal" as he calls it. I smirk at that before it drops.

Letting my legs drop back to my mattress, I release a sigh. Guess I'm not going to sleep anymore tonight-again. Running a hand through my messy hair, I get up and move quietly to my bedroom door. Years of military training under the finest retired general-may he rest in peace-has given me higher than average stealth skills. Combine that with my abnormal heritage and you've got one badass bitch.

I ease open my door carefully and slide out of my room. I carefully make my way downstairs. It's not hard for me to avoid the squeaky steps. When I'm safely downstairs, I head for the kitchen and go straight for the freezer.

Recently I went shopping and bought myself a tub of vanilla ice cream. Thanks to the job I got over the summer, I've been able to pay for my own things. While Em still loves to shower me in gifts, he's learned-grudgingly-to let me pay for the small things myself. Ice cream being one of those things. I put the tub on the counter and go to the cabinets.

I pull out a bowl and a spoon. Then I go the food cupboard and reach in for the magic shell. Going back to the ice cream, I start scooping as much vanilla goodness as I can force into the bowl. When it's filled to the brim, I put the tub away. Gathering my goodies in my arms, I head to the living room and sit on the center of the couch.

I turn the T.V. on and quickly lower the volume, so I don't wake Charlie. With that, I go to my Netflix Queue and put on Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. I make sure the audio is in English Dub. With that, I sit back, relax and enjoy my late night treats.

The sky is completely black, with white stars tinkling in the distance, the crescent moon hanging high above the earth. In the forest surrounding the young man, all is dark, quiet, the perfect setting for a horror movie. That would be the case normally, if this young man had been human. Pale skin glows silver as his bright topaz eyes scour the woods.

Going northwest only half a mile out is a small herd of deer. The lighter footsteps make him think of fawns and does with one or two stag. Deciding to leave the family alone, he turns his attention away. As much as he wants food, the young man can't leave the baby deer orphaned. It would remind him too much of his own precious mate back home.

Somewhere in the distance, he can hear the trickle of a stream. The fluttering of birds wings, as squirrels run swiftly and silently, like ninjas in the night. The whisperings of the forest are bright and alive. The animals calling to his inner monster, begging him to let his inner take over and put them out of their misery. A gentle breeze sweeps passed him, making his loose fitting clothes flutter, as his short hair is slightly ruffled.

Lifting his nose high into the air, he takes several whiffs. An excited grin crawls onto his full lips, making his topaz eyes glitter in mischief. He recognizes the scent, both scents actually. He certainly can't let this opportunity God has given him fly by, now can he?

Buzzing with undeniable excitement, the man sinks into a low crouch. A smirk on his face as he focuses on where the scents came from. Man turns into predator as he lets his inner monster come out to play. Without missing a beat, the man pushes himself forward, his normal heavy footfalls turn into-surprisingly-light footsteps. His hearing picks up the faint sound of heavy breathing and pleasure full sighs.

As he gets closer, the sounds become louder as sharp nose picks up the scent of blood; and lots of it. It takes him a bit to force his mind not to lose himself in the scent of blood. His natural energy drink, the second most important sustenance that keeps himself alive. The young vampire easily sneaks upon the glen the noises and scents are coming from.

Clearing his mind of all thoughts and actions, he peeks around the thick tree. The sight before him-normally one that makes him want to bleach his brain-is the perfect set up. The two beings before him, covered in blood as their naked forms move together as one. To an outsider, this might be seen as romantic, as two lovers consume their love under the moonlight.

To this young man, this clearly isn't the case. Considering these two are his "siblings" of sorts, this feels and looks wrong on so many levels. A young blonde is on her back, her body arching. Her long blonde hair falls around her in a perfect halo of gold. She has her eyes closed as her mouth is set in an "o."

The boy leaning over her is on his hands and knees. He too has his eyes closed, as his normally styled copper hair now spikes up all over. The boy's hair at the moment, reminds the young man of anime characters. The copper haired boy is pounding at ridiculous speeds into his mate's womanhood. From the groans and amount of panting, they're both close to their edge.

Just as it seems, the two are about to cum, the young man makes his entrance.

"BOO!" His loud booming voice echoes across the glen.

