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New York City, New York

(It's been a while since I came back to the city. Even years since the end of the zombie war, the city continues to be under construction. According to the soldiers during the campaign to regain the States, cities were a pain in the ass to search through. Every building, every tunnel, every apartment, every sewer were filled with the undead at one point. It was like a never ending maze to go through with deadly surprises waiting around every corner.)

(Now, most of the city is secure, evident with civilians walking beside me. However, the effects of the war changed everyone, and just because it's safe now doesn't mean a second crisis might start. Some civilians I noticed carry handguns on their person, ready for any situation. Military conveys patrol the streets, insuring the publics safety as they watch for any sign of trouble. Cranes and support beams are everywhere, workers attempting to rebuild a once glorious city that held the world's greatest heroes within it.)

(My next interview is James Buchanan Barnes, more notably, the current successor of Steven Rogers as Captain America. The United Nations had informed me of the captain overseeing a construction job in an area that was once the ever so lively Time Square, and thus, is waiting for my arrival. Immediately, I left Havana for the first plane ride back to New York.)

(I see him in the distance, talking to one of the construction workers as they gesture to an statue covered with a gigantic sheet. Barnes is seen wearing a black coat over his patriotic uniform, with the cowl removed, as he continues his conversation with the worker.)

(I wave to get his attention.) Captain Barnes!

(He looks back, recognizing me instantly. He and the worker exchange a few words before the latter departs. I walk toward him, eager to begin.) Captain Barnes. I'm glad we can meet on such short notice.

(We shake hands.) Pleasure's mine, Mr. Brooks. The UN told me you'd show up.

Yeah. I just wish we met in warmer weather. (We chuckle before ending the handshake.) Do you mind if I start the interview now?

By all means, that's why you're here.

(I pause before asking.) I understand that the war left a lot of wounds. After Captain Rogers' death, did wearing the mantle become a burden?

(Barnes' mouth forms a tight line as a look of depression set on his features.) It was difficult to take over Steve's role. As you know, this wasn't the first time I was Captain America. Not since what happened with Sin… and the Serpent.

(I grimly remember years ago when the daughter of Red Skull attempted to destroy the world when she was the servant the Serpent, the brother of Odin. The Avengers managed to save the world and stop them, but not before losing one of their best, Thor.) Yeah, I remember what happened. I also remember you were pronounced dead.

(Barnes nods.) Yeah, but my death was faked. Fury saved my life, using what was left of the Infinity Formula. With me officially announced as "dead," I went back to my Winter Soldier persona and performed special operations with Black Widow.

When did you first find out about the growing crisis?

I was in Europe, traveling from Paris to Prague to Istanbul hunting down what remained of Sin's forces when I heard about what happened in South Africa. S.H.I.E.L.D put me on the case, and immediately tracked to the incident.

I take it what you found wasn't pretty.

That was an understatement. I saw whole villages on fire, people eating each other, endless gufire. I shot as many as I could and called for reinforcements and immediate evac to save the civilians. I wasn't here of what happened at Yonkers, but I knew what happened.

Yeah, the whole world knew what happened.

It…It was something out of a nightmare. Seeing the Avengers, who fought and saved the world countless times, loose to rotting corpses. It really was like something out of a bad dream. I really wished it was… I really wish. (Barnes exhales, the pain and sadness evident in his voice.) Especially what happened to Steve.

(We share a moment of silence for the fallen captain before Barnes continued.) I knew Steve more than anybody. We were friends since for a long time, and Steve was the one who helped me become free from HYDRA's control, help me remember who I was even when I didn't want to. The thought of him dying was impossible. He survived being frozen, assassinated, took hits from gods, and he kept fighting. But, when I saw what those… things did to him… (Barnes pauses as he clenches his fist in anger.) I wanted to kill every one of those undead fucks myself.

(Barnes calms down, his tone softer.) Steve didn't deserve to die like that. Torn apart for the whole world to see. He was a legend, is a legend. And legends never die.

So you took up the mantle in his honor.

(Barnes gives an approving grunt.) I was one of the leaders who led the campaign to retake the States. With me leading the front lines, we gave hope back to the world, that it wasn't the end. We proved that even outnumbered a hundred to one, humanity will survive. It was long and brutal, but it was worth it.

I'm glad that you did take up the mantle and the shield, so Captain Rogers' death was not in vain.

(Barnes' frown disappears into a grin.) No, Steve's death wasn't. (On cue, the sheet that covered the statue was removed by the workers, with my eyes widening at the sight. The statue was none other than Captain Rogers himself, posed in his iconic uniform as he held his mighty shield high into the air. The statue was considerably big, almost six meters tall. At the statue's feet, there was a plaque that labeled STEVEN ROGERS: GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN.)

(I couldn't help but smile as I gazed at the statue.) Incredible.

Yeah, we hoped you would give us an opinion before we take it to Yonkers, and place it there as a memorial.

I think it's great. The workers did an amazing job. I'm sure Captain Rogers will be proud. (Immediately, my phone vibrates, indicating a new assignment.) I have to go, but thank you for your time Captain Barnes.

Thank you Mr. Brooks for meeting with me. (We shake hands before I turn to leave, on my way to my car for my next interview. But not before looking back and smile as Barnes gazes proudly at the statue he made for his fallen comrade.)

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