JJ smiles as the dual heartbeats echo through the exam room. "That is the most beautiful sound," she remarks.

Dr. Kendle Manton grins. "I might have to agree with you. Strong heartbeats are always music to my ears." She manipulates the device through the gel on JJ's abdomen. "Yep, both babies are looking great."

After dropping Declan back at his school, JJ had gone to the doctor for a scheduled check up on the babies. As she stares at the images on the monitor she just shakes her head.

"Oh, they are so precious," JJ murmurs. "I wish Emily could have been here."

"Me, too," Kendle agrees. "So tell me, how have you been feeling?"

"Good. More tired than with Henry but my blood pressure has been mostly good. Granted, the last case we had caused a few lifts in it but nothing that would have made me go to the ER."

"Excellent. Any weird cravings or side effects?"

JJ grins. "Um, would you consider peanut butter on dill pickles a weird craving?"

Kendle raises an eyebrow. "Are you serious?" JJ nods. "Yep, I'd consider that weird," she chuckles. "But I don't see it being too bad for you if you're careful about it. Watch the salt intake and it should be okay. Gross but okay."


"How about your physical activities? Any problems there?"

"No. I use the treadmill and do light weights. I stopped jogging because, well, I can't help but think the babies would be in there bumping into each other if I ran."

Kendle laughs. "Interesting thought. Sounds like you're taking the right steps that way then. So, what about work?"

"On cases, I only question relatives and stick around the police stations to sort tips and write press releases. I'm sort of slipping back into liaison mode which my boss loves. And I don't wear my hip holster anymore. It could potentially make me a target. But my ankle holster is right where it needs to be in case I have to protect myself or the babies."

"Good." Kendle makes a few more notes. "Well, everything is looking good and you're proceeding nicely. Keep track of your blood pressure. Keep in mind, you're about to start a major growth spurt for two babies. This could lead to issues you didn't experience with Henry. Be prepared for possibly ending up on bed rest at some point."

"Ugh. That's a horrible thought. But I'll do whatever I have to do to keep the babies safe."

Kendle smiles. "I know you will." She stands. "Well, I'll let you get cleaned up and situated. "We'll see you again in 3 weeks; sooner if you have any problems."

"Okay, Doc."

"You can get your prenatal vitamins at the front desk." She shakes JJ's hand. "Take care, Jennifer."

"I will. See you in 3 weeks, Dr. Manton."

As soon as she gets out to her car, JJ sends her wife a text.

"All is perfect, honey. Expect the ultrasound soon. I love you so much. Hope your appointment goes as well as mine did. Call me when you can, baby. Love you."

JJ hits send and rubs her stomach. "Well, kids, let's get to work."

Emily breathes a sigh of relief. "Thank God! I'm not sure I could have handled more surgery and a longer recovery period."

The surgeon smiles. "I understand. Had your fall happened a few days earlier it may have caused issues but things had set long enough that all looks fine. I'd say you'll be in that brace just the 6 weeks we expected."

"Great. So what about work?"

He looks over her chart. "It won't be easy since you're right handed but you can start back to desk work only on Thursday."

"Thursday? Why Thursday?"

"Because every officer I've ever dealt with tends to overdo it when they start back. By starting you back on Thursday you only have 2 days of work possible."

Emily raises an eyebrow. "You're a cruel, devious man, Doctor."

He grins. "I'm a surgeon. Of course I am."

Emily laughs and extends her left hand. "Thanks."

"Take care of yourself, Agent Prentiss. See you in a couple weeks for a check up."

She nods. "Yes, sir."

The nurse comes in and helps Emily get back into her blouse and her brace. Emily winces slightly but is glad it doesn't hurt as much now as it had at the start. It may take a while but she really is healing.

Out in the waiting room, Morgan stands when he sees her. "Ready, Princess?"

She smiles. "Ready. I get to start desk work on Thursday."

He smiles. "Great! It will be good to see you around the office again. We've missed you."

