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Rose needs to go and check if the Doctor is ok when she hears what she thinks is sobs.

Suddenly she bolted up right, panting. She'd been running away from... Anyway... What is that noise? She wondered to herself, she quickly looked at the floor next to the bed, the rustled collection of blankets and cushions were in the same position as they had been for the last two week. She automatically smiled at the memories of him sleeping only a foot or two away from her. She was to smitten to care about her dazed look and grin and she pulled her duvet and put her feet into her large pink slippers, she padded her way into her ensuit but as she neared the door, there was that noise again. What could it possibly be?

Who else could be on the T.A.R.D.I.S?

T.B.C: I know this is short but I will continue this, if I get some positive feedback I will do so quicker, if not I'll get round to it when I can :)