Ichigo yawned. He leaned back in his chair and stretched out his arms, his back cracking in numerous but relieving places. He sighed heavily; stress practically suffocating him and breaking his shoulders. He leaned back in to his laptop, typing away on the keys with practiced precision. Ichigo just reached his last line when…

A loud shattering noise rocketed up the stairs and into Ichigo's room. Ichigo slapped his hands against his forehead, dragging his nails across skin that had scarred white due to how many times he'd done that in the past six years.

"Please tell me he didn't break anything…" Ichigo prayed. He got up from his chair and marched down the stairs. "Shiro! What was that?"

Ichigo heard whimpering and unconsciously quickened his pace. In a matter of seconds he reached the first floor only to find the shards of three plates scattered about the floor. Ichigo growled, cursing his luck under his breath. He reached down a picked up a piece of the broken china, fighting back tears as he remembered this belonged to his mother.

"Did you do this?" Ichigo questioned, holding out the shard to Shiro. He admitted he had sounded a bit harsher than he meant, but Ichigo was hurt.

"Ich-chigo!" Shiro cried in fear. He pushed himself back across the floor, into the shadows of a closet.

"This was important to me!" Ichigo screamed. He threw the china down onto the floor, it shattering into much smaller pieces.

Shiro shrieked and bolted to the stairs. Ichigo's anger died out as he watched his guest run away from him in fear. Ichigo's form relaxed, hands hanging by his sides and face turning almost depressed. He had let his anger get the best of him, and he'd forgotten how gentle he had to be with Shiro.

"Shiro, I'm… sorry…" he whispered after. Ichigo took a step forward and, with a nauseating pop, he stepped right onto a shard of china, his blood draining from his foot like vomit. Pain coursed through Ichigo's leg, up his chest and into his stomach. He almost threw up his supper, but instead a pained cry sputtered up and out of his throat.

Ichigo fell over forward, slicing his hands on more shards and bruising his knees on his wooden floor. He heard thunder rumbling down his stairs, and he looked up to find that Shiro had returned. The guest almost landed on his host, but paused just an inch before contact. Ichigo froze, his eyes momentarily held in Shiro's golden snare.

Ichigo blinked and the scene had changed. Shiro leaned away from him and stumbled back up the stairs. Ichigo swallowed, still feeling the aftereffects of Shiro's… hypnosis, if you will. Ichigo stood with trembling knees, his entire body numb, until it registered to Ichigo that he should be feeling pain.

"Shit!" He launched himself over the broken china and landed on the stairs. Ichigo lifted up his foot only to reveal no cut there. His hands were still grazed, but they didn't sting, and his knees were fine too.

"What the hell… just happened?" Ichigo murmured. He shook his head and blinked several times. He must have been imagining things, maybe he was under shock when he imagined he'd been hurt? No, that wasn't it. If it was then there wouldn't be blood on his kitchen floor.

Speaking on kitchen floor, Ichigo needed to clean up this mess. Though it was 10:38 and he had to wake up early tomorrow. It was probably a good idea to go to bed now and worry about this mess in the morning. Yeah, that sounded right.

Ichigo turned around and walked back upstairs. He unhooked his housecoat from the railing and slid it around his slightly frail but still strong form. Ichigo made a mental note to himself; tomorrow he had to buy a good chicken meal when he went out.

"I hate Mondays," Ichigo groaned. He smiled; at least it was finally over.

This morning was frighteningly difficult to get Shiro to let him leave. The albino was freakishly attached to Ichigo, in more ways than one. Ichigo hadn't noticed yet, and Shiro just couldn't remember, but their souls were attached in a very special way. Neither of them really wanted to be apart, or rather they won't want to be apart once they're aware of their connection. That, and the fact that Shiro refused to let go of Ichigo's leg, were Ichigo's two problems leaving for work this morning.

"Alright," Ichigo sighed, shutting down his computer. He made sure to safe, double safe, triple save and so on. He was afraid to lose this job, afraid that one little slipup was the difference between living in this piece of shit and living on the streets. Ichigo preferred this place any day.

Another sigh left Ichigo's lips at the sight of Shiro all curled up in Ichigo's bed. He albino was trembling, obviously still upset about what Ichigo had done earlier. Ichigo frowned and slid off his pants and socks. He sat down on the edge of his bed, feeling the mattress shake as Shiro jumped.

"I'm really sorry…" Ichigo spoke softly, reaching out to gently rub Shiro's back.

The man tensed at first, but slowly relaxed to the touch. He was much like a dog, once scared you had to really work to regain their trust. Ichigo watched Shiro slowly peek out from under the blanket. His curious eyes shone as he reached out to touch Ichigo, while he whispered one word, "Sorry…?"

Ichigo shifted closer to Shiro and began to run his fingers through Shiro's hair. "Yeah, that wasn't fair what I did to you earlier. I shouldn't have yelled."

"Sh-Should-dn't of… y-yelled?"

Ichigo frowned. "Do you understand anything that I'm saying?"

Shiro nodded and shifted closer to Ichigo. He dropped his head into Ichigo's hands and curled up beside the orangette. "Ichigo… n-n-not ma-ad?"

"No Shiro, I'm not mad." Ichigo continued to comb through Shiro's hair with his fingers. It was silky soft, something he wasn't used to feeling at his fingertips. Ichigo dealt with rough pages and packages of ink, he never had such beautifully soft material this close to him.

Shiro smiled and pulled Ichigo towards him. He buried his face in Ichigo's chest, murmuring a few soft words before passing out, "I… am… h-happ-py…"

Ichigo felt butterflies swarm his stomach. The last time he had gotten this close to anyone was, well, a long time ago when his mother had… when his mother was… still alive. Ichigo wasn't used to letting others in, he didn't want anyone invading his life, but there was something positively intriguing about this person. Ichigo couldn't resist the strange feeling in his heart, the feeling that compelled him to wrap an arm around Shiro and protectively hold this stunning man.

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