"I've missed you all, too. Thanks again for bringing me today. It didn't feel right leaving Tom alone."

"No problem at all. It's not like I don't have plenty of comp time built up, right?"

Emily laughs. "True. So, uh, do you think you all will get IAB's final report today?" she asks nervously.

"Hotch thinks so. If not today, some time this week. Em, it will be fine," he replies confidently

"Half the time I know that. The other half I'm terrified I'm wrong."

"You're not wrong. It will be finished and in the past. All we'll need is you back to work and it will truly be behind us."

"I hope so. I don't want to- -" she stops as she gets a text alert. She smiles as she reads the text from her wife. "Jen's appointment went great. All is good with her and the babies."

He pats her good shoulder. "Awesome! See, this is a good week, Emily. All is getting right with our world again."

She nods. "You're right. Okay, out with the negative thoughts and in with the positive. Everything is going to be okay."

"Damn right it is, Princess. Now let me get you home so I can go to work. Someone's got to take up the slack while you're on vacation."

Emily laughs and looks at her brace. "Yeah, vacation. Just what I love to do on vacation: put myself in an uncomfortable brace contraption that restricts my ability to use my dominant hand."

He grins and pats her leg as he drives her home.

"Prentiss, you with us?" Hotch asks on Wednesday morning.

"Gotcha, bossman," Emily answers through the speaker phone.

"Good. The final report came down last night on the Colter kidnapping."

Emily's stomach flips at the name of the case. It would probably always affect her that way.

"Everything has been accepted and we are all cleared back to full duty," Hotch continues. "Well, except for Emily who will need medical clearance."

"But, Hotch, we shouldn't go against IA's wishes. If they want me back to work I should get back to work," Emily points out with a smile.

The team exchange grins. "Woman, you'll return tomorrow, no sooner. Otherwise C.O.F.L.," JJ warns her.

"Yes, ma'am," Emily agrees.

"C.O.F.L.?" Reid asks in confusion.

Morgan chuckles. "Cut off for life, Pretty Boy."

"Ah, okay," Reid replies, blushing.

"And just in the nick of time, we get cleared for duty as I get a case that we absolutely need to respond to," Garcia says, taking over the meeting. "Pay attention, Prentiss, as you'll be my Gal Friday tomorrow helping me out."

"Got it, PG."

Garcia turns on the screen in the room. "We have a series of bank robberies in Wyoming. It's all across the state but the robbers are getting bolder and freakier each time."

"He made the bank manager waltz with the head teller?" Rossi notes.

"Yep. And then shot them both in the ankles," Garcia confirms.

"Ouch," Emily says.

"Police and local FBI officials are worried the violence will escalate," Hotch finishes. "They want us to take a look at all the video and re-interview all the witnesses to see if we can figure out the next move by these guys and hopefully figure out who they are. Reid, start a profile of the robbery locations. What makes each one their choice? What cities have they missed?"

Reid nods. "Got it."

Hotch stands. "Wheels up in 30. JJ get with me on the plane and I'll show you what the media has been saying and doing so far."

"Right, Hotch," she agrees as she stands. She reaches towards the phone. "Rest easy today, Prentiss, your butt is back to work tomorrow."

Emily smiles. "Understood, Agent Jareau. Good luck guys. Be safe."

"Always, Princess," Morgan says as JJ disconnects the call.

The team members head to their desks to grab any files they want to take and get their go bags. JJ and Reid head towards the elevators at the same time.

"Will be weird not having Emily with us when she's here working," Reid notes.

JJ nods. "Yeah, it will be. Will be really tough sleeping without her." She grins at him. "Want to warm my bed at night?"

Reid blushes and laughs. "Uh, I don't really have a death wish so I'll say no."

He and JJ are still chuckling as the door closes.

In the bullpen, Ned walks around and distributes mail to each desk. When he gets to Reid's, he put down 4 pieces…

…the one on top marked "Private and Personal" in bold, red print.

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