My Phoenix Boyfriend

Written by StrawberryGirl87

Draco Malfoy the Veela and his mate Harry Potter the Phoenix return to Hogwarts to complete their seventh year and earn their N.E.W.T's. They must keep their relationship concealed, ensure that they study hard and also contend with their jealousy when they can't spend every waking moment together. Drarry!

Chapter One

A week before school was due to be back in session found Harry and Draco shopping for supplies together in Diagon Alley. They'd gone in a group to look slightly less conspicuous. The wizarding world still didn't trust the Malfoy's despite the fact that Lucius and Narcissa had come forward to face trial willingly when all the other deatheaters who had fled from the great battle had gone on the run.

Harry had testified in defence of the older two Malfoy's therefore ensuring the life sentence in Azkaban they should have received had been reduced to five years. This was because they had come to Harry's aid and without them he wouldn't have survived the war nor would he have been able to defeat Voldemort. Both Lucius and Narcissa, marked with the dark mark as they were, had had to stand trial for the things they had done and they knew that a stretch in Azkaban was inevitable after a close inspection of their wands determined that unforgivable curses had been cast from them.

Draco luckily had been spared the humiliation of a public trial despite being branded because he had shown no malicious intent, only fear of his parents and of Voldemort. His wand had also shown no sign of any illegal activity and his name had been fully cleared.

Also after the trial of the older two Malfoy's when they had been found guilty it had been declared that they lose their fortune and property holdings. It was only after Draco was cleared of all charges that everything in his family name was passed to him. Although not everyone had agreed fully with this decision. Some had wanted the Malfoy fortune to be stripped from them completely but Harry had stood firm. The Ministry wanted Harry Potter to work with them desperately and by going that far in their punishment would have ensured that he never would.

As a sign of good faith however Draco had used a hefty chunk of his new found fortune to help the families of those who had lost loved ones in the great battle. This was well documented in the press, some called it penance while others called it blood money and refused to accept it.

However what was evident to everyone who read the Daily Prophet and Which Wizard was that Draco Malfoy had been accepted into the inner circle of Harry Potter, who was always a feature in these publications. The saviour of the wizarding world was held in such high regard that the majority of people trusted his judgement.

The two of them had been fortunate that they'd been able to keep their relationship private, or at least out of the press. They were extremely careful to only be seen with each other when they were in a group for fear of awkward questions being asked. They feared that if their relationship ever became public knowledge then their secrets would soon be discovered and the whole wizarding world would know that the Malfoy family had Veela heritage and that their hero was in fact a Phoenix.

It was frustrating for them both not to be able to hold hands or steal a brief kiss whenever they felt the urge to do so. However they were about top embark on a year where they would have to put up the façade of just being friends wherever they went, despite the fiery intensity of their relationship.

Another thing they were going to have to give up the rooms they had occupied since going back to Hogwarts as Minerva had appointed a new potions master. Neither teen were looking forward to returning to their respective dormitories. The separation was going to almost unbearable, not because of the slight pain they felt when apart – that had been taken care of, at least for Harry by the silver locket that bore the Malfoy family crest that Draco had given him which he never took off.

It would be unbearable because they weren't accustomed to being apart. They couldn't get enough of one another, every night was a marathon love making session. If they hadn't needed to eat and make an appearance in the great hall every day then they wouldn't have come up for air at all.

They had left it late to be shopping for the things they needed for school and as a result Diagon Alley was packed with people all buying their school supplies. It lightened Harry's heart to see so many eager eleven year olds enthusing about going to Hogwarts for the first time and discussing what houses they might be sorted into.

"I'm going to need new robes," Harry mused, looking over to Madame Malkins robes for all occasions and hoping that there wouldn't be a long queue.

"I'll come with you," Draco said, "I'll need some too."

Harry nodded smiling, glad that they could be alone just the two of them for a while, "Guy's, we're off to get our robes, we'll catch you later at the Leaky Cauldron," Harry called to the others in their group who waved them off, nearly all of them distracted by the new racing broom in Quality Quidditch supplies. It was the latest release in the Nimbus series which they had called 'saviour' in honour of Harry. They had even sent him one for free shortly after his birthday to announce their release. Draco had been immensely jealous of course so as a surprise Harry had ordered a second one just for him.

Seeing as it was their last year that they'd be attending Hogwarts Harry and Draco had decided that they wanted to travel to Hogwarts the traditional way and even though their belongings would remain at the school Harry and Draco would stay at the Leaky Cauldron the night before they were due to start school and go back via Kings Cross and the Hogwarts express like everyone else.

