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Chapter 29: Finally

Baby Girl Winchester-Granger was born at seven o'clock in the morning of September 2 at a small memorial hospital outside of Bozeman, Montana.

She had her father's olive complexion and her mother's lips. Ten fingers. Ten toes. A full head of blonde hair.

And she wasn't breathing.

Risa allowed Dean to snip the umbilical cord then rushed the baby to the ventilator. Her whispered voice was easily heard over the quiet room. Hurried words. "Come on. You can make it. Breath for us."

Dean pressed kisses to Hermione's temple. Her hair was soaked in sweat, and she was on the cusp of unconsciousness.

"Allow me," Dean heard Castiel say at the other end of the room. There was a cry of 'Sir, you need to give us space,' then a gasp, and a cry.

It was the most beautiful sound Dean had ever heard.

"Is that her?" Hermione asked sleepily from beside him.

Risa appeared then, a little shellshocked, and handed Hermione a fleshy bundle in a pink blanket. "She's, uh, completely healthy," Risa stammered with a blatant look at Castiel. The angel had a rare smile on his face as he looked at Dean and his new family. Sam was at his side, and had what looked like tears in his eyes.

"I want to call her Maryanne. After our mum's," Hermione said to the room. The baby, Maryanne, chose that moment to open her eyes. Green, like her dad.

"I'll be damned," Dean let out with a single breath. His calloused fingered raised to caress a line down his daughter's face. The little girl yawned before snuggling into her mother's arms.

"You're going to be beating boys away with a stick, Dean." Sam clapped his brother on the shoulder before pulling him into a tight hug.

Castiel was still looking at the baby and Hermione. In a moment of pure humanity he bent at the waist and pressed a chaste kiss to Maryanne's cheek, then Hermione's. "She has a beautiful soul," he told her, "it appears that the demon blood will have no ill effect. You are both very lucky."

"Thank you, Castiel," Hermione whispered.

As young Maryanne slept soundly, the three men crowded around the bed and simply watched. It was a rare occurrence that Team Free Will was allowed such a luxury.

It was Dean who finally broke it, once Hermione had drifted to sleep and the doctor had left, "What happened to the demons?"

"I informed my family of their location. They've been taken care of," Castiel explained.

"Like, all of them?" Sam questioned further. Maryanne had made a reach for his finger in her sleep and had yet to relinquish the hold.

"Crowley will no longer be a problem," Castiel said, "and I, for one, am glad for it."

Dean practically beamed at his brother and the angel. "I owe you both so much. Thank you."

"You don't need to give thanks for something that was done of our own volition." Castiel's voice was warm as he spoke to his charges. "Finally, Dean and Sam Winchester, you are safe and free."

Hermione shouldn't have been surprised that her magical family wouldn't be deterred by Castiel's refusal to transport them angelically. Not three hours after giving birth the largest passenger van available pulled up to the hospital and emptied like a clown car. Draco, Harry, Neville, Blaise, Bobby and the Weasley's tumbled out and swarmed Hermione's hospital room.

"All right, all right! Let me through. I am her doctor after all!" Draco called over the room as he weaved through the sea of people.

"And there's the haughty Slytherin I've been waiting to see," Hermione replied sleepily.

Draco shot her an amused look as he held out both hands. "May I?"

The bundle was handed over and Draco took his time coo-ing and making faces; which Hermione was determined to make fun of him for later. Then, one by one, Maryanne was passed around the room. She smiled and giggled and was completely unaware that she wasn't meant to be in the world for another three months.

Risa had been baffled at the babies mysterious recovery, but couldn't find a thing wrong after running the necessary tests. It was only an hour earlier that the doctor had reluctantly told the small family that they could be discharged in a few hours.

The new parents stayed snuggled on the one hospital bed. Dean had yet to leave Hermione's side; going as far as to scoot closer ever few minutes.

"Can't believe I've lived to see this," Bobby said from his spot in the small room. Maryanne was in his arms and had a hand fisted in his greying beard.

"That makes two of us," Dean replied with a laugh.

"Three of us, actually," Sam butted in as he grabbed one of Maryanne's socked feet and giving it a shake.

Dean's mouth pulled down at the edges. "Shut up, bitch."

"Jerk," Sam laughed.

"Both of you be quiet. I don't want her to grow up with the mouth of a sailor," Hermione said harshly, but with a smile, to silence the two Winchesters.

"Oh come on, sweetheart, it's not like she knows what we're saying. We have a year, at least, before we have to be worried," Dean said with a placating kiss on Hermione's lips.

"That is incorrect," Castiel told the hunter.

"Whatever wing-breath. Now hand the little angel over." Dean send Castiel a wink as Maryanne was handed from Bobby to a few Weasleys before landing in her father's arms.

"How did you get here, by the way?" Hermione finally asked the large group.

It was Blaise who answered. "Well, after you all popped off everyone was a little crazy. Then Castiel showed up saying you were okay. He told us where you were but wouldn't take us here. Luckily, Susan's uncle lives in Helena. We got together, invaded their floo and rented a car. Did you know Draco can drive?"

Hermione laughed, making Maryanne crack open an eye and give her a disapproving look. "Sorry, baby," Hermione coo'd, "And yes, I did. He's the one who drove Ginny and I to find this arse."

She had a thumb pointing in Dean's direction, which he swatted away. "Language, sweetheart."