"AAAAHHHH!" Screams the young couple.

Simultaneously, both blonde and penny hair separate, clearly their pleasure from before is now overridden in fear. That fear however, doesn't stay for long as they look to see what-or more specifically-whom ruined their romantic love making.

The young man from before is now doubled over. His arms holding his stomach as his booming laughter fills the forest. He laughs so hard that venom like tears pour down his cheeks*. When they make out who this person is, the blonde is the first to react.

"Emmett. Christian-McCarty. Cullen. What. The. HELL?!" The blonde screeches. At the anger filled tone, the young man-now named Emmett-realizes the position he'd just put himself in. He stands up straight, but the sight before makes him start laughing again. A naked Rosalie Hale is actually something to admire-if neither he nor she were mated. A naked, pissed off, pre cum Rosalie Hale on the other hand…is not someone you take lightly.

That's exactly the opposite of what Emmett is doing.

Clearly Emmett doesn't realize the danger he's in. As he continues his laughing spree, both the copper haired boy and Rosalie are now fully clothed; at least as much as their tattered clothes allow them to be. Deciding she's had enough, the blonde beauty releases a loud shriek, one that makes any harpy proud.

At the sound of her battle cry, Emmett freezes for a brief second before turning and running for his life.


The sight of a half naked blonde beauty, chasing a behemoth of a man child through the forest at lightening speed, is quite a hilarious sight. A sight that immediately attracts the laughter from the rest of their family members, of whom they pass by, unnoticed by the two immortal teens. Seeing that her threat doesn't have much affect on her brother, she decides a new tactic. One she knows for sure, will work in her favor, especially for the next year, or two.

"GUESS WHAT EMMETT?! I'M GOING TO TELL IZZY ON YOU FOR THIS!" At Rosalie's words, that really makes Emmett piss himself-well if he could still take a piss. As much as he loves and adores his little mate, she's scary as fuck when she learns of something she doesn't like.

"Shit…Mom, Pop, I'm moving to the Antarctic. Tell Izzy I love her and that I'm going on a journey of self-discovery!" Emmett yells.

The copper haired boy just sighs and shakes his head, but not without a fond smile on his face. He looks to his other brother and sister-whom arrived at the noise of Emmett's scare earlier. He looks to his older brother specifically and smirks, holding out a hand.

"$100 if Rosie gets her hands on him this time" the young boy bets. The blonde male looks to his younger brother and grins, shaking his head.

"$200 if Izzy gets her hands on him when she learns of this" The copper haired boy thinks on this before grinning an even wider smile.

"Deal" He says.

"Deal" His brother repeats.

My eyes flutter open as I take in my room. My eyebrows knit together as I wonder how I got here. The last thing I remember is sitting in the living room, watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood while binge eating on vanilla ice cream. Rubbing my eyes with one hand, I shift my arm about so it's free from my comforters. When the back of my hand rubs against what feels like paper, curiosity hits me like a dart on a dartboard.

Letting my other hand drop, I turn my head so I'm looking to my right. On Emmett's side of the bed-yes he has a side-is a folded piece of paper and a single blood red rose. Smiling softly I sit up in bed and grab both precious items. I bring the rose to my face, taking in the scent. Pulling it away from my face, I spin it delicately between my thumb, index and middle fingers.

The rose is beautiful, perfect, as the lovely flower is fully bloomed. I carefully place the rose in my lap and turn my attention to the note. I already know it's from Emmett. He has a habit of leaving me notes in bed because he doesn't want to wake me up. Opening it, I look to what he wrote.

"My dearest Pepper,

If I could, I would be here to kiss you awake and show you just how much I love you. Unfortunately my siblings have commandeered me for the day. Fear not my sweet! For I shall send thee electronic messages throughout the day! Thou shall also receive a very special surprise at thy day of celebrating thee's birth.

I love you, eternally yours,


P.S. If Rosalie calls you later and says I might've done something stupid, don't believe her! She's a liar everything she says about me is invalid!"

"The hell…?" I say softly. I scoff in amusement at my boyfriends antics. Shaking my head, I put the note down and pick up the rose. I smile softly as I press it gently against my pursed lips. My nose buries itself in its flowery scent, bringing a wave of calm and love to my heart.


