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I'm gonna be changing the Sky High characters to Will and Layla, as Dave and Mindy will be having far more contact with them than Steve and Josie. I don't think that's anything to complain about.

Also, I'm not using their ages from the second movie. Mindy's just lying through her teeth, just so we're clear about that.


It was a bright and clear afternoon as Will and Layla walked home. School had been exhausting, well, more exhausting than usual. Now that they were sophomores, they'd been getting pushed to their limits in Power Training. Well, everyone else was. Will was being worked hard, but they still hadn't been able to find out just what his limit was.

But now they would be able to sit back and relax with some simple written homework.

Will sighed as that thought came to him. Layla nudged him to remind him that she would be doing her homework with him, so surely it wouldn't be that bad.

When they reached his house, they headed straight for the kitchen for a snack before getting to work on their homework so they could finish it with plenty of time to pretend they were still doing homework. There, they found two superheros sitting at the kitchen table. Two superheroes they didn't recognize.

The girl was dressed in purple leather, or perhaps very thick vinyl, wore a small black mask over her eyes and a purple wig(at least they assumed it was a wig), and a cape. The man was dressed in a head-to-toe green body suit with yellow piping creating rectangular designs that only exposed his eyes and mouth. Both of their costumes were singed and covered in soot, with a light spattering of what they hoped wasn't blood. Especially on the girl.

Neither looked particularly happy. The way they looked back at them seemed to say, "We don't want to be here any more than you do."

It was at that moment that they heard Will's Mother, Mrs. Stronghold, come down the steps. "You're not as big as my husband, but you're bigger than Will, so I brought something from both their closets and we can see which fit you bet-" she stopped as she walked into the kitchen and looked up from the pile of folded clothes in her arms to see her son and his girlfriend standing in the kitchen. "Oh, hello Will. Layla. We have guests."

She stepped over to the two new heroes and set the clothes down in front of the man, "Here, you can go get changed." He took the clothes and with a strained but polite smile and nod walked off towards the bathroom with them. Then Mrs. Stronghold turned to the girl, "I wasn't able to find any old clothes of mine, but we might be able ask Layla here if she can lend you something."

That statement seemed to shock them out of their silence, "Wait. What?" Will said, "Mom, what's going on here?"

"Yes, I suppose some introductions are in order." She looked at and held her hand out to the girl, "This" and she paused, seeming slightly uncomfortable before continuing, "is Hit-Girl."

Hit-Girl gave them a quick smile that seemed to say, "Pleased to meet you, except I'm not."

Mrs. Stronghold continued then, "And the young man who just left is," again, she paused, "Kick-Ass."

Will and Layla blinked, "What?" she asked.

Mrs. Stronghold smiled in an exasperated way, "His superhero name, it's 'Kick-Ass'"

"I've..." Will started, "never heard of them. Where are they from?"

"Well," Mrs. Stronghold answered, "That's kind of the thing." She took a breath before saying, "They're from another dimension."

Will and Layla's eye bulged. "What?" he said.

"For real?" she said.

Superheroes crossing over from one dimension to another wasn't unheard of, but it was very rare. So rare in fact, that there was only one confirmed occurrence in the last fifty years.

"Yes, they were pulled over during a confrontation with Dr. Insano. Apparently he was trying to take his technology to a world that didn't HAVE superheroes."

Will smirked and, seeming to finally get over the shock, grabbed an apple from the counter and said, "Guess he miss-dialed."

Mrs. Stronghold laughed once, softly before saying, "Actually, he didn't."

"What do you mean?" Layla asked while Will just looked confused.

"Neither Hit-Girl or Kick-Ass have any powers."

"What." Will said blankly, "But you said they were superheroes."

Meanwhile, Layla's eyes lit up, "Oh my gosh, this is great! This is just what we need to prove beyond a doubt that what your power is doesn't make you a hero or sidekick! Can they come speak at school?"

"Actually, they'll be attending."

"Ah-" a voice interrupted, "What should I do with this?" Kick-Ass said from the doorway, dressed in a pair of Will's pants and one of Mr. Stronghold's shirts, and holding his balled up costume in one hand.

"Oh, I'll take it, Kick-Ass. I'll have it cleaned with mine and Steve's."

"You can call me Dave actually."

Hit-Girl let out an exasperated grunt.

Dave raised his eyebrows at her.

She rolled her eyes.

He held his hands out palms up.

