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Chapter 43:

We boarded the plane and found our seats. Jesse never let me see the tickets. He even blurred out the announcer saying the destination with a loud gibberish word. It was a two hour flight, so it must be pretty close. "Will you please tell me, at least, what state we're going to?" I asked Jesse.

"Virginia," he stated.

"Like, the beach? Didn't we already do that?"

"No, not the beach. Nice guess though. I'm not telling you anything else," he smirked.

"Ugh," I sat back. This was going to be a long flight.

Two hours later, we landed at an airport. Jesse shielded my eyes so I couldn't look around for signs. "Why is it this big of a surprise?" I asked.

"Anniversaries are special!" he defended.

"Well, I know. But how am I supposed to get my bags and stuff?"

"Oh, true. Um, I'll get them."

"Jess, there's two bags. And yours. That makes three bags you have to carry. Why don't I just-"

"No, I'll figure it out, okay? Just uh… come on," he said. A few seconds later he yelled, "Taxi! Can you help us with our bags? They're at the baggage claim. Thanks." I felt us walking back inside and heard Jesse talking to the taxi driver. We walked into the cab and sat down. Jesse was still covering my eyes.

"So, you're both singers?" the driver had a slight German accent.

"Sort of. We sing a cappella for our college," Jesse explained. He uncovered my eyes, but I still couldn't tell where we were.

"Very nice, very nice. And I take it you are dating? Married? Engaged? Um-" he guessed.

"Dating, just dating," I said.

"Not to mention yesterday was our two year anniversary," Jesse smiled and rubbed my hand.

"Congratulations," the driver said. "You are both seniors, yes?"

"Juniors," Jesse corrected.

"Ah. We have arrived. That'll be ten dollars," he said.

"It says thirty though?"

"It does, doesn't it? I think you should keep the extra twenty, for your anniversary trip. Have a nice time!"

"Wow, thanks! Take a five dollar tip, though," Jesse gave the man the money and he drove off.

"So, Best Western?" I looked at the hotel name.

"Yep. And tomorrow you may want to wear something that isn't too hot. It'll be in the 80's. Plus you'll be scared shitless," he grinned.

"Excuse me?"

"Halloween in May. Ever heard of it?"

"No… I don't get scared on Halloween though," I defended myself.

"This isn't just Halloween though, Becs. Plus, we're going tomorrow, so you'll have plenty of time to prepare for it tonight. Maybe even… a little fun," he smirked seductively.

"Not until you tell me where we're going," I traded.

"C'mon it's a surprise!" he pouted.

"Fine," I gave up after a few moments. "Carry me?"

"I have to sign in."

"Want sex or not?"

"Ugh, you bitch."

"Love you too," I smiled. He picked me up after calling the bellboy to get the bags. He threw me on his shoulder and picked up the pen. "This is not at all romantic, by the way."

"I didn't say it was. You just told me to carry you," he laughed. Jesse switched positions so he was giving me a piggy back ride. The bellboy carried our luggage all the way to the fourth floor, using the elevator with us, of course. Jesse laid me down on the bed and helped the bellboy get the luggage off of the cart. He then walked out and back to the elevator to help another guest. "So, what was that promise?"

"To carry me?" I joked.

"No, the other one."

"Oh, that. Do what you do best then."

**Next Day**

I knew where we were headed when I began to see 'Busch Gardens' signs. He was taking me to Howl-O-Scream, a Halloween themed version of it. Halloween in May? The fuck? "There's haunted houses and people roaming around scaring people after six. My family is meeting us here, we're having lunch together. Festhaus sound nice?" Jesse asked me.

"I've never actually been here, what kind of food does it have?" I looked around.

"Everything. This place is Europe, basically. They even have American food!" We walked up to a counter where we found a lady with a kind smile.

"How may I help you?" she asked.

"Two One-Day passes, please," Jesse responded politely.


"Beca and Jesse Swanson," he lied. I kept my mouth shut. She typed our names into the computer and printed out two passes. She handed them to us and told us the amount.

"Have a nice day at Busch Gardens, and don't get too scared," she giggled. We thanked her and walked towards the entrance to the bag search. But since we didn't have bags, we just walked through. We got our passes scanned and entered a big area with a clock tower, New England, I'm guessing. There were Halloween decorations all around, was that Satan? Well okay.

"So, what do you want to do first?" asked Jesse.

"Hmm, a rollercoaster perhaps? I've only been on a few, but never these. Griffin looks interesting. Can we?"

"Of course!" he smiled. He grabbed my hand gently and pulled me towards the line where we waited for several minutes.

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