Draco had broken from the group as soon as they had arrived to reserve their room. He had slipped Tom a few extra galleons to take a false name to keep things discreet. He hated having to sneak around when all he wanted to do was shout about his love for Harry from the rooftops but he knew that this was the best way. Neither of them wanted to draw unwanted attention towards their relationship.

They were lucky, Madame Malkins was empty when they arrived and the two of them were ushered forward to stand upon the podiums to be fitted.

"You know this is where we first met," Draco said reminiscing fondly.

"Yeah, I know, you were so stuck up, you reminded me of my cousin with how spoilt you acted. You didn't even know who I was." Draco cringed with exactly how well Harry remembered their first meeting.

"I was only eleven, my head full of nonsense from my father," Draco said rather sheepishly making Harry laugh.

"I think you said something along the lines of you being in Slytherin because all your family had been and that you'd leave if you ended up in Hufflepuff. I felt so stupid when I had no idea what you were talking about. I'd only found out that I was a wizard the day before."

"Really, the day before?"

"Yeah, I was overwhelmed by what was happening, scared that it was all a dream and that I'd wake up back inside my cupboard at my Aunt and Uncle's house."

"I must have sounded like such a prat," Draco said and Harry laughed. It felt strange standing here again, in the exact positions they'd been in almost seven years to the day. When the witch who was pinning their robes scurried out of the room to fetch more pins Harry reached out to hold Draco's hand. They clutched each other smiling until the witch returned carrying her pins and they released each other before they were seen. They had to be careful here, after all Diagon Alley was where the headquarters of the Daily Prophet was situated.

Later that day as they were all buying their new books in Flourish and Blotts several giggling girls came up to Harry asking him to autograph various items they had in their procession. Draco, however much he hated it, had to take a step back and allow his mate to do what was asked. Hermione put a friendly arm around his shoulder in sympathy. "You'll get used to it," She said, "This always happens to him."

She was right of course because not long after the three giggling girls had left a photographer appeared demanding a group shot of Harry Potter and his friends smiling and happy as they prepared to go back to Hogwarts, Draco and Harry having to stand at opposite ends of the picture and pretend to be happy about it.

The Veela wasn't sure that he was ever going to get used to being so close to the limelight that Harry stood in and be treated as if he didn't matter. Not when he and Harry were the most important things in each other's lives. He would have much preferred if neither of them were in the public eye at all. All this press attention could only mean trouble for them.

"At least you and Weasley are like royalty as well with everything you did with Harry to defeat Voldemort. I'm nothing, less than nothing. I'm not good enough for him."

"Oh Draco, don't be silly, you're perfect for each other, anyone who see's you two together in private can see that. Who cares what the rest of the wizarding world thinks. Just enjoy not having any attention, these things have a habit of getting out eventually and when it does all hell will break loose."

"I suppose you're right," Draco said with an exasperated sigh as Harry confirmed to the photographer and the reporter who had popped up next to him that he would indeed be returning to Hogwarts to earn his N.E.W.T's instead of going straight into the Ministry to work as an Auror. The reporter was keen to know all about the job offer from the Ministry but also about new found friendships to which Draco was proud to hear Harry reply to without completely disregarding him.

"Draco saved my life during the war, his mother too. If it hadn't have been for the Malfoy family and the rest of my friends then I wouldn't have been able to defeat Voldemort at all. I owe them all a debt for the help they gave me." The reporter wrote down every word that Harry said eagerly, lapping up each syllable.

"And Harry, finally, is there anyone special in your life, a girlfriend perhaps?" The reporter asked trying his luck.

Smiling slightly he replied, "There is someone but I don't wish to disclose personal information about my relationship at this time," He said rather diplomatically. Draco thought that Harry would have made a splendid Minister for Magic with his power and diplomacy skills.

"Harry, come on we're going for ice cream," Ron said, calling his friend away from the vultures. Harry bid farewell to the reporters and re-joined his group, making sure he stood very close to Draco and giving him a knowing look. This was only the beginning of the difficulties they would be facing as a couple trying to conceal their love for one another.

"It's okay," Draco said quietly as they walked out from the book store, all carrying their brand new school books, Ron carrying Hermione's too as she already had her nose in one.

"No it isn't, we shouldn't have to hide," Harry responded.

"It's for the best and it doesn't change anything between us does it, I still love you."

"Love you too."