Risa chose that moment to enter the room. Her brown eyes widened at the vast number of visitors. It wasn't everyday that you saw over a dozen adults in one small hospital room. "Oh. Looks like you have quite the family," Risa commented. With practiced movements she made her way to the bed. "How is she today?"

"She's perfect," Dean answered as he locked eyes with the doctor.

"It's truly a miracle," Risa said as she took Maryanne. The little baby allowed Risa to check her pulse and lungs without a peep. "She's a beautiful child."

"Yeah, you don't have to remind me," Dean grumbled. Sam had had a good laugh at his older brothers expense; because now Dean would have to worry about boys. His daughter and boys. Boys who will eventually want to sleep with his daughter. If there was one thing Dean knew a thing or two about, it was boys. His conclusion was that boys were dogs.

There was a pressure at his brow, and he knew it was Hermione. "Stop worrying. We have a while before you have to make any death threats."

"I don't know if you know this idjit, but death threats are kinda his schtick," Bobby said, getting a laugh from Sam.

Risa gave them an odd look, and handed Maryanne back to Hermione. "Um, okay. Anyway, I think you're okay to leave. That is, if you are feeling alright."

Hermione nodded. She felt good as new, thanks to a little angelic healing.

A nurse, a different one from the night before, brought them their paperwork and Hermione did it quickly. She was getting eager to settle down in her new life.

By eleven o'clock she was leaving the hospital. Dean had his arm slung over her shoulder. Sam and Bobby were planning to head back to Sioux Falls. The rest were headed to the nearest floo to get back to the UK.

"Cas, you mind doing the honors?" Dean asked as soon as they were out of sight of the hospital.

Castiel nodded. "Of course. I shall return you safely to Hogwarts. Then I must find Meg. She is anxious for news."

"Thank you, Castiel," Hermione said earnestly. The new mother gave him a quick kiss, which made a blush rise on his cheeks.

"You are most welcome," Castiel replied.

Then they were gone.

Castiel had sent the new family to the Great Hall. Hermione hadn't seen the large room look so destroyed since the War. The large doors were hanging on hinges, salt covered the floor like snow, and smeared devils traps marred the floor.


The witch turned to see Minerva headed her way at top speed. While she was sure she wouldn't get tackled with Maryanne in her arms; she still was careful to hand the baby to Dean. Minerva noticed, and didn't stop before throwing her arms around Hermione.

"Oh, my dear! I am so glad you're okay! What happened?" Minerva asked. She hadn't released her former student.

"I'm okay, Minerva. Honestly, I don't want to think about it," Hermione told her boss.

Minerva nodded understandably and pulled away from the hug. She turned, then, to Dean. Without warning she pulled the hunter into a hug of his out; though she was careful of the baby in his arms. "Thank you, for saving her."

"I will always save her, ma'am," Dean said earnestly. His eyes found Hermione's over the older woman's head and he smiled.

"Yes, well, that's good to hear. Not that I'd like anything like this to ever happen again," Minerva told him as she pulled away. "What's her name?"

"Minerva, meet Maryanne Winchester," Dean said with a proud smile as he held the baby out to the professor. Maryanne had been such a social baby, it seemed wrong to deprive her of meeting more new faces.

The headmistress took the bundle and held her with stiff arms. It became clear that it had been a while since she had dealt with a baby. The stiffness evaporated, however, when Maryanne opened an eye and smiled. "She's beautiful. You're both very lucky."

"We know. It's wonderful having an angel on your shoulder," Dean spoke as he pulled Hermione to his side.

"An angel, huh? I suppose you never know all that's out there," Minerva said in a very Dumbledore-like voice with a wave of her free hand. "Anyway, I'd like to talk to you, Mister Winchester, about something very important to me."

Dean paled. For once in his life he had no idea what the woman was talking about. "Uh, okay?"

"It's nothing bad, Dean. Quite the contrary. In the last five hours I've realized that there are forces at will that we were not prepared to deal with. I would like to offer you a job. Both as a lecturer in Defense but also in security." Minerva smiled.

"A job?" Dean managed after gaping like a fish for an embarrassingly long time.

"Yes, dear. I believe we would all benefit from the arrangement." Her smile grew when Maryanne giggled at her father's facial expression.

"I would like that, uh, a lot. But, you see, I've work with my brother for, like, ever and I don't know if I can do both," Dean explained.

Minerva pursed her lips and tilted her head. "I see. You're brother, he was quite fond of the Library during his visit, if I'm correct." Dean nodded. "It's come to my attention that we are going to be in need of a new librarian in the coming year. Would that interest him?"

Dean couldn't stop the howl of laughter. "Sammy? Like working in a magical library? Yeah, I think he'd like that a lot."

"Then it's settled," Minerva said with a nod as she passed Maryanne back to Hermione, who had a smile on her face. "Congratulations on the new family, Hermione. You both deserve it."

The aging professor offered the pair one final smile, before walking out of the Great Hall.

Dean felt like his face was going to spit for how wide he was smiling. Hermione looked much the same. Even Maryanne was showing a large, gummy smile. He pulled Hermione into a deep kiss, right in the middle of the room, because he could. It was something he never wanted to stop doing.

"Welcome to your new life," Hermione whispered against his lips. Dean smirked, and dove in for another.

Dean couldn't help but think that that moment, with Hermione and his daughter in his arms, was perfect.