Who am I?

Well, that's a very interesting question to ask. The question that should actually come to your mind is not who I am. But, WHAT is it that I truly am?

Well, that would be good question, but please don't ask it. I'm already struggling to answer this question of yours. I know the answer to your first question, but I don't? Do you understand what I mean? No, I wouldn't expect you to. Probably wouldn't. No, not probably, you definitely wouldn't understand. See that is the true dilemma. Nobody understands. Well.someone did. Forget it. All in the past.unfortunately.

Well so what were talking about again?

Oh the basics. Who am I? Where I'm from? How I came to be here?

Well I'm still thinking of the answer to the first question. To know first of all WHO I truly am, you should know first what I am.

Oh you say that's an easy thing. That you already know the answer to that question. Then, let me just ask a question for a change then while you answer. Please tell me what the answer to that question is. Well if you know what I am, when unfortunately I don't. How could I tell you the basest of personal information.

Oh come on now. I'm not playing around. I don't mean to scare you. Please! I implore you. Tell me who in this godly.no godly would be recognizing the existence of such power. So, just tell me what the hell am I?

Oh come on now, don't be frightened. I'm just asking you question. You came in here with your enterprising mind and your bold manner, thinking you could earn fame for yourself as a damn reporter if you could interview me. But come on, just when I ask you one SIMPLE question. You make these little puddles under your feet.

No, don't leave. Come on. Just tell me damn it. Just Tell me. Just Tell me.

Am I human? Or Am I Pocket Monster.

Myuu, why did you leave me? Even these tears, I cannot stop in my eyes at the moment don't tell me. These walls as silent as they be, don't tell me. You never told me, either. You never told me what I am. You never even told me that you were leaving.

I would have been happy knowing that you hated me. I would have accepted it. I always suspected it. But you left me, how could you? You didn't even tell me that you hated me. YOU never told me. You didn't tell me anything. I just got up one day, and found your chirpy little voice not there anymore. Your all alike. Human and pocket monster.

Everyone leaves me. Why can't they just stay away. Why.can't they just stay away from me. Even that damn reporter.

Giovanni, I hate you. Why couldn't you just let me not be, left me there alone uncreated.

Why couldn't you? Damn it.

Everyone leaves me. Everyone leaves Myuutsuu. Why can't they just stay away.

Everyone, they just won't..stay away.

They come to torment me. Just like you Myuu. I got up that day, and it was so quiet. You didn't come near me. You didn't send bubbles of water at me in that stupid game you called dodgebubble. You weren't at all even serious as you used to be. You just lay there. You just lay there silent. You were gone from me. You had left me. You.. had left me like everyone else. Why, Mommy? Why'd you leave me? Why? Everybody leaves me alone. They come near and then run away. Why damn it? i Why b ? /b /i.

i If you hadn't left. If you hadn't disappeared I would have come closer I would have opened my heart. I could have loved you more I could have listened and heard.

If you hadn't crept away in the night If you hadn't peered through the looking glass of time. I could have come closer I could have given you all I could. I could have. I would have loved you so much more.

If you just hadn't left me so alone. I would have done whatever I could have If you just hadn't left me so alone. /I