Chapter 1

It was going to be just another day, or at least that's what Jack thought.

Jack Frost was flying around like usually, only this time he was being followed. He never really noticed that a certain nightmare was spying on him. Today was the day he was going to go visit Jamie and the other kids, but he was suddenly stopped by a movement he never thought he would see again.

It was the man who broke his heart: Pitch Black.

Jack thought he was seeing things, so he rubbed his eyes and looked again. Still standing there was pitch. He was staring at him with those golden eyes. The same golden eyes that made Jack shiver. As soon as jack turned around he noticed the nightmare that was following him. Little did he know that once he looked in the nightmares eyes he would be paralyzed, after all this was no ordinary nightmare? Pitch had made this one especially for Jack.

As soon as Jack turned around, the first thing that came in contact was their eyes.

Jack stood there paralyzed, not knowing what happened.

As soon as Pitch seen Jack go still, he wasted no time in getting his arrow ready.

*Soon Jack you'll be mine once again*

With that last thought Pitch shot the arrow, hitting jack straight in the back.

The last thing Jack saw was the nightmare before he blacked out.