At the sound of someone knocking on my door-and the only other heartbeat besides myself-I know who it is.

"Come in" I call out. I grin when Charlie sticks his head in, giving me a wide smile before coming to sit at the edge of my double bed.

"Hey Birthday Girl. How are you feeling right now?" I lick my lips and think of Emmett.

"Oh, I'm feeling better, though I'm scared about having to deal with Alice all day" we both chuckle. Alice is a force to be reckoned with, and when Alice wants something, Alice always gets it. She's going to want to celebrate my birthday. Its really freaking annoying actually, but I refuse to say anything about it.

"Oh, right, I want to give you something's" blinking, I look to my Dad and see him holding out a small pile of presents. I smile softly as I take the top one and open it. When I see what it is, my eyes go a bit soft.

"Oh wow, this is cool" I say.

What I hold in my hands, is a book called Robin Hood. It's basically the screenplay of Russell Crowe's version of Robin Hood, in book form. Because of how I was raised I never wanted to be a princess. No, I always hated how they were the damsels in distress, and always had to be saved by some no name prince charming. Nope, no sir not me, instead I wanted to be the next Robin Hood. For a short phase when I was a kid, when one of the smaller kids was being bullied, I would end up fighting the bullies.

A lot of my childhood was actually spent getting into scrapes; or being sent to the principles office for fighting. Not once, whenever I'd get lectured or punished, did I ever regret it. Especially if it means helping the bullied learn to stand up for themselves, in small ways. That alone is enough victory for me. The card said it was from Phil and knew I had to give him a call later.

The second gift, is a new laptop from Renee, already connected to the internet. Which will go nicely for Skyping Ash and Kevin. Though, what Charlie got me is easily the best out of the three.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see him watching me in expectation. So I hurry to unwrap the paper to see what he got me. I blink, feeling my eyes tear up at what he got me.

"I know you hate huge amounts of money being spent on you honey, but I figured you'd want this"

What he gave me, is a three stack pile of photo albums. I only need to take one look to know that they're brand new. Seeing as the plastic is still protecting them. I also open another small package to see a brand new digital camera.

"The camera was a little costly, but sweetheart, you're only young once, and I want you to be able to look back on these times, and remember them all, the good, the bad and even the ugly. Because, once you get older, you'll be surprised to learn that, everything you've gone through, or haven't done, is what shapes you into the beautiful young woman. The greatest gift and honor, is having you for a daughter" when I blink, tears fell down my eyes, this is the most he's ever shown me with his emotions like this. Placing the gifts aside, I lean over and pull him into a tight hug. I squeeze my eyes shut tightly when I feel my Dad's arms wrap tightly around me as well.

"I love you so much Kiddo, adopting you was the best thing I could have ever done" he continues a bit. A sob escapes my lips, as I bury my face in his shoulder. I can feel my tears and snot leak into his shirt, but Dad doesn't say anything. He just holds me, rubbing soothing circles in my back, the way he used to when I was little.

When I manage to calm down, I chuckle a bit when I see his shirt and feel bad. I see him try to hide his grimace. I see it, but he doesn't say anything about it. He just stands silently, kisses the top of my head and heads downstairs.

Even though he easily could have, Emmett decided to stay in Forks, because I'm still in school. Charlie was a little surprised at this in the beginning, but Emmett told Charlie that, despite having plans to attend university, he wants to take this year off to, "soul search." He somehow convinced Charlie of that lie. I might've believed his thoughtfulness, if he hadn't been wearing a black T-Shirt that said "Orgasmic" at the time he said all this.

Also the fact that Emmett's had, oh, I don't know, nearly a hundred years, to "soul search."

Sighing, I get up and make my bed, putting my presents in a neat pile on my desk. I go to the shower, with my bag of toiletries in hand, and take a quick hot shower. As I shampoo my hair thoroughly before conditioning it, I know Alice is going to be a problem. Since she clearly knows that today, happens to be my 18th birthday. Judging from Em's note, they're also going to be celebrating my birthday as well. Great, "Barbie Hour" at the Cullen's tonight.

