My Phoenix Boyfriend

Written by StrawberryGirl87

Draco Malfoy the Veela and his mate Harry Potter the Phoenix return to Hogwarts to complete their seventh year and earn their N.E.W.T's. They must keep their relationship concealed, ensure that they study hard and also contend with their jealousy when they can't spend every waking moment together. Drarry!

Chapter Ten

"No," Harry said suddenly, knowing that it was the right answer to give.

"You don't want to marry me?" Draco asked and with the one word from Harry his heart broke.

"I do," Harry said quickly to put the panicking Veela more at ease.

"Then why?"

"Because I don't want to marry you to fix our relationship Dray or because you're jealous. I want to marry you because I love you and it's what we both want. It shouldn't be a solution to the problem. Also and I know this sounds horribly romantic but I want a proposal that I can tell my friends about. I don't want it to be in a hospital bed when I haven't showered in a couple of days." Harry explained, trying to make Draco see where he was coming from.

"Why don't we solve part of the problem then," Draco said, not feeling as bad at his rejected proposal now that Harry had elaborated on his refusal. He was og course right, it wasn't the time and it certainly wasn't the place. He would have to put a lot of thought and planning next time and make sure he did it right.

Harry and Draco moved into the destroyed bedroom that had once belonged to Draco and into his private bathroom so that they wouldn't be disturbed. He started to run the water and steam began to fill the room as the two boys began undressing one another.

"I know another problem that we can solve," Harry said shyly, his hands taking hold of Draco's waist and bringing their naked bodies together.

"What other problem?" Draco asked as Harry began kissing his neck.

"You wanted to feel me inside of you," Harry murmured as he nibbled on Draco's earlobe. A combination of his words and his actions made Draco hard within seconds.

They moved into the shower to stand under the steady stream of hot water where their lips met. They were going to be okay the two of them, Draco was sure of that.

Harry went down on to his knees in front of his naked lover, stroking Draco's erection with both hands, staring up at his blissed out face. Slowly, inch by inch he took the blonde into his mouth, applying the right amount of pressure while flicking the sensitive tip with his tongue. It didn't take long for the Slytherin to be spilling his seed into the eager Gryffindor's mouth who pumped every last drop from him.

"Turn around," harry said as he stood up. Draco did as he was instructed to do, placing his hands on the tiled wall to steady himself as the first orgasm had made his legs feel a little like jelly. He spread them apart slightly as he felt Harry's tentative hand nervously exploring between his buttocks. His fingers already coated with lubrication from his amazing wand-less magic. He slipped a single digit inside making the Slytherin gasp in a mixture of pain and pleasure at the welcome invasion.

"Are you okay?" Harry asked suddenly panicked that he might have hurt Draco.

"Yes," The blonde said in a breathless response as he clenched the tight ring of muscle, trying to urge Harry to continue with his movements. Of course the raven haired teen obliged, adding a second finger when he was ready for it.

A groan of disappointment left Draco's throat in a low growl when the skilled fingers left his entrance but they were soon replaced by Harry's throbbing member.

"Ready Dray," Harry murmured quietly and Draco nodded mutely. He cried out as slowly slid himself inside, pausing only when he was fully sheathed inside his lover to make sure that Draco wasn't in any pain. Then as he began to move he reached his hands around and began pumping Draco's erection, determined to make the blonde orgasm again.

Both of them neared completion quickly and as Harry climaxed, Draco decided that he would never get enough of feeling Harry empty himself inside of him. Even after they had finished they remained in the shower, touching, kissing and cleaning away the previous evening. They both just wanted to forget the horror and enjoy each other, remembering all the good that they had.


A month later and Ginny's pregnancy was terminated at St Mungos by a specialist team of healers before she was officially sentenced to four years in Azkaban and forced to take the unbreakable bond as she swore she would never knowingly go near Harry or Draco again. Her parents and all six brothers had been there to see her trial. Harry too had taken time off school to attend. He had felt saddened that his child had had to be terminated because of the way it had been conceived and the mistakes of its mother. However he understood that it was the right decision. No one wanted another Dark Lord to rise.

It had got him thinking however, about children and his life with Draco. He had always wanted a family having never really had one growing up. He and Hermione had been looking into how it could be possible because he fully intended to be with Draco for the rest of his life. They were going to have the fairy tale happily ever after that he had dreamt about having as a young boy as he slept in the cupboard under the stairs. That included children.

Harry was however a little concerned about the whole marriage thing. After he had rejected Draco's first proposal so certainly he was afraid that he wouldn't ask again. Harry had been torturing himself with dizzy daydreams and endless thoughts about large elaborate white weddings with every romantic and gimmicky thing he could think of and all of it centred around the theme of picnics, just like what their first date had been.

Draco hadn't come to the trial, he couldn't trust himself to be there besides, Harry hadn't asked him to come which was for the best because if Harry had asked then he would have gone just for him. This was something that Harry had to do for himself so that he could find some form of closure.

Ginny had looked so pathetically hopeless as she'd stood up to hear the verdict. She was thinner than she'd been at school, her face gaunt and her skin several shades paler. Molly had started to cry as Ginny's sentence had been delivered. Her only daughter expelled from Hogwarts and sent to Azkaban prison for her obsession with Harry Potter.

Out of all the Weasley's present only Ron had come up to talk to Harry after it was over. He didn't blame them for this, they had been through enough throughout the war, with the death of Fred and now Ginny's conviction. However the youngest Weasley boy had reassured his best friend that Harry was still counted as family and no one blamed him for what had happened to Ginny. They just needed time to adjust, come to terms with effectively losing the Ginny they knew.

Harry apperated back to Hogwarts that evening where he found Draco waiting for him in Gryffindor common room. They both resided in the tower now, though as far as Minerva was concerned they slept in separate beds and no one dared to tell her otherwise.

"How was it love?" Draco asked, looking up from his charms homework. He was sat in a high backed armchair, legs dangling over one arm, his back resting against the other, his books and parchment across his lap. Hermione was on the floor opposite him working on her own assignments across the coffee table. She had perked up when Harry had come in, eager to hear the news.

"It was tiring," Harry said honestly, "Four years in Azkaban and the baby was terminated plus a magical restraining order." Draco only just managed to move his homework out of the way as Harry sat himself down in his lap, arms encircling his neck and kissing him.

"How did the other Weasley's take it?" Hermione asked, putting down her quill.

"They're upset obviously, I think Ron's going to stay with them tonight," Harry said and she nodded thoughtfully. Harry knew her well enough to know that she was thinking that she might mange to get all her homework finished without Ron pestering her to go to bed at a decent hour. "Did I miss anything exciting in class today?" Harry asked, turning to Draco.

"Oh yeah, everything we needed to know for our N.E.W.T's all mapped out for us, such a shame you missed it," Draco teased and receiving a playful slap to the arm for his trouble.

"Just tell me I can copy your notes," Harry said with a grin at his boyfriend.

"Of course love," Draco said, chuckling fondly at his mate as he turfed Harry off of his lap and replacing his homework.

Their playful flirty relationship was heart-warming to see. The two of them truly did belong together. Harry trudged up the stairs to change and fetch his own class work that he had to do before the following day. He finally felt that he was happy. Nothing could come between him and Draco now, he just had to figure out a way to drop enough hints that he wanted that marriage proposal again and soon!

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