She sighed and said, "Fine." then reached up, slipped her fingers under her mask and pulled back, taking her mask and wig off at the same time. She then reached behind her head and unpinned her hair, letting her long blond locks fall down around her shoulders. "Name's Mindy."

Will, Layla, and Mrs. Stronghold stared at her in silence.

Dave shifted from one foot to the other.

Finally, Mindy snapped, "What the fuck are you staring at?"

The three flinched back. Mrs. Stronghold was the first to recover, "Uh, sorry. I'm just old are you?"

Mindy scowled at them for a moment before she smirked, "I'm seventeen."

Dave blinked at her and opened his mouth, but she spoke up, "And Dave is eighteen."

The other three turned to look at him and he closed his mouth and smiled, "Yeah, impressive isn't? And we've been at this for, what, four, five years now?"

"Almost five."

Mrs. Stronghold was the first to recover from that bombshell, "You've been doing this since you were thirteen!?"

Mindy smirked, "Awesome, isn't it?"

"No! It's horrible! How did- Where were your parents!?"

"Her parents are dead, Mrs. Stronghold." Dave said, sternly, pulling her attention away from Mindy who glowered at her. "Her mother died when she was born and her Father was killed four years ago. He also taught her everything she knows." Then he smiled at Mindy, "And she taught me."

Mindy gave him a fond smile in return that went unnoticed by everyone else.

Will and Layla seemed equally stunned and impressed. Mrs. Stronghold, however, seemed to be having trouble wrapping her head around the concept. "You've... You've been going out, fighting crime, without powers, since you were thirteen?"

"Well, I started at fourteen. It really wasn't a bright idea on my part. I didn't have any training or skills or anything. I was nearly killed my first time out. She, on the other hand, was training for this since she was five, and if wasn't for her I wouldn't have lived to see fifteen."

Mrs. Stronghold sat down, "I think I need to sit down."

"Wait, so what happened?" Will asked.

"Which part?" Dave asked.

"Both." Will and Layla said in unison.

"Okay, short version, the first time I went out in costume I tried to stop two guys from breaking into a car and got stabbed in the gut. Then, when I was trying to limp away, I got hit by a car. Broke half the bones in my body."

Will looked shocked, Layla went pale, and it seemed as if no more damage could be done to Mrs. Stronghold.

"Then, the night I met her, I was trying to help the girl I liked get rid of her drug-dealing stalker. Or ex-boyfriend. She was always kind of evasive about it. So when I went, in costume, to tell him to stay away from her, I ended up held down by two other guys and about to get stabbed to death, when she shows up like a ninja and takes out everyone in the room."


"I love hearing you tell that story. Especially when you go into the details," Mindy said from the kitchen table, where she was resting her head in her hand.

Dave smirked at her.

Finally, Mrs. Stronghold pulled herself together, "Layla, would you please go to your house and see if you have anything that might fit Mindy? They came with nothing but their costumes They need something to wear until we can take them shopping."

"Wait, so what's going on? You said they'd be attending Sky High?" Will asked.

Mrs. Stronghold sighed, "Yes. The portal that brought them here was destroyed in the fight. Until it can be repaired and their world located, they're stuck here. Your Father is talking with Principal Powers right now about having them temporarily enrolled. They'll also be staying with us."


"Yes," Then she looked back to Layla, "Please, Layla, some clothes for the girl?"

"Oh, yes. Sorry Mrs. Stronghold, I'll be right back," Layla said as she hurried out the door..

Silence fell over the room as Mrs. Stronghold continued to hold her head in her hands.

"So," Dave asked, "What do you do?"

Will straightened, "You mean, my powers?"


"Oh, I can fly, have super strength, and near invulnerability."

"A regular flying brick then."

Will scowled at him, "There's nothing regular about me. I'm the first superhero to have two distinct powers."

Mindy perked up a little, "Really? So nobody with like...telepathy and telekinesis?"

"Well, that'll happen sometimes. Because they're related. But one is usually much weaker than the other."

Dave smirked, "So, no one with super strength, invulnerability, flight, super speed, heat vision, and ice breath?"

Will looked slightly horrified at the idea, "No. There's no one like that. Never has been and I hope there never will be."

"Damn," Dave said, snapping his fingers, "And here I was hoping we'd get to meet a celebrity."

Dave and Mindy laughed then.

"What?" Will asked.

Mindy closed her eyes and shook her head, waving him off, "Forget about it."