Ever since I've accepted Alice as a sister, she's been trying-and failing-to let her be my personal dresser. I've told her no on multiple occasions. I even go as far as grounding Emmett-meaning I refuse to have sex/make love to him-because Alice's pesters puts me out of the mood. Then this causes Emmett to have a go at Alice.

In laymen's terms this is what happens; I get so tired from thwarting Alice off, that when Emmett want's sex, I'm too tired, meaning he doesn't get any, then he and Alice have screaming matches. it's a painful cycle, but one I must endure. Plus it keeps those two busy while Jay and I just sit back and relax.

I shake my head and grin as I rinse my hair of the conditioner. The burning water going warm on my skin. Blinking I reach behind me and twist the water off. Reaching behind the curtain, I grope the metal handle bar and pull my towel into the shower with me. I take care to wrap it around my chest, making sure none of the my long hair is caught. Once it covers everything it needs to cover, I step out.

Going to the sink I reach for my toothbrush and toothpaste. I quickly brush my teeth, making sure to get my entire mouth and tongue. When my mouth is minty fresh, I head back to my room-clothes and toiletries secure in my arms.

Scurrying down the hall, I enter my bedroom. I close and lock the door, before I put my bag of toiletries by the doorframe. I toss my dirty laundry into the hamper and head for my drawer. I avoid the top left drawer, as that's where Em keeps some of his clothes. Yes folk, Emmett Cullen has his own drawer in my room. Though it's nothing when I compare it to half the closet space and three drawers he has for me at his place. It's a start though.

What makes me nervous though is when I'll wash Em's clothes sometimes with mine. When that happens I always get fidgety when Charlie asks why I'm washing a bunch of men's clothes that belong to neither of us. Though Charlie is the Chief of police for a reason, so I'm pretty damn sure he knows they're Em's. The reason I get so fidgety is because he never brings it up. He doesn't ask me why I'm suddenly in possession of some of Em's clothes. Maybe he trusts me, or maybe Em's given Charlie a reason to trust him? Who knows what that man is thinking.

Pushing the thought away temporarily, I grumble when I find nothing. As in, there's nothing clean that I can or want to wear. Scrunching my nose at this, I sigh and go for my phone. Maybe Rosebush can bring me some of my stuff from Em's closet. Just as I pick up my phone, my new on and off sensitive hearing picks it up.


Judging from the sounds, I'll say this person is wearing heels of some kind. They're also stepping on the staircase steps where it makes that horrible creaking noise. Licking my lips, I follow this person's movement.


I'm not getting a heartbeat…so this person has to be a Cullen. Since there are only three women in the family that helps. I know it can't be Mama Es, she's been visiting Carmen Denali for the last week.


So this person is either Ally-Cat or Rosebush. Taking in a deep breath, I try to get their scent. It's faint, but I'm getting…Carmel and…motor oil…? My eyes widen at who this person is. Going to my door I unlock it and rip it open in time to see-

"Rosebush, hey girly-o" I say.

"Hey Iz, can I come in?" She asks. I nod and step to the side and let her in. I close and lock the door, so Charlie can't come in.

"So, I have something for you, and I think you're going to love it" She tells me, smiling hugely. Rolling my eyes I go and sit on the bed beside her. I bump shoulders with her before opening it. Moving the white tissue paper, all I see is a dark, royal purple fabric. I grab said fabric and lift it into the air and gape.

"Oh my god…it's beautiful…" I breathe.

"I'm so glad you like it!" Rosebush squeals.

The purple fabric is a long sleeve, off the shoulder shirt. It has a black leather belt going around the waist diagonally.

"There's more" the blonde tells me. Nodding I put the shirt off to the side and see some black fabric. I pull it out and see it's a pair of black skinny jeans. Putting that with the shirt, I look in to see a very familiar pink bag.

Victoria's Secrets is written on the side of it. I bite my bottom lip as I grin. I've only gone in there once when I was thirteen. Renee dragged me in there to get my bra size before making me buy a bra from there.

"Izzy, every young girl and woman should have at least one bra and panty set from Victoria's Secrets. Without that store, we'd never be able to spice things up, not just for ourselves." I roll my eyes at her logic, even after all these years.

Looking through the bag I pull out a red bra with a thin layer of black lace over it. Looking into the bag I find a matching pair of panties. Smirking I hold them up to Rosebush's face.

"Thanks Rosebush. I love it all" I tell her. At my praise she beams before tossing the clothes at me.

"Okay, you get dressed and when you are, I'm going to do your hair and make up" she tells me happily.

"Alright," I tell her easily.

When she steps out of the room, I let the towel drop and start getting dressed. When I have the outfit on, I look in the mirror I whistle. Damn I look fine~! The shirt contorts perfectly to my toned body, showing off all my curves. The low neckline shows just a hint of cleavage but nothing that would warrant any un wanted attention. The shirt ends just below the curve of my ass. Hiding the belt that's holding up my pants easily. The skinny jeans fit perfectly, resting low on my hips.

While the outfit does show off my curves, it still keeps it modest. It's the perfect outfit. Grinning I play with the straps of the matching purple spaghetti strap top. That way if the shirt gets too hot-yeah right this is Forks for Jiminy Cricket's sake-I can just take the shirt off and have my tank top. Grinning even wider I leave my room and go downstairs.

"-All excited to celebrate Izzy's birthday. She's going to love what we have planned for her" Rosebush's voice comes from the kitchen.

"This'll be good for her. I know she doesn't like to make a big deal out of her birthdays, but ever since she went to Phoenix to help Ash out, she's been having nightmares. She thinks I can't hear her, but I do. This morning I found her asleep on the couch. The T.V. was on and she had an empty bowl of ice cream beside her." At this, I refrain from going into the kitchen. Though I'm sure Rosebush knows I'm already here.

"I get what you mean. The few times she's stayed over, she refused to sleep. None of us really knew why until…" the blonde trails softly.

"Until what?" Charlie asks, his voice just as softly.

"Until she woke up in a fit of rage. She kept calling out for Ashlyn, demanding where she was and what we did to her. It took both Esme and me to calm her down, since the guys were camping." I frown at this. I know the night she's talking about, I also know she's editing it for Charlie's sake. Deciding I've had enough of this, I purposefully make a noise before entering the kitchen.

"Hey" I say cheerfully. Charlie and Rosebush look at me at the same time. Charlie smiling while Rosebush has concern leaking through her smile.

"Hey, how's it feel to be an adult in the eyes of the law?" Charlie asks teasingly. I shrug and take a seat.

"I don't feel any different if that's what you're asking. This just feels like any other day" I confess.

"Seriously? You're eighteen now! You can buy scratch-its if you really wanted to" Rosebush tells me. I roll my eyes and give her a mock grin.

"Oh yeah, because scratch-it's are on the top of my 'things to do when I turn eighteen list.'"

"You're such a weird person. How can you not be excited? Besides, I've gotten your dad's permission to help you ditch school today, so be grateful for that at least" she teases. I raise my eyebrows at this and look to my dad.

"Seriously? You're letting me ditch?" I ask incredulously. Charlie is always such a stickler for the rules, which is even more apparent after he became Chief of Police. So the fact he's letting me ditch school today is shocking.

"Of course. Izzy it's your eighteenth birthday. This is the second most important birthday you're ever going to have. You're one of the most responsible people I've ever met, and you've been doing pretty good since with following the agreements of your punishment. So, as another part of your birthday present, I'm going to lift your grounding as well. Be warned though kiddo, pull another stunt like that without informing me again and you'll wish you were out of the state" with that, Charlie gets up, kisses me on the head, pats Rosebush's shoulder and heads off to work.

Rosebush and I just sit in silence before we burst out laughing. Honestly I'm not sure why that's so funny, it just is.

"Well then…that was…random?" Rosebush giggles. I chuckle as well, trying to get myself to calm down.

"Agreed…so, I'm assuming since you're here bailing me out, we're doing something together?" At my question, she turns to me, grinning wickedly. Her amber eyes glittering mischievously, vaguely reminding me of Em.

"Oh honey, you have no idea for the things I have planned for us" A shiver runs down my spine at the tone of her voice. With that said and done, we both leave the house. I make sure to lock the door behind us and then follow Rosebush to her Mustang Convertible.

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