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P.S. Emily's injury and the accompanying brace are inspired by a friend who recently broke her humerus. Not at all a fun contraption to have to wear in the heat of Texas summer! :o)

"Son of a bitch," Emily blurts. "Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Shit. Shit. Shit. Ow. Oh, fuck."

JJ immediately sits up in bed. "Em? What's wrong?" JJ turns on the light and hops up.

"Damn velcro strap came undone and my arm slipped. I…I can't get it back in place," she admits. "Fucking hurting, Jen."

She hurries around to Emily's side of the bed. Emily's left hand is holding her right hand in place. The strap hangs loosely down the side of the bed.

JJ had watched carefully as the therapist showed her how to take the complex brace on and off. She had helped Emily with it the night before when she begged to take a shower. JJ had gone into the shower with her, allowing Emily to hold her arm up as JJ washed her wife's hair and bathed her.

The blonde carefully manipulates the injured limb to the proper location and secures the strap. She double checks the others but they are all okay. She runs a hand through Emily's hair.


Emily starts to nod, then stops. "Shit. Jen…I need a pain pill. It's just hurting so badly."

"Hey, stop sounding like admitting that makes you weak, Emily Prentiss. It's 3:15 in the morning. You need to sleep to get well and you'll only sleep if you're comfortable."

Emily just nods as JJ goes into the bathroom to fetch a pill and glass of water. Once Emily takes the pill she sighs.

"This is going to take a long time, isn't it? I'm not going to stun the doctors by getting better sooner, am I?"

"Emily, you are 40 years old. Your body has been through more in your professional life than most people see in their entire life. If anyone could heal quicker, it would be you. But, baby, if you need the full 6 weeks, hell, if you need 8 or 10 weeks, take them. You have 4 children that will care more about you being well than about you being Batman."

Emily sighs. "Batman…maybe Batman should think about turning in his cape permanently."

"Whatever you decide to do, I will back you 100%. You know that. But let me just say don't make any decisions right now. You're still hurting mentally and physically from this one. Wait a few weeks before deciding to do anything, okay?"

Emily nods. "Okay. I guess we still need to see if the report Hotch and Jordan put together will fly with the brass."

JJ smiles. "It will. I have no doubt about that. Honestly, honey, to tell the truth would risk the government revealing too much about JTF-12 and put other task forces under too much scrutiny."

"Yeah, maybe." She squeezes JJ's hand. "We need a vacation. It's our year to be off rotation for Thanksgiving. Let's go somewhere."

JJ grins. "It's quarter after 3 in the morning, your eyes are starting to droop from the pain pill, and you want to plan a vacation?"

Emily yawns. "Sure. Why not?"

JJ laughs and leans forward to kiss her wife. "Go to sleep, sweetheart. We'll talk about it in the morning. For the record, I think it sounds like a great idea."

"Good. Maybe England…I'd love to show you London," she murmurs, her eyes slowly closing.

"Maybe. We'll see, honey."

JJ turns off the light and stands. Emily is already asleep. She goes around to the other side of the bed and crawls in. It feels weird to sleep on "Emily's" side of the bed but it was the only way to make sure she didn't accidentally hit Emily's injury. By the light of the moon, JJ studies her wife. Yes, her body had a lot of scars, both visible and internal. And yes her mind had a few scars, too.

But the one thing that had never seemed to change in the time that JJ had known her is Emily's first thought is for her loved ones, not herself. A vacation. Barely 24 hours removed from surgery and she's thinking about a vacation with her family.

"You are an amazing woman in so many ways, Emily Prentiss," JJ tells her sleeping beauty. "I love you so much."

She leans over and kisses Emily's shoulder before trying to get back to sleep herself. She'll be the one taking care of the kids needs in the morning until Emily is able to start using that arm again.

"So much for getting 5 more minutes sleep any time soon," JJ whispers with a smile as she closes her eyes.

A sound coming from the kitchen makes her eyes pop back open. She listens a moment and her tension eases as she hears the sound of a glass on the island and the refrigerator opening. Since the motion alarms on the kids door frames didn't go off she knows it must be Declan and not Henry or Rocky.

She gets up and pulls on her robe. She glances at her wife but Emily is fast asleep. JJ will have to handle this one alone.

"Hi," she says as she steps into the kitchen.

"Hi," Declan answers quietly. The young man sits at the island, a glass of milk in front of him. His eyes are haunted and they stab JJ in the heart.

"Want a cookie or two to go with your milk?" she offers.

He shakes his head. "No thanks."

JJ leans against the sink, staring at him over the island. "Want to talk about it?"

Declan shrugs. "I don't know."

"Can I guess you had a nightmare?" Declan nods. "Well, one thing I can tell you is it can help to talk about them. You kind of work them out of your system that way; take away their power, so to speak."

Declan takes a drink. He sets the glass back down, twirling it slowly and watching the condensation rings it makes on the countertop. He takes a deep breath.

"I dreamt…Emily let her have me. She was mad that I got Dad shot and was worried that woman could go after you and the kids so she gave me up. I was screaming for her and saying I was sorry but she…she looked like she did before…when I was a kid and would watch her dealing with Ian Doyle," he finishes at a whisper.

JJ nods. "Kind of close to what I guessed."

Declan frowns. "Really? You mean…you're not mad I had that dream?"

JJ smiles and shakes her head. "Not at all. Dec, I hate to say it but you will probably have several versions of that dream as all this starts to process for you. You may even have one about your Dad wanting you gone." She walks over and leans on the counter so she can stare him in the eyes. "The minute you wake up, tell that dream to fuck off. We all love you and not a damn one of us would have let that bitch take you out of this country. Not one of us."

Declan slowly smiles. "You cussed."

JJ nods. "Sometimes it's necessary." Pause. "But don't you start making a habit of cussing, young man."

Declan chuckles. "I won't. Promise." He finishes off his milk.

"So, think you'll be able to sleep now?"

Declan shrugs as he walks his glass over to the sink. "I don't know. Maybe."

"Why don't you stay down here and watch TV a while? At 3:30 in the morning there is bound to be something on that will bore you to sleep."

Declan grins. "Yeah, probably. Thanks, Mom, for…for everything."

She gives him a hug. "No problem, Dec. See you in the morning."

He nods and heads into the living room to watch TV and try to sleep. JJ makes her way upstairs. She pokes her head into Henry's room and sees him cuddled up to Alaska, Bear-Bear in between them. She looks in on Rocky and sees the little girl cuddled up to Sergio. She laughs and shakes her head.

"And that cat acted like we betrayed him when we brought her home."

She goes back into the bedroom and double checks that Emily's brace is still where it should be. Satisfied that all is as okay as it can be at Chateau Prentiss, she crawls back into bed. She snuggles up to her wife and closes her eyes.

"Dec okay?" Emily asks sleepily.

JJ grins. She should have known Emily would wake and know where JJ had gone. "He'll be okay."

"Good. Night, Jen."

"Night, baby."

JJ kisses her cheek and both ladies go back to sleep.