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Doomstaht, Latveria

(The view outside Doom's embassy was surprising, to say the least. His robotic minions or 'Doombots' have been patrolling the streets, replacing human soldiers. The nation of Latveria was one of the few remaining European nations to survive the outbreak, with little to no damage to the country itself. Then again, Victor von Doom possessed some of the world's greatest weaponry. Speaking of which, the green-clad conqueror enters the room, his cape rustling behind him. He seats in front of me, his brown eyes gazing upon me. I try not to flinch and clear my throat.)

Lord Doom, thank you for your time.

Bah! Enough of the pleasantries. My men informed me that the United Nations had sent someone to interview me. Doom is a busy man Mr. Brooks, I expect this interview to be over quickly.

Of course, I'll start immediately. (clears throat) When the outbreak first began on a global scale, how is it that Latveria did not suffer the catastrophic damage that most other nations endured?

Doom is no fool. My spies have informed me of a viral disease spreading, effectively in trading organs through the black market.

You tracked the virus?

Yes. And when the outbreak in South Africa occurred, my men were already there. They have managed to capture one of the creatures or "zombies" as you call them, and brought it back for experimentation.

What did you discover?

The creature was unlike anything I have seen. A walking corpse gnawing on the flesh of the living, it sounded from a horror tale. Unfortunately, Doom can still smell its wretched odor. What I have discovered is that the virus transfers through fluid contact, most likely through bites. It is a self-sustaining life form, not requiring any type of food or water to survive.

It all was so familiar, that was when I released the horrible truth of what this disease was—it was Solanum.


It is the name of the virus and discovered by Doctor Jan Vanderhaven. I came across his work during my studies in my youth. At first, it was a skeptical virus at best. Bringing the dead back from the grave? It sounded impossible, until after the incident in South Africa. The symptoms were the same—fever, pain in the bones, hallucinations, and dementia. Doom now realized that this was real. Very real.

If you have all of this information, why did you not contact the United Nations when the incident began?

(Doom scoffs) Did you think that Doom did not try? The fools merely laughed at my conclusions, believing it is "mass hysteria." They did not realize how dangerous this threat was growing until it was too late. My nation took action; in days, we closed off all borders and created a wall so massive, that none of those cretins would dare pass through. All Latverians were ordered for mandatory quarantine. Anyone infected was put down.

Israel also placed a mandatory quarantine as well. Even abandoning the Palestinian territories.

Yes. The Israelis were smart, copying Doom's method for ensuring their survival. The other nations in the world, however, were not as successful or as brilliant as Doom.

What about Wakanda?

(Doom growls) Hmm… T'Challa too. If not for his precious supply of vibranium, his country would be overrun like his neighbors. All though, Doom would not mind…

(I pull at my collar, to unease the nervousness of interviewing the dictator. After a few moments, I sigh and resume the interview.)

As the infection spread and Europe was overrun by the zombies, did you shelter uninfected citizens from the neighboring countries?

Yes, but on terms. All males over the age of sixteen were to fight for me, and serve me unconditionally. Any family attempting to smuggle infected relatives through Doom's borders were shot on sight.

Did you also shelter foreign leaders as well?

(Doom nods) Unfortunately. And because they needed Doom's assistance and protection, any leader whose nation survived and required my help must acknowledge Doom as ruler and protector of that nation for a minimum of twenty-five years. And all will obey Doom's laws and regulations as it is done in Latveria.

They agreed to these terms?

If they valued their survival, then yes.

Did you collaborate with the Avengers? S.H.E.I.L.D.? The Fantastic Four?

Bah! Why would Doom waste his time and resources on them? Doom's intentions are only for ensuring the survival of Latveria, not assisting Richards or his lackeys.

Was there a battle that was costly? Such as the Battle of Yonkers?

What do you take Doom for, incompetent? (He glares at me, provocation through his eyes as I try not to squirm in fear.)

No, of course not. I meant was there a battle that proved disastrous as it was in Yonkers?

No. Doom's army is the best on this Earth. My Doombots are more than capable of obliterating those creatures. Doom's soldiers are trained to destroy the head as their primary target. Unlike the Americans who waste their bullets, my soldiers never disappoint Doom.

You never lost a battle against the zombies, ever? Even surrounded on all sides?

The creatures may have numbers, but they lacked Doom's intellect. Seeing them attempting to destroy my wall was pathetic. My sharpshooters took them from a distance as my Doombots destroyed them completely. A hundred of them does not equal even one of Doom's army.

(I nod) Also one more question, I know that you are a busy leader. After what the world has experienced, did you think that if world leaders listened to you sooner, none of this would have ever happened?

Of course! Doom's knowledge far exceeds that of any on this planet. Instead of listening to Doom's words, the fools arrogantly believed that the infection was minor. Where is there laughter now?

(A security guard enters the room as he walks towards Doom, whispering something into his ear. Doom quietly mutters back as the soldier nods and leaves the room. Doom stands as I stand as well.)

Mr. Brooks, Doom must leave for important matters. A helicopter awaits you outside.

(I extend my hand for a shake) Thank you Lord Doom for your time.

(Doom looks at my hand and scoffs, turning around and leaving in the opposite direction with his guards. I sigh and leave the embassy for the helicopter.)

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