A moment later, Layla came back, "It's a dress, so the length shouldn't matter too much, we'll just need to see if it fits her around the shoulders."

Mindy scowled and said, "I'm not that tiny," then took the dress and stalked off, muttering to herself. The only words of which they caught were "stupid dress".

"So, uh, this Sky High place. It's a school for people with powers?"

Layla nodded, "We learn how to control our powers and use them responsibly, as well as general knowledge that'll help us when we're facing supervillains."

"So, you don't actually fight any crime yet?"

Will and Layla shook their heads, "No, we're not allowed until we're eighteen and have graduated from Sky High."

"We did save the school and all the teachers at homecoming last year though," Will added.


"Yeah, an old supervillian, Royal Pain, had accidentally turned herself into a baby, and last year she ambushed the school, and my parents, at the dance and turned everyone into babies so she could raise them as villains."

Dave blinked.

"I know it might be hard to believe-"

"Actually it's not. Go on."

"Oh...well, I wasn't there, but when I figured out what was going on I rushed to help. Layla and my other friends had managed to escape and were trying to fight back. When I got there, I went to face Royal Pain while my friends tried to stop the anti-gravity disruptor that was going to make the school fall out of the sky and kill everyone.

"But Royal Pain had thrown me out a window, which is when I learned I could fly, so I managed to catch the school before it hit the ground and give my friends time to the device and get the school back in the air."

"Wish something like that had happened at OUR homecoming. Then I might have actually been able to enjoy myself."

Everyone turned to see Mindy standing at the door in a flower print dress that came down to just below her knees. Dave noted she was wearing the boots from her costume with it, just as he was. The image of sundress with combat boots was so Mindy he couldn't help but smile.

"What are you smiling about, Ass?"

Dave chuckled, "Nothing."

"Better be."

Mrs. Stronghold slapped both hands down on the table and said, "Alright. Let's get you some clothes of your own." She stood up and grabbed her car keys off a hook, "I presume you two have homework?"

Will nodded and Layla said, "Yes, Mrs. Stronghold."

"Then get started on it. We'll be back in a couple hours."

Nearly three hours later, Mr. and Mrs Stronghold came into Will's room, where he was still working on his homework with Layla. "Hey, kids," he said. "We, uh, need to talk to you about our guests."

"Uh, okay," Will said, "What about them?"

"We got them enrolled in Sky High at your grade level, so they'll be in a lot of the same classes as you and your friends," Mrs. Stronghold said. "We're going to need you to help keep an eye on them."

"Why?" Layla asked, "Are they in danger? Is that why they're going to Sky High?"

"No, they're not in any danger. Not from any supervillains at least," Mrs. Stronghold answered. "The reason we need them somewhere where we can keep an eye on them is because..."

When she hesitated, Mr. Stronghold finished for her, "They're killers."

Will's eyes widened and Layla gasped, "What do you mean?"

"We mean they kill people. They killed Dr. Insano today, shot him right between the eyes and laughed about it. Right in front of us. And this was after Hit-Girl failed to kill him after she stabbed him through the chest with a sword from behind."

"And that story Dave told us, about the night he and Mindy first met? When he said she took out a room full of drug dealers? I'm pretty sure he meant she killed them."

"Whoa," Will said.

Layla went pale, "But- But- She was only thirteen!"


"We can't let them go around unsupervised when they deal with criminals by killing them. And we need you two and your friends to keep an eye on them at school, especially Warren, to make sure they don't get into any trouble there either."

"We'll do our best," Will said while Layla nodded her head.

Meanwhile, outside in the back yard, Dave and Mindy sat on lawn chairs, drinking iced tea and watching the sun set. Dave had changed into the clothes he'd picked out, but Mindy was still wearing the dress. Though, as she lounged on the chair, the skirt had gotten pushed up around her thighs. "I hate this," she said. "They're practically keeping us prisoners."

"Well," Dave said, looking over at her, "We could just run."

"But then we wouldn't be able to get home. And they'd chase us down. And we don't have any money here. Or a place to go. And I don't want to stay here even if we could evade them forever."

"I know," Dave said, "I just wanted to make sure you did too." He reached a hand out and took hers, "Don't worry about it. We'll get through this fine. I'm sure we'll be home soon. But hey, until then, superheroes!"

Mindy snorted, "You would be enjoying this, you big dork."

"Hey, I know you're just as interested in seeing real live superheroes as I am."

Mindy scowled and settled deeper into her chair. Then she smirked, "It is